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Soni May 17
When you don't like yourself
You tend to dislike everything connected to you

New things seems to be more attractive
When you learn to love yourself

Then the same old love
Starts looking new
Starts looking nice

Thank you
For teaching me
How to love myself
learning to love yourself is not something someone achieves one day and then it's all smooth sailing from there, but rather a day by day journey
Soni May 16
I've been thinking
I've been dreaming
And... I've been nightmaring

I want to love him
I want him to love me
Learn about me and then still love me

I want him to hear of my gruesome times
and then kiss me with such surety
that it helps my soul stop quivering
talking about your dark past can be scary, but for the right person, it'll make you all the more beautiful to them
Soni May 6
I wish to heal, not get burned again

I wish to not re-open my wounds,

But rather let old scars fade

I don’t want to be unhappy

I have the privilege of knowing where my happy place is

Alas, there I cannot go, here I must reside
sometimes our safe haven is temporarily closed, so where do i go?
Soni May 6
Can you miss something you never had?

You can only miss something if you had it because

If you never felt how it was to have it and then proceed to like it,

Is it even possible to miss it?

Can you miss something you never felt?

I feel a sense of adhuri

Why do I not feel complete?

I’m missing something
adhuri - hindi, meaning incompleteness, not enough, not done
Soni Apr 28
Alone? No

Lonely? Absolutely

For when she wishes to find him, he is out saving someone else

Just like he did her

It;s not that she’s special,

It's just that he’s too good

It's not his heart that wanted to save her

It's his will to always do good that did

So, again, she must turn away

Or else she will get lost

Lost in his constant will to do good, for everyone

Not just her, like she first thought

Maybe in hindsight, being lonely, yet found *****

But being lost is worse…. Way worse

So with that she turns away, back to the misery of being found, yet alone

Walking away from him, knowing that he won’t miss her anyway
being found isn't always a good thing
Soni Apr 28
It’s OK if he goes
it’ll be OK if he leaves
I know he will go somewhere better
so it’s OK if he goes
I wish he would stay  
I wish you, would stay
it’s OK if you go
but I so wish you would stay
knowing that their departure is for the best doesn't help the pain of them leaving
Soni Apr 15
I want to say I know how I feel

But to be honest I have no ******* clue

Am I happy or sad? Am I green or blue?

oh how I wish I knew

What triggered this?

I don't know

But maybe it’s ok if I don’t

Do I always have to know?

I don't know

And I think its ok to not know

Because I feel like it’s bigger than me

feelings, emotions, love, hate, jazbadi, barbadi

Sure I feel them, and sometimes I recognize them too

But all of these things are beyond me, and my current body

that this soul has wanted to reside in this time

i wonder….

Do I get to claim the body or the soul?

Which one is truly mine?

i guess it depends

Who is I?

The body or the soul?

maybe I am the emotions themselves

Maybe I am the feelings that arise when the soul and this body align

Am I the electricity that runs through this body when it feels exhilarated  

Am I the feeling of warmth when a loved one gives this body a hug

Or am I the rage that causes this body to feel like it wants to explode

Possibly, am I the boulder that sits on the heart of this body when saddened

i am all of those feelings and more

I am THIS soul that chose THIS body at THIS time of space continuum  

But what I can’t say is why? because That’s someone else’s job

Thank god, because Lord knows this job is no joke

what I can say is whoever is doing all of this, thank you… thank you so much

For letting this soul experience the closest thing to magic there is… INSANIYAT
jazbadi - good feelings, happy ones
barbadi - the opposite, bad feelings, feelings of destructions
insaniyat - humanity
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