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mysa Mar 16
pressed up against your face
sun streaming in through the curtains
light caressing your cheeks
my arm hurts in this position
but i'll keep it still
if it means getting to be next to you
mysa Feb 5
i want to hold your hand
without having to extend my own

i want to kiss you
without you knowing that i want to

i want you to know that i love you
without having to say it
mysa Nov 2019
i feel like a tiger
pacing in a cage
it is not poetic
in the way that
if the bars were opened
i would burst out
like a firecracker
it is instead in the way that
i would lie down where i stood
unable to leave.
wrote this back in october
mysa Sep 2019
the earth shifts
feet cling to ceiling
knives dance in my chest
up is down
but down is not up
silver drips off of my fingers
a sheen falling up
or was it down?

a deer is on the ceiling
or is she on the floor?
she whispers
"you cannot be what you wish to be
if you do not first wish"
the earth shifts
her coat gleams
her eyes shatter and repair
the earth collapses

she is gone

i put my fingers to my lips
all i taste is metal
mysa Aug 2019
i am not who you think i am
all you see is
my eyes
my clothes
my jokes
all you see is an outline
a silhouette
of who i am
don't fall in love with a shadow
nothing is there
i think i mightve accidentally joined my school's slam poetry club. i guess i have to get back into poetry again, huh?
mysa May 2019
and once again
we thought things would be different

and once again
things were not
gamers i am tired and ready to go home. i miss writing these terrible poems too :,) it's been a little over a year since i wrote my first one and i haven't rly made progress but that's okay. haven't rly been practicing enough to do so. at least im having fun.
mysa Mar 2019
i am just
too tired
to go on
but i dont have any other choice but to continue
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