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If I could only
grasp the wind,
then I would know
how freedom feels -

And if I could
know you once again,
it'd take these
blisters off my heels.

For now, I'm lonely -
scratchin' skin
beneath the rags
of where I've been.

Staying outside
my broken mind -
too afraid
of looking in.
Where'd it all go?
One of these days,
I'll be strong enough
to tell you what you
did to me..
And, perhaps, one day,
you'll be strong enough
to hear it..
JA Perkins Aug 16
No room for me to breathe
in all that space you need..
So I fed all my disgrace
with percocet and ****.
I've been ripped off before
and still haven't been paid,
but trading love for percocet
is the worst deal I've ever made.
It is what it is
JA Perkins Aug 16
Now it's just an echo that's
haunting my broken heart
drowned by cold, harsh words
spoken when it fell apart.
"I love you, babe", you said
and, then, I was so sure
that come hell or high water
our love would always endure.
Now it's all gone..
Faded from foolish pride
Locked away inside a memory
that seems to haunt me day and night.  
But, inside, I still whisper
when I want to feel your touch
"You're my only person, babe,
and I love you soooo much."
I miss you
JA Perkins Aug 10
It was right for you to leave,
but you didn't have to
take me with you..

Now I'm cold and alone
and my hands are clammy..
gripping my reasons  
like that bouquet of
Dogwood flowers I clasped
till the pedals fell..
falling into the same
desperation that plagued
my mind before you came
Pitiful ****
JA Perkins Aug 3
I spewed fire at you..
then I blamed
you for the flames..
It's crazy how
people hurt so much
from playing these
childish games.

There's more to life
than loneliness -
more to love
than who you've lost..
There's more to hope
than disappointment
because a blurry line's
been crossed.

Your lip quivering
in anger,
Depression clouding
up your skies
until the tears come
pouring down
from all the pressure
in your mind..

I spewed fire
at you.. then blamed
you for the flames.
I'm so sorry..
JA Perkins Mar 16
Who would know the struggle?
The apocalyptic rubble..
So sick I'm seeing double
and I haven't had a drink.

Jarred by nightly terror
Scarred by trial and error
Acting on impulse because
I'm too afraid to think.
Please.. help
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