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If I could only
grasp the wind,
perhaps I'd know
how freedom feels

And if I could find it
once again,
it'd take these blisters
off my heels.

For now, I'm lonely -
scratchin' skin
beneath the rags of
where I've been.

Standing outside
a broken mind
that I'm afraid
of falling in..

If I could only catch
my breath, perhaps
I could make my
way back home

And if I could find
you waiting there,
Then I'd never
have to roam

For now, I'm tired,
but I keep walking
searching for what
I've left behind.

Hoping it didn't die
somewhere inside  
my broken mind..
Lord help me
Cold winds rustle through
the Sleepy Town oaks
The whirling whispers
louder than the
Sleepy Town blokes
Candles in the windows -
the Sleepy Town hoax
for the town is long deserted
by the Sleepy Town folks
The echo of former laughter
from the Sleepy Town jokes
The Autumn fog appears as if
The Sleepy Town smokes
Rain recalls the memory,
as the Sleepy Town soaks,
of livelihood long forgotten
by those Sleepy Town folks..
JA Perkins Sep 16
Faith really does
move mountains..
Jesus Christ really is King.
And the road that leads to
heaven really is paved in
hard suffering..
In all our search for knowledge
Some of us pass by
this simple truth:
that abiding is much more
the wiser than roaming
in some foolish pursuit..
We really were marred
by arrogance,
But Christ really did
come to restore..
His word isn't written
in the soft sinking sand,
but in stone forever more..
He really does call "whosoever"
And many really do turn away
But He really did come to seek
that which was lost
and bid them all to stay..
This world really is fading..
From the mountains to our
flesh and bone..
but for the abiding soul
that cannot be moved,
an open door beckons
them home..
JA Perkins Aug 21
We put our
problems in a bottle,
sank it and
said a prayer..
then hammered
down the throttle
and threw our hands
to the open air..
The evening sky
especially beautiful -
It's sun bursting
through cloudy skies
And still, it was
barely suitable
to reflect those
bluest eyes..
Then we tore through
sparkling water -
Blonde curls dancin'
in the summer wind
Just a worn out dad
and his daughter
who might not come
this way again..
But today the water
welcomes us..
promising to drown
our sorrow..
And perhaps,
the Good Lord helpin' us,
we'll do it all
again tomorrow..
Love you, baby goose
JA Perkins Apr 25
How you never saw her beauty
until it was carved into the stone..
How you admire her with sadness
because she left you all alone..
She told you she was tired,
but you didn't care to listen
Now it doesn't matter what she did..
- it's only her you're missing..
It's terrible.. ain't it?
How you picked the girl apart
And never considered the torment
that kept tearing at her heart..
"I'd never turn out like that"
but you can't speak on her behalf
In fact you didn't speak at all,
you'd only point at her and laugh..
I guess you may have loved her..
but that's not the picture painted..
And now, she'll never know it..
I know, it's terrible, ain't it?
Don't throw stones
JA Perkins Apr 10
If I have to be psychotic,
Let it bring no harm to anyone..
fill my mind with hues of colors;
not the pressure of passing time.
If I'm convinced of any lies,
let it be "this world is just fine"
I'll bid farewell to sanity and
let the colors fill my mind..
JA Perkins Apr 10
I guess it doesn't matter now..
All the tears I've ever cried..
Or all the times I lost my mind
when pieces of me would die.
But I just kept clinging as my
world came crashing down..
hugging your memory tighter
when I heard the crashing sound..
But I guess it doesn't matter now..
You're long gone and I'm alone -
my guts burning with torment
writing this poetry on my phone..
And who will ever cry for me
when you have better things to do?
The little girl who cries for boys
has long been gone from you..
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