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I want you to fight
like I did when you left me.
I want you to have just
as much to lose.
I'm so childish
If this autumn moon
that gives such light
were the eye of He who
gave me sight,
then He would see
a sheep asleep
while children die
and mothers weep.  

And, if glimmering stars
were angel bands
that laid to waste
a wasteful man,
then I would pray
that they be blind
to those I've harmed
or left behind.
"Don't tell me the moon is shining;
show me the glint of light on broken glass
JA Perkins Nov 10
And on rainy days,
when boredom breeds
some restless state of mind,
I pray that after you take
inventory of mindless tasks
and make another attempt
to recall a fresh memory
of your old man,
you remember me,
even for just a moment,
dismissing my error
with a subtle smile
before whispering,
"****.. I hope he's alright."  

That's love..

That's love more than this is.
JA Perkins Oct 20
Stars don’t shine like they used to..
and these visions in my head are horrid..
and the voices are merciless
telling me it’s all my fault and
that I’ll never find real love.
Whatever that is.
But I’ve been here before.
Take care of yourself, darlin.

Just so you know, you left
my soul a little more broken...
my mind a little more
paranoid and untrusting..
lonely and confused.  
There’s no hope in my eyes
or hop in my step.
But I’ve been here before.  
Take care of yourself, darlin.
So heartbroken
JA Perkins Oct 11
An autumn moon
lighting up the purple sky -
along with lesser lights
watching as I lost my mind.

All the stars were in her eyes -
every cosmic cluster
glimmering, dimming,
then falling into the night.

Constellations poured
from her pretty face.
Recklessly, they’d crash -
splashing on the ground,
then were gone without a trace.

Her tender hand consoled
the pieces left of me..
and I just knew the falling stars
would be the death of me.
Wordfood for gazers
JA Perkins Sep 23
.. likes tearing people down
with loose talk and harsh words -
Empathy tossed aside
by the misuse of nouns and verbs.
.. a twisted view of society
just bound to be seen and heard -
Everyone, listen quietly
till every harsh word is slurred.
The Queen of the Night Life;
her brokenness - a crown.
Out-spokenness - a sword
that she just loves to swing around.
And me, I'm just a jester;
my struggle - a comedic scene,
but she’s justified by anger
only entitled to the royal queen.
Hurt people hurt people
JA Perkins Sep 4
Genuine like a child
Candid like an open book
Exotic like The Wild
Reassuring like a second look
My baby
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