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Snow accumulates
on foggy fire-lit windows
just before midnight
A tired fire dances
across the old wooden walls
while the children sleep
A peaceful thought
JA Perkins Nov 8
A wayward sheep strayed from the fold;
A selfish man whose heart's been sold;
A shell of what I should've been;
Forgive me, Lord, for I have sinned.

A restless runner with a story untold;
A drifting dreamer out in the cold;
Lustful eyes that refuse to see;
Subdue me, Lord, that I may be free.

A desperate prayer from a fiery foxhole;
A foolish pursuit of pleasure and gold;
A broken man who dies and dies;
Reprove me, Lord, that I may be wise.

A marred jar in the Potter's mold;
I bit the hand that fed my soul;
I turned away and dug my grave;
Have mercy, Lord, that I may be saved.
Have mercy
JA Perkins Nov 8
I think about you
from time to time,
admittedly more
often than not -
Making frail attempts
to sweep my thoughts
passed the place where
you carved a spot.
I hope you're happy now
and living well
I hope your mind
is quiet and free -
that your safe and warm
and your soul reborn
to be whoever
God calls you to be.
Love you dearly
JA Perkins Oct 28
Morning sentiment
Sunlight dancing on the stove
through wavy curtains
Freshly made coffee
thickens the homely kitchen
with pure pleasantry
The peace of poor living
JA Perkins Oct 25
The boy could run
but he couldn't walk
Had no time to think
No room to talk
Passed by more people
than he ever helped
Never knew anything
except for what he felt
But one thing good
we can say about the man
is that he's long gone now
and, here, we all stand
Self pitiful
JA Perkins Oct 24
Distant thunder roars
Maple branches surrender
to the gusting wind
A busy boy turns
toward the darkening clouds
waiting for the rain
JA Perkins Oct 24
He stumbled to
the edge of town
and fell into the
waters rough -
held all his breath
while going down
till there was none
to come back up
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