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J M Menon Feb 2
Up there and everywhere,
I think I could drink it all up in one gulp,
my eyes overflow with the magnum,
as tears trickle down,
I hear a knowing whisper from the sky-
' We are one'
When megalophobia bleeds into beauty
J M Menon Jan 31
"Nothing is impossible"- they say,
what a wonderful and enlightening thing to say!
But wait;
I thought hard , made me say-
I urged myself to use the widest perspective;
I want to be perceptive.

" It implies everything is possible,
which implies impossibility is a possibility
which means nothing is possible,
But everything is possible!!??"
J M Menon Jan 22
I always feel them, but never experience
J M Menon Jan 10
I see that you see what you don't want to;
But its true,
now you know it too.

A life boat for your sinking ship,
come on jump in with me
a bold leap is all you need
But acknowledge the ice berg first
and then its impact

You see it.
Why don't you let yourself so?
How I wish you would
How you wish you would
a man's word
is all he has,
a poet's word
may just be
a pipe dream.
words are all I got
to give these dreams
some meaning.
  Dec 2020 J M Menon
S Cherkil
Where do you run
From yourself?
To day-dreams ? to temporary highs?
To the never-ending motions of living?
Where do you run
When surrounded by mirror paned high walls?
For at every turn you run into yourself.
All that is left is something
With no end, no beginning,
Just the unrelenting turn of wheels.
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