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Maria Mitea Apr 8
in a world of glitter and tinsel
we are two visions of mori butterflies,
whose larvae eat the darkness of the night
like a white mulberry tree, leaving holes of light
on the forgotten silky roads.
Hungry Panda Nov 2018
Thinking of your hair,
Silky, black, smooth, loose, wavy
Perfect elegance.
Shadow Dragon Sep 2018
Glaring light
and white
Steam and
high pitched
Running water
spreading warmth
spreading legs.
Silky cloths
for the freshly
bathed human.
Confusion and
worried faces
all washed away
by lukewarm
bathtub water.
Payton Jul 2018
Golden-yellow, silky smooth skin
the color of honey begs me for a taste.
I mustn’t forget, the last time I came to
her seeking sweetness,
I was stung.
May I kiss you on your  lovely cheeks
Fountain of beauty my tongue seeks
Juice of life from grapes just speaks
Let me take from you all beauty streaks

When my hand touch your silky dress
Your hidden treasure oozes to impress
Do not ask me what you just all possess
I am your prince you are my princess

Let me take you in my real warm arms
Forget about all world useless  norms
Let me allow to play with your charms
Let my love alluring beauty swarms

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Mercury Chap Apr 2016
She was a missile
Dropped from the outer space
****** into the black hole
Into a parallel universe
And as she landed in my arms
It was all meant to be
She was here meant to make this universe happy.

The sparkle of her eyes
Showed the thrill of the skies
The starburst, the planets collide
The world I waited to see
The world she wanted to show me
A world of ecstasy.

She ran through the fields
I tried to hold her leash
But she freed herself and ran further
But looked back to see me
On the ground, all cut and bruised
Because of her energetic force,
She ran back and kissed all my tears
And we ran together in the fields of
Flowers that bloomed as she ran through
All the flowers bloomed in the barren land
Her happiness was contagious.

Her little tail wagged as I played along
And her tiny paws scratched my skin red
But those scars are all I had
Of her to remember her
Not a picture nor a painting to show
The love she engraved in my soul

She was a missile
Gliding through the winds
Taking you along in her adventures
Taking you along with her alluring smile
That others fail to see in her creature
We are odd to think we're not animals
Cause she wasn't any animal too
She was just another soul
A soul that mingles with the winds
makes the air laugh so much
It's difficult to breathe.

She was a missile
And she burst as fast as
She landed here
In my arms
And exploded bringing the sparkling tears that were
The starburst, the planets colliding
The world that I knew someday I'd see
The world she showed to me
The dreary universe she left in glee.

She is wizzing through the skies now
Among the burning stars
She is a shooting star now
Ready to enter another universe
Look out for her, the brightest one she'll be
The one that'll make you smile, she'll be,
She is there to make your wishes true.

She is a missile
She'll catch your eye
The shiniest one in the sky
It is all meant to be
She is there to make another universe happy.
5 April 2016 she shot up in the sky
I'll look up every day
And love her even after I die.
brandon nagley Oct 2015

Orient Rubie's
Dark and silky smooth;
**** glass dancing the reflection's.

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl jane Nagley dedication
If aggravated


Turn down

your anger
Switch to the soulful relaxation
and dance

to smooth


Let your mind free



chilled out



**Superlaciously Levitating
Rockie Dec 2014
Rose Petals
     Pretty and red
          Wilting and scattered
         Rose Petals
      Pretty and bleeding
Rose Petals
  See the Rose Petals
         Falling and silky
      Rose petals
   Both Dead
And Dying

— The End —