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Janelle Mainly Jun 2018
It is something I can't tell anyone,
At first I thought it was fun,
Realizing now that I have a problem,
And it pains me to admit the ruin...
Janelle Mainly Jun 2018
Trying to stay in a dream
Curled up in my denying machine
My kingdom for another hour of rest
My responsibilities face a test
And I would rather lay here
Than face the morning mirror
Janelle Mainly Jun 2018
Coco marino, ¿Necesitas de mi cariño?
Tu agua está muy lejos y yo llevo siempre la mía.
Las olas te descoloraron y yo cada vez soy más pálida, parecemos gemelos.
Alguna vez te quise como metáfora pero estoy impregnada de realismo.
Janelle Mainly Jun 2018
Quiero encontrarte a escondidas,
Quiero comerte a mordidas,
Quiero de almohada tus brazos,
Quiero escucharte los pasos...
Pero a pesar de tanto querer;
Te amo.
Janelle Mainly Jun 2018
Your accusation sounds like a confession.
A generalization disguised by preoccupation.
How do the actions of another become my restriction?
Am I supposed to live in your fiction?
Fear will not lead to our salvation,

Let me lead myself.
Janelle Mainly Jun 2018
It's such a delight.
Your mind must feed.
To gather and give.
To start from above.
Janelle Mainly Jun 2018
A spectrum of words,
hurled in every direction of the world.
A melody passed down through generations.
It evolves to the tongue of the old and the young,
Like a song that wants to be sung.
The eternal life of communication.
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