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They make me sick.
I ***** the voices onto a page,
Hoping the words will make more sense
On paper than they do
Swirling round my head
In endless circles
That make me sick.
Amanda Oct 25
When I do not see you for awhile
Start going through withdrawals
Like when you’re addicted to drugs
Dependent on alcohol

When I eat food is tasteless
In fact hard to enjoy
Much anything consumed
Focused on the void

No matter what’s done or said
Nothing distracts from absence
If I keep hours busy
Not once your thought leaves my head

My brain obsessed with you
Turning memories around
Try focusing on anything else
But way your laughter sounds

Impossible to be at peace
I wake up alone
Emptiness follows me from our bed
Clinging to each bone

Inside stomach sits a knot
Tangled with concern
Ball that gets tighter every minute
Messages left unreturned

I hate how I need your kiss
To function throughout day
Did not realize contact was necessary
Til moment it was taken away

My heart beats unevenly when you are gone
Stays like that until you come back
Every ***** placed in my body
Is in some manner out of whack

I am more than just miserable
Sick without you here
Unable to be myself
Until presence is again near
When I miss my boyfriend Paul
august Oct 25
i've got a 104 fever and the doctors just got back with the diagnosis:


too much dealing with closed minded haters
and stuck-up rich kids
and too much living in this world in this time.
and too much twitter.

there's no cure.
sick and tired of the world right now
Katelynn Oct 23
I cannot give anymore
With the words in my brain
That call me insane
That makes me feel pain
Something I can not explain
I cannot give anymore

My heart is too big
But that’s not enough
My mind is too sick
Alone that is rough
My lungs that hold air
Are hard to compare
To make me aware
That I am still there

They say you are useful
When you are around
Filling their needs
Even when you are drowned
With water in lungs
Your heart on your sleeve
Tears that leave stains
You mind locked in chains
I cannot give anymore

And though my light is dim
And my life seems grim
A breath of fresh air
A break from despair
Where things seem calm
Time ticks like a bomb
I remember a day
A reason to stay

I cannot give anymore
A light that was dim
Shot off on a whim
Filling with light
Starting a fight
My lungs fill with air
My brain starts to care
Winning the war
I know I can say

I can give more
This poem is for the people that are empathetic. A person with high empathy just gives more and more even with they have none themselves. Feeling the energies of others they cannot help giving more. Just a big heart in a cruel world.
Rebecca Oct 21
T-cells counting down
the immunity's response,
marrow has gone stale
with no resistance.

The tourniquet cuts off
a life that used to bleed,
with each passing drip
into an I.V.
BSween Jul 21
In a ward overcrowded
Patients confounded left distressed
While overworked essentials crave rest
But the best they can do is a guess
Smiles of comfort not even seen through the screen of PPE
And machines that help them rest
As they take their last ventilated

A big gentle man
Cracks on with his plan just
To survive as any man can
In a hotbed pandemic
Hatred endemic for his kind
Devalued in life and in death
He is stopped blind
Takes his last suffocated

A pleading young mother
Kids scream at each other
It’s all too much for dad
It’s a rage and he’s had
A few and that’s not the least
Can’t get away from the beast
She covers her bruises
Picks up her youngest
Hopes she can get through the worst
Hot blood on the cold knife
Sweet murdered wife takes her last

Stagnant Suffocating confinement
The unrelenting walls closing in-
Hale, exhale; Zoom yoga and baking dough
Obliged to show forget the death
For a brief moment you
Took away my
mark soltero Oct 12
i lie down in my filth
rotting away
enamel dissolving
hair falling onto the ground
my skin has ripped at the seams
nothing will not remind me
can’t stop thinking
everything is subjective
no one can truly say what it means
please melt away the
wrongs in me make me pure
Fran Oct 8
Ey, what's wrong.
They say.
You really wanna know? Ok. I'm desperately in love with a guy, who loves me back. Thing is he lied. He made me his affair. He just told me. And though I forgave him, well he's not ready. He needs to put everything behind him first.
I'm scared. What if I never heal. Never heal from my past, the fear, the panic, the shame and the feeling I destroyed my family. What if this therapy won't help as well?
I read things about death and every time I do, I get a panic attack. ;z throat closes and the tears just stream down my face.
But hey. You don't really wanna know, do you?
Because if I told you, your reaction would be exactly the same to when I just say: Nothing. I'm just tired.
Sanjali Oct 6
I care for you
Bring you some blankets
And we stay in the cocoon

I want to care for you
Warm towels on your head
And some pepper in your soup

I’m there for you
To snuggle or listen
On my lap there you’ll be too

I care for you
Hoping you sleep well
And feel better soon.
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