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A B Faniki Oct 21
There was once a wealthy man who was a *****
that loves to play games which are cruel and sick
he did that with impunity for
many years without thought of fear
until the "Me too" movement put him in the nick
© A  B Faniki 10/21/2019 allight reserved. Part of banal tell a limerick. for me too movement. Some people think they can do thinhs with impunity because of their wealth or power, wel let them think again beause the truth has a way of coming out.
Mandalina Oct 19
all around me

they're   n o t h i n g
NOTHING you say

echoes in my brain

and they're  n o w h e r e
NOWHERE you say

echoes in my brain

So  w h y
WHY I ask

why are they everything and everywhere?

I don't like anything new,
& I'm sick of everything I'm used to.
Sometimes thrive for something different
yet get bored of it in an instant.
Trying to hold on to what I already have
still, getting ******* at the same routine!
Zane Smith Oct 4
like a cold
from missing you.
coughs interrupting
my breathing,
short intervals
like the time we get together.
resting in bed
allowing my body
to reset,
but I'm upset
when I can't hold you
near my chest
Annie Oct 4
The weight of your head,
like the whole globe on your shoulders,
the world on one neck,
the ache of one body.

I’m tired, like all of the stress simply sits on my dreams

while I’m trying to sleep it away,
but I don’t get a break-
not even one day.

At least the bowl isn’t red anymore,
at least the sun is alight.
But I’ve ached for a year now, and it’s still so unclear how
I will heal, or if ever I will.

Keep sunny, keep yellow,
like the lilies in bloom
which sit on the drawers
at the end of my room.

The weight of my head,
like the whole globe on my shoulders,
the world on one neck,
the ache of one body.
I crave her caress.
Desire her love.

She is perfection in the flesh.
An angel made human.

She makes me want to be better.
Makes me want to change.

Her touch makes me shiver.
While her smile warms my soul.

My heart picks up,
when she looks my way.

I could get lost in her eyes.
Every single day.

Over and over again.
I’ll love her till the end of time.

This beautiful woman,
who will never be mine.
Jasmine dryer Sep 13
stuck in my head
I cant tell if you
love me
or want me dead
doesn't matter, your in my head
your loves so sweet
but your oh so mean
blood on my hands
looking at me
like you don't know who I am
way to drunk to stand
now I'm crashing
but I know I'll land
right back in your hands
Kai Sep 13
my sick pallor face
fatigue ******* my steps
I shuffle along
Mandalina Sep 10
Are you depressed?
I don't know
Are you depressed?
I don't know
Are you depressed?
I might be

Tap tap
Does the rain against the glass
As I blow my nose another time,
And wish I wasn't sick.
A "poem" every day.
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