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Thomas W Case Feb 18
You used to search my back, arms, and even my *** for zits.
When you found one, you went to
work at popping it.
It hurt like hell, but I never
said anything, because it seemed to
bring you such pleasure.
Sometimes, I don't even think there
was a zit.You would just squeeze a
freckle or birthmark.

And chocolate, for God's sake, you loved it.
Whenever I could afford it, I'd
buy you chocolate bars.And when I
couldn't, I'd steal them.
You hated me stealing, but you
loved chocolate.

In those golden Summer evenings,
I remember carrying your son on
my shoulders into the pink and
lavender sunsets.
We had story time on the Shelter couch,
your head resting on my shoulder.

But time, as it always does, rages on.
You have your son, your apartment, your job.
I have my river, my writing. and my ducks.
I feed them bread, not chocolate.
And although they wake me up at dawn by
walking on my back, they don't
mess with the zits.

I've trained them to eat bread out
of my hand.Their little tongues feel
like sandpaper.
I'll never look at
zits and chocolate the same.
Bhill Oct 2020
yes, I see it
no, its got to be from the smoke
I know, it does make for some great sunrises and sets
oh, can you hear the cattle mooing this morning?
makes for peaceful coffee time...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 273
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
The sun does not set
When euphoria rises
In our little world
It's always sunny in Pamandaland
Hussein Dekmak Apr 2020
When the sun sets, he lays to rest.
When she rises, his soul is reborn.

Hussein Dekmak
Leslie Ledezma Sep 2018
there’s a magnetic colored wall around your soul
when guitar strings get caught like light aflame
I’m blinded as stars, extinguished, bright and transcending slowly
can’t see the false magnetic draw to you anymore
falling into the winds, beautiful revealing there
then I see, it’s not a false pull that has been
seeping me into a sky colored in tropic vast delusion
there’s a pole and my sun sets there
you were there before I knew, you’ll be there now
Dr Zik Jul 2017
Sunsets every eve
Sunrises every morn
Day splashes light in dark
Seeds peep out in hurry
Birds tweet in joy-full song
Departure needs forgiveness
Arrival bows in norm
O’ my Lord!
Bless me
My dear mother passed away on Monday, June 19, 2017. May Allah (God) bless her with Jannah. Amen!

Dr ZIK's Poetry
Mohammad Skati Jan 2015
I see that pretty rising of that pretty sun ,but                                                        I often don't see its sunset ..                                                                                      That sunset always happens                                                                                    When I am not there ...                                                                                           I love that sunset ,but                                                                                               I am not often there ...........                                                                                      Some skyscrapers hinder that pretty sunset ,so                                                     Some can not see it ....                                                                                              That pretty sunset happens everyday and                                                             I rarely see it ....                                                                                                                   ____________________
Kenshō Jul 2014
Time slows when the pen touches the pad.
Eternity gives me a bank of time, something I've never had.
Sand slithering and slipping through my hands.
Staring at the moment trying to get ahead, oh **** there goes my plans.

Part of a bigger picture.

I'll never fall faint to the pressure and the stricture.
Running till my heart stops.
And I reach the top.
But no I don't stop.
Return to the urn that my ashes are in.
Moving from one side to the next begin the end and begin again.
I go in circles. Back tracking everywhere I've been.

Learning and growing.
Owning and knowing.
My mistakes are plenty.
So many.
But I acknowledge the fact.
So I can make the pact.

To stand tall to that very same wall.
That stopped me before.
I'm tearing it down, but there's always more
but that's okay because eternity goes on forever
and this is war.
For you! <3

— The End —