mysa Jun 30
have i run out of words?



t o

          fi n d


mysa Jun 19
it just takes a second
a sound
a feeling
before i can remember so clearly
what it felt
to be above the clouds
running with the angels
the sun illuminating their golden skin and their golden smiles
to be high on living
each time it stings
each time i wish i was back
each time i know i can’t

but for a moment i can see my golden skin again
i accidentally posted a different poem around 20 minutes ago, sorry about that
mysa Jun 12
your hands left inky marks
on my skin
and i don't have any soap
all i can do is scratch and scratch
but it's still there
it's still there
mysa Jun 6
i made a promise
that i would never miss you
but we're parting ways
and i already feel an ache
mysa Jun 5
on warm days like these
my heart doesn't settle down
it just yearns to leave
i feel lost in a place im familar with
mysa May 30
i miss you

i miss your smile

i miss your soft brown hair

i miss your nice smelling sweaters

i miss your laugh when you saw a cute dog

i miss you so much oh g o d do i but missing you

this might format weird on phones, my apologies
mysa May 22
get up, kid
wipe the dirt from your pants
wipe the blood from your cheeks

get up, kid
bare your teeth with your chapped lips
bare your fists with your bruised knuckles

get up, kid
scream and let your throat go raw
but don't stop
       don't stop
       don't stop

get up, kid
make me proud
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