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Celeste Briefs Oct 2018
these ingredients
are essential
to my soul
like a potion
I inhale
its potent sweetness
so light on my tongue
it slips past my teeth,
tumbling down my throat
to reside in my belly
glowing in my heart,
awakening my bones
so I can sleep
as though I'd never
been born
Isaac Jul 2018
I made a new friend,
Though old she may be.

Spotting her at the end,
I invited her for tea.

Sitting with me for a moment.
My worries became obsolete.

Her sting so potent.
It made everything sweet.
Written 21 July 2018

I have learned that your own death can become a valuable friend.

John Eldredge says it beautifully:

The most dangerous man on earth is the man who has reckoned with his own death. All men die; few men ever really live.
Celeste Briefs Sep 2017
I wish to live
Though I don't know the antidote
To Death;
How may I resist
Her potent charms
Just a little while longer?
Teach me, Lady of Life,
Mother of my senses
Wild emotions of Nature,
I, Your daughter, call to You
My Mistress and Dearest Friend.

I, your sister, ask of you
Great Mother of Darkness and Light.

I ask you to help me live
For another day,
I beg you to lend me
Your strength, Your love,
Oh Beautiful, omniscient One.

I wish to live,
Though I do not know the antidote
To Death
Celeste Briefs Aug 2017
I think about it all the time. It finds me. Strengthens and weakens me. Like a low, deep beat, pulsating within the depths of my fluid core. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Always with me ever since I can remember. A stranger whom I know too well to understand. It finds me. Potent in my dreams. Ever present like a ray of warm, golden sunlight on my ***** back. It follows my soul around like a shadow. In my salty sweat and tears. But I don't know what it is. Who it is. What is your name, I must know!
Lazy and restless, sings me to sleep them makes me excitable, wanting more. I can only go as far as my young body can take me, but you go much further. Always ahead. My glowing black hole leaking the softest sounds. My lake of peace and chaos, my ocean of delicious divinity. Your chaotic peacefulness keeps me living.
Once in a while you allow little drops of yourself to trickle down into my open mouth. Each drop you let loose is teeming with ever growing, multiplying, seducing stars of life. I do not know you well enough, but I understand. You, my muse, give me life with every exhale of ecstasy you pour over my head, into my heart.
You, elusive beauty, are the true gold, silver, and diamonds I seek each day I am alive. My life is complete, is full when I finally become one with your light, your truth. I cannot have you now though I wish and pray I could.
Everyday, since I entered the mysterious realm of that strange race known as teenager, you've injected yourself into my frisky spirit, settled over all my bare skin like a blanket of warm, effervescent water, breathing in and out of my sensitive stomach. You slide down my hair and blossom in my core. A strange, invisible, charming secret.
You are pure until I find you, until I reach out with child's hands to touch your throbbing surface, let my fingers wander over your smooth hills and steep slopes, caress the darkness evading me within your transcendent, formless body.
Come to me, my sweet undulation, that I might slip out of myself and fall right into your depths. You are hot and cold, a breeze on a spring morning, the gale in the summer afternoon, the intricate snowflake riding the fragile winds of a winter's evening.
Manifesting yourself in the increments of passion that come with a lover's kiss upon my neck. Full and bright as sister Moon, sweet and **** like the apple I sink my curious teethe into.
I think about you all the time. Find me. Weakening, strengthening, my knees give out even as you lift me up out of my atmosphere of safety. Always with me since memory began. The dim lamp of history fades while your bright fire burns forevermore.
KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Shall We Dance on the Dance Floor
Or Just Pretend


Mounted Skyward
Prow of Ship
Prow of Ship

Adventures Heart
Awakened Fervor
Higher Looking
Higher Looking

Gods Ear
Do You See It
Do You Feel It!!
Golden Chalice Paintbrush
Looking Inward
Seeing Skyward

Black Indigo


From the Parchment
Of Dust
Things you create to debate.

Our love could wait.

Made a mistake to be taken,

And left to meet at a wake.

I am dead,

no love,

no tears to shed.

Break the bread,

share and don't dread.

Were slaves meant to be lead.

By our hearts…..

Filled with  greed and desire..

So potent, it turns us into liars.

When things are dire.

You let ourselves consume

And tire,

Of the things that make us human.
Love is selfish and potent. Something that can not be contained and is one of the deadliest sins and the sweetest. Because its so potent. - Latrinity
Celaine Apr 2016
If I could gather all the love in this world
All the joy, all the hope, all the yearning
I’ll make sure to place them somewhere where it
Will remind you of me, like trinkets of hidden fortune
Then I’ll place them in a jar sealed with the most glued affection I have for you

If I could gather those, I’d still find something that I could give you
I’ll gather a handful of strength, quite a sum of laughter
And make it fit into the jar, though I wouldn’t mind giving
You an overflowing number because I thought you’ll be needing them
On lonely days and when you’ve lost yourself in a summer haze

I’ll make sure to add a few drops of excitement
‘Cause who else wouldn’t want surprises?
And maybe deliver a bunch of sunflowers and blue roses
And personally deliver
this jar to you with enchantment

And when I arrive at your doorstep
I’ll knock on your door, I’ll break down the walls that you built
I’ll keep the sadness out, erase every bits and pieces of doubt
Shower you with hugs and and magical spells
And embrace you with a force more potent than love
****, I think I'll date myself. Haha kidding.
KathleenAMaloney Apr 2016
Dark Light
Of a City
That's grown itself
From the Belly
Of Its Own Bowels

Lovers Verse
So clearly placed
As to be the Voice

Mystery not Surrounding
Desire Folding
And Unfolding
Of Disrobing Ecstacy
A Marraige Bed
Of a Gods

Fire Breathing

Loves feeding Frenzy
K Balachandran Mar 2016
Each word is a potent seed,
sow it with such loving care,
these seeds, in fertile fields
lie in wait patiently to sprout
and to  ensure a golden harvest
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