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Klaus Jan 5
My heart hums melodies of distant birds...

Over yonder, below the big blue
A cardinal croons
A redbird misses you

Over yonder, below the big blue
A yellow bird cries
Warbling “woe is you”

Two birds dance
and skip, and trade in verse
While softly wishing, on the same wire they’d be perched

A dance to court,
Hopeful heartfelt flying nigh

But it’s a bluebird’s kiss
Whose cadence I wish were mine
This is literally about being jealous of a bird. Afterwards I realized it has a  resemblance to that old children’s song “buckeye Jim”  but was not intentional
Carmen Jane Jul 2019
We don't hold hands everyday anymore,
We always used to, as we walked along
A special day was this one, felt so free
We left our sleeping babies for once
As we walked along holding hands...

Little baby cardinal that fall from its nest,
We walked by it, when your sharp eye had spot it
And your sharp mind suggested us to keep walking...
As you thought that feeble creature has no chance,
I felt your truth, but my heart had to check
I saw it's thirst and need for food,
I saw its trembling little body,
I saw its broken wing,
I saw how it had nobody
To claim its well being,
I saw the dark, creeping around,
I knew we were the only ones,
The only souls, who could even try
To have its fate turned around…
So I picked it up and gave that creature - Hope
In the palm of my hand,
I had this power all along
We hurried to find some food,
And you made a nest out of an old  shoe box,
We feed the hungry bird together,
We smiled at its first gulps,
We felt its little heartbeats,
We made sure it has enough warmth,
We've encouraged each other
We went to sleep filled of hope.
Jenny Gordon Apr 2019
My note on this reads:  "shoulda been 01Apr19--begun just after midnight turned"


The Cardnal called as twere for me in pale
Dawn's early light--just once--as if for sense.
And lo, that line I'd penned in tribute thence
Comes to the 'fore--"...I've got [in sheer betrayl?]
A scarlet lover--" which I swiftly hail
With prayrs of "O! please give me to from hence
A man, LORD!" and how April Fools is't? dense
Wi' import finds "him" where I cherish...bail?
"Say twas an April Fool's joke--" in a poor
'Scuse for my prayrs and hopes keeps rolling through
My mind, but I dare NOT write THAT down.  You're
Allowed to laugh. Nor Cardnal, sparrows to
Aught purpose cry...until "he's" gone.  I stir
Me to weak smiles, cuz my heart's weary too.

Ahem.  The fun angle of this week's passel of damning stanzas is watching the tale unfold.  Take it or leave it.
Krystle OBrien Apr 2019
Raindrops glistening
In the springtime air
Blossoming tulips
Resurrect life

Magnificent sound echoes
A song so pure
Its rhythm infectious
Dancing off leaves

Red amongst the trees,
Gentle verses
Sway with the wind
Clarity sets when inhaled

Anticipation of sunrise
With pleasant melodies
Melodic phrases by the pair
More elaborate sung by she

Dedicated to the young
A brief hymn
Tweet with accents
Communicate a need

Attractive calls
Set a dulcet tone
Admired by all
Of whom hear

For the cardinal sings the sweetest tune.
Jenny Gordon Mar 2019
...forever I'm certain.


Come, come, as sparrows chatter for intents,
How lo, the cardnal knows as twere to hail
With just one note, that ha! he's here, in pale
Excuse for watching is't?  I'll tell ye hence
What I wish:  that he'd come, yes, closer, thence
Be less reserved, and sit upon (to scale)
My shoulder--how I'd love to feel t'avail
His weight, although he'd deafen me for sense.
Dream on, and wish a thousand things in tour,
Cuz breathing sometimes weighs too heavy through
These hours we feel our vanity as twere.
Who warbles from the pine's top, as wont to
Effect some years back when I'd peg out fer
The soft airs all our linen?  Say who knew?

...sans apology but full of excuses--cuz there never was excuse for me.
Manan sheel Jan 2019
Who has picked up pencil colors,
Such deep red colors,
And lighted a little red fire,
on that pine shrub:
Who, O Who, has made
this red cardinal!
On this colorless white
morning, who made my
morning, lucky with red!

© Manan sheel.
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