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ashley lingy Apr 8
I’m not bursting at the seams,
I’ve begun to ooze out between the seams.
I want to cry out, "I’m melting!"
but I’m so tired.
ashley lingy Apr 7
Her sunken eyes stare down the storm
This is her chance and she’s ready
Wind squeals; black clouds swarm
as she closes her eyes and holds her arms steady.

Her smile is soft as her small fingertips kiss each droplet.
ashley lingy Apr 2
She used to sit in the park with me.
We will sit on a bench and we will each hold a tea.
She never fails to smile with her eyes;
I swear each time I see it, that's the moment it dies.
ashley lingy Feb 26
I peel sweet potatoes.
My phone pings.
I check it.
Messages of pride flood my eyes.
I feel loved.
I put it down.

I peel the sweet potatoes.  
My dogs sniff my legs.

I am distracted, searching and anxious.
I feel loved.

I peel a previously peeled potato.

I stop.
I lecture myself.
"I focused and worked hard.
That’s all I did."

I focus on my potatoes.
The work gets done.
I feel proud.
I feel loved.
ashley lingy Feb 2019
i got out of his car
hopped on my bike
dashing through the neighborhoods
streaking down a bike path
squinting in the face
of an angry early morning sun

i stop

stumble off my bike

try to be discreet
***** into a bush

pick up my bike
wave to a jogger
force a smile

i head home
  Feb 2019 ashley lingy
Max Asher
maybe i wasn't
meant for a
"the one for me"
just doesn't exist
i wasn't meant to be happy...
ashley lingy Nov 2018
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