mysa Sep 30
smoke trails behind me
like the scar that runs down my wrist.
the smoke is wrapped around my eyes, too,
so i stumble
as the smoke envelops my body
and whispers in my ears.
ive been writing some pretty edgy stuff, huh?
mysa Sep 23
legs sprawled out across the patchwork sofa,
he spoke.
if you're really feeling these things
and they hurt enough to make you act
like this
then, man, they're not ****** things to feel."
he didn't break eye contact,
just looked at me as i laid on the floor
holding back words
and holding back tears.
oh boy oh boy are things Not Good right now
mysa Sep 15
my scissors go to work,
cutting away
the people "i don't need"
but blood is staining the paper
and only some of it is theirs.
things could be going better
mysa Aug 30
and so a new chapter begins.
the protagonist will face many challenges
new characters will be introduced
challenges will reveal themselves
but the most exciting thing
is that there is still so much book left to read.

i'm so excited to begin.
i'm starting a new school and i'm curious to see how i'll change over the next few years. i'm in for a wild ride, i know that much.
mysa Aug 19
i stumble over my words now.
it's a fight to wrestle them out of my mouth,
when before the flowed out like a river.

i'm fainter now.
it's a struggle to remember
that my new friends don't find me annoying
and that i don't need to lag behind,
waiting for an invitation.

i'm worse now.
summer is ending and all i have to show
is a quieter me
    a nervous me
    a wish-i-wasn't-here me
    a why-can't-i-just-do-something me

    a second-rate me
i stumble over my words now. this poem included.
oh boy have i been having Problems™ lately. :,) it should be an easy fix, but i can't will myself to fix it.
mysa Aug 3
jealousy really is a disease, isn't it?

a shame it had to infect me
im trying to be active on here again, but im having problems thinking of what to write
mysa Jul 22
you caught my eye
i caught your hand

laughter rings out
lacing between our fingers

it's just us us us
and i don't need to ask for anything more
but what will become of us now?
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