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Nicole Nov 2019
Swollen glands,

Temperamental fluctuations

And a solemn promise to not

Hit the self sabatoge button.

Today is much clearer.

The internal hourglass

Less emotional about time,

The saving much more in the

Front view mirror than behind.

Years or eons passed since

Life was a circus.

Emotions have ebbed and flowed

As rivers in the brain

And although admitting

Total loss of control of the destination

Feels as if self sacrificing dreams,

Perhaps the path is meant to be a long one

Or perhaps there are other dreams

Around the bend.

All that is known

Is it has been less turbulent waters

And to hit self sabatoge

Is only laughable.
A M Ryder May 2019
When you are together
Be together completely
Let them know
That they are loved
Until they begin to understand
What that actually feels like
And then keep on with it
Loyal by nature
Be rest assured
That they'll stick around
So let me scale your walls and
Be close enough to love you
And carefully search for
Signs of the surest routes
To your golden heart
Dr zik Jul 2017
All the zigzag routes come toward You
So the right path is the destination of all twisting ways!
As the center point of a circle is One!
O’ my Lord!
Dr ZIK's Poetry

— The End —