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The Lover's Of Sophia Are Called Philosopher's in life,

We Seek Her Beauty, Truth and Trust In The Cosmic Realm Herself.

We see Her Beauty in a Self Disciplined Life and everything is not in our field of control in life.

When the road is blocked, we stay controlled and seek a new road to our Goal, The Stoic Union with Sophia And The One.

We value Gnosis (Knowledge) highly indeed,
We value Gnosis (Knowledge) highly indeed,
We value Gnosis (Knowledge) highly indeed.

Yes Sophia whispers sweetly to Her Lover's in their ears,
Goodness, Kindness and Empathy turn me on my Lovers The Philosopher's.

Yes I get mind tingles from The Beauty of My Philosopher Lover's?

But Ignorance, Cruelty and Selfishness turn me off my Philosopher Lover's know this to be true about me.

So them that seek to date me must seek The Inner Beauty of The Hag At The Well Of Gnosis (Knowledge) Itself?

Then drink of the seeing spring's water that fills the well and wash their eyes in the seeing spring's water?

The hag by The New Higher Eye given to The Lover Philosopher's?

They are given The Grace to see the True Beauty of The Beautiful One hiding herself in a hag's form from the ugly of the world itself.

Then Sophia Transform's into the most Beautiful Female Being in Cosmic Reality Itself?

Then the Philosopher Lover's see Sophia is The Maiden Form, The Mother Form and The Crone Form and The Wise Philosopher's in human history see Sophia this way in Cosmic Reality Itself.

We value Gnosis (Knowledge) highly indeed,
We value Gnosis (Knowledge) highly indeed,
We value Gnosis (Knowledge) highly indeed.

Now Sophia is The Old One Of Days and The Ever Transforming One in Cosmic Reality?

So Sophia is that Paradox To Her Wise Philosopher Cosmic Lover's The Philosopher's.

So Sophia's Lover's The Philosopher's must value The Truth of Highest Value in Cosmic Reality Itself.

The Philosopher Lover's Seek True Union With Sophia in Life Itself?

So There Is Only Trust In The Cosmic Philosopher's Loving Relationship With Sophia Herself and Seeking Union With Sophia is The Life Goal Of The Stoic In Life Itself.

So Union With Sophia Is The End Point Of All Philosophy In Life.

We value Gnosis (Knowledge) highly indeed,
We value Gnosis (Knowledge) highly indeed,
We value Gnosis (Knowledge) highly indeed.
This is the day of Romance and Passion,
But remember; we must always try to remember; its with Love from heart and soul?
That gives birth to True Love for lover's in life together,
That the True Red Rose Of Love is given to one another by true lover's in this way,
This is The Love; that is given from Heart and Soul itself,
You will find this is the True Love and this True Love will always be this,
True Love never dies and last's to eternity itself,
True Love never dies and last's to eternity itself,
True Love never dies and last's to eternity itself.
So seeing at the feet of the cross was Mary Magdalene looking for one last time in her soul lover's eyes before the death of love (Eros?)

But in the distance is the Gnosis Knight Jason watching this scene of utter Substituted Love - (Bearing one another's burdens) this Eros (Romantic Love and Passion) in action?

The death of duality and the unitive power and wisdom of God; yes the bringing together in the bridal chamber of the groom and bride in loves Eros type death in cosmic reality?

The Gnosis Knight Jason comes close to the cross smiles at Mary Magdalene and whispers do you see by my eyes Mary?

I see two Christ's becoming Unitive in Jesus and his body, male and female?

I see Chokmâh (Wisdom) also on the cross in death with her husband part of Christ?

This is Eros (Romantic Love and Passion) of The Christ,
This is Eros (Romantic Love and Passion) of The Christ,
This is Eros (Romantic Love and Passion) of The Christ,

So I see Chokmâh with a full Red Rose Crown on the temple of the Christ; this is on the blessed head of Jesus, the son of humanity?

Then Jesus gives up the Eros (Romantic Love and Passion ) and dies?

The sky turns black to say is LOVE (Eros, the Romantic Love and Passion) really dead?

Then they take the body of Jesus to the garden tomb to plant the Rose Bush Seed of Love (Eros, Romantic Love and Passionate Love) in the earth for three days to grow into the fullness of Agape (Universal Love?)

Then Mary Magdalene waits in the bridal chamber (human heart) she keeps the hope and knowing Love's Passion is stronger than death itself?

The Gnosis Knight Jason is waiting to see his Queen Chokmâh (Wisdom) come from the garden tomb as well?

Then on that blessed morning Mary Magdalene says the blessed words my Teacher?

The rest of the story is known.

But Gnosis Knight Jason sees a woman caring for a budding Rose bush and she turn's and smiles; yes Knight Jason; It is I the Queen part of Christ; Chokmâh (Wisdom) Herself?

So The Queen Chokmâh (Wisdom) says to the Queen's Hand; the Knight Jason; it is I, Chokmâh (Wisdom) Herself Again?

Because Her Knight Jason was shocked and never answered the first time?

Because he thought she really is apart of The fullness of Christ Itself?

Then the good Knight Jason answer's; I am not worthy to be your blessed hand my Queen?

But the Queen lets her Knight give her a sweet kiss on her Blessed and Holy lips to make Knight Jason's unworthy lips clean again?

So this sweet holy kiss to make his lips worthy and clean in Cosmic Reality?

The Knight Jason replies - "Thus from my lips by thine my sin is purged." 

Then the Knight Jason asks my Queen am I also begotten and reborn by the sweet loves holy kiss in Cosmic Reality?

The Queen Smiles and says that is how the children of Wisdom are begotten in Cosmic Reality. 

Then he kneels and she crown's her knight; a king of her unitive gospel of Wisdom and Life?

Then Chokmâh (Wisdom) says She will give you a Red Rose Garland to grace your head and present you with a glorious Red Rose crown.

The Bridal Chamber is now open for unitive Wisdom to enter into the blessed garden of the groom and bride once more in Cosmic Reality?

Now the Knight Jason And King rides from that garden tomb with Chokmâh (Wisdom) before all time in Cosmic Reality?

You see Knight Jason sees Red Rose Petals falling from Heaven before her blessed feet in Cosmic Reality bringing The Love, The Passion Of The Love, Friendship and True Life before Her everywhere She goes in Cosmic Reality?

The Rose Fragrance of Chokmâh (Wisdom) fills Cosmic Reality Itself with the Sweet Fragrance of Love and Life and The Fragrance fill's The Groom's And The Brides of Cosmic Reality Itself?

This adds the sweet Rose Fragrance to the bridal chamber of bridal chambers in Cosmic Reality?

The Knight Jason's symbol of love and romance is a single Red Rose to give this single Red Rose to his sister bride in Cosmic Reality?

But Christ's Passion is this Romantic Love And Passion Overcomes death; this death is not to stop the anger of God falling on humanity from The Father and The Mother parts of God?

But it is a unitive Substituted Love to bring unitive power and wisdom to craft together groom and bride again in Cosmic Reality?

This is to bring unitive power and wisdom and craft together the duel flames of Adam and Eve in the bridal chamber again in Cosmic Reality?

So Chokmâh (Wisdom) Crafts and Sews together The Wedding Garments of the Male and the Female Knights of the Unitive Kingdom of The Single One in Cosmic Reality?

So human wedlock in the flesh is a symbol of a higher Cosmic type wedlock?

So romantic love and human wedlock is the door way to the garden and the bridal chamber of chambers in Cosmic Reality?

So the Romance and Passion of Christ is this,

This is Eros (Romantic Love and Passion) of The Christ,
This is Eros (Romantic Love and Passion) of The Christ,
This is Eros (Romantic Love and Passion) of The Christ.
The Beauty Of Wisdom And Intelligence,
You are seen in the Cosmic Reality herself,
You are the female part of Christ, called Wisdom and Intelligence,
Your Cosmic Math's is a beautiful thing to behold,
That a unlearned person like me who loves sports like me who is too unlearned in the world's eyes to understand the beauty of the Math's of the Cosmic Reality herself,
So only the real genius mind's understand your true beauty in the Cosmic Reality herself,
But I was good enough at math's at college to get a 98% in a test score and student tutored a girl in class called Bev.
But Wisdom and Intelligence; you really enlightened great minds like Newton, Einstein and Hawking's?
So Wisdom and Intelligence hear my simple math's plea, I am alone and the math's of Wisdom and Intelligence say's its not right for man to be alone?
So make the one alone into two and then the two become one again?
So my math's is simple and unlearned by Wisdom and Intelligence's mathematical eyes; but its the most beautiful sum in the Cosmic Reality herself?
So Wisdom and Intelligence says I've done the math's?
I've marked your sum; I have graded your test paper A+ and gifted you a younger sister bride to be the sum of sums for all eternality,
This younger sister bride will never divide her love for you,
Because one divide into two should stay two, but by theoretical mathematician's the two become the perfect nought number of one raised to nought or zero power nought or zero is one for all eternality,
You shall always be one in body, heart, mind and soul,
You will always have Wisdom and Intelligence tutoring you about the beauty in the Math's of the Cosmic Reality herself,
But never forget to look up at the star's, nebula's and galaxies together and the two who are one see the Math's of love in each other's eyes and the math's of love in the Cosmic Reality herself.
My Love if I should ever make you sad in life?
Then leave me to find your happiness with another?
But know this; I will cry a million tears in my lifetime without you by my side?
Because the stars at night don't shine half as brightly without you by my side?
A walk in nature is dark and cold like a cold winter's day, so not like our love together filled with the light, Love and life of a beautiful summer's day.
Yes, sunset's seem to set and the Sun seem's to not dawn the next day for me?
But Love is this to me; you even want your lover happy without you if you make your lover sad and not smiling with you?
My love your smile was greater than a million sun's; it was my joy to behold and will be my joy to the day; I die on this green and blue earth,
So doubt heaven's a reality for all human souls?
Yes doubt humanity will find the road to true peace?
But never doubt my love's light was not real for you?
Because my tear's of lost love show; my true love for you was always real and true for you.
So my creed is a million tear's to see you smile at me again,
So my creed is a million tear's to see you smile at me again.
So my creed is a million tear's to see you smile at me again.
My Love Maria is like a great flower bed full of Clematis Maria Cornelia,
Which at ****'s break; LOVE's true light brings her sweet flower's to full glory at daybreak and at midday her flower's shine with a glory like the Sun and the Moon herself,
Her sweet flowery fragrance takes me to the heavens,
Because her LOVE is white and pure like the snow on the ground in winter time,
Her smile is the gateway to heaven itself and her teeth are white like snow on the hills of Scotland itself,
So may; I be the blessed drone bee to help her husband do the blessed act of pollination in our love together,
So White and Beautiful is my Clematis Maria Cornelia,
So White and Beautiful is my Clematis Maria Cornelia,
So White and Beautiful is my Clematis Maria Cornelia.
So a lover who's lost loves true light,
Death's Sweet Kiss is a kindly thing,
Sweet is death to a lover who's lover is gone forevermore,
No light at daybreak, the stars don't shine brightly anymore,
The Moon hides her face in shame for love's light is gone forevermore,
The memories of true love's light turned to dark night,
The grave is such a sweet sleep to a lover who is living in past loves twilight,
To be alone in a tomb forevermore is better; than to live in zombie form of lost love forevermore,
Death's Sweet Kiss is a kindly thing,
Death's Sweet Kiss is a kindly thing,
Death's Sweet Kiss is a kindly thing.

(The lesson from the poem is you have to leave lost love in its tomb or you become dead to love forevermore.)
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