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Little Bit Mar 2017
external validation
it's your drug of choice

it starts with
gold stars for
good behavior

the seed to please
it just grows and grows
into a wild jungle vine

gold stars turn into
compliments and "likes"
it feels so nice
but it's not

because you
need it
more and more
you have to
win the award

it controls you
and you don't
even know
who you
are anymore
written 3/25/17
Abhishek kumar Dec 2018
You can't capture the nature
By single or multiple clicks
It's beauty stretches to infinity
And infinity can't be reached
mint Jan 2018
when i talk to you everything clicks
something that feels so right
when we talk, whispers like we used to it all comes back to me
and I remember why i fell in love
i remember why this was so hard to lose
i hear you laugh
i hear the softness in your voice when you call me
and i’ve never felt anything more worth it

it only makes it hurt more when i realize this wasn’t worth it for you

can i ever be enough?

let me be enough
i dont know
Deep Thought Nov 2017
You folks wonder why no one wants to walk through your wooden doors.
You act like we’re all supposed to swear the same clothes, sing the same songs.
What if our doctrine didn’t line up?
Would you judge me for not agreeing?

Recently I’ve become increasingly sensitive and hyper aware of my surroundings.
Your church reminded me of middle school,
And I couldn’t stand middle school. Everyone was clicky and exclusive.
Since when is church about who’s wearing the best outfit?
When did we Christians become so shallow?
It’s amazing how people can judge you when you’re not like them,
Carving out an image of perfection that never existed in the first place,
Because when it gets down to it we’re all broken.
You are not entitled to people coming to your church when the feelings are not welcoming.
Except one, she gave me a free ticket to the Beautiful Eulogy show.
Sadly to say, she was the only light at your church while everyone was dead,
or just full of themselves.

*There are good reasons why churches across America are dying off.
Christians can behave worse than non-Christians, at times even more cruel and uncharitable.
This is for anyone who's been hurt by the church or Christians.
I've seen you war
Your big bawls and short "ahems!"
Fear was your greatest weapon
With it you caused much mayhem
You killed the conscience
You ***** the soul
On these streets i see dead people
You got them all

I've seen you war
Sleek, raw, enslaving clicks
Fear the bullet, media guns
How you've mastered your trigger - pulling tricks
"Bang! Bang! Bang!" The bullets rain
Facebook. Twitter. Aljazeera - The Raid
The lies you fed us
"But we was afraid....."
And lonely too
Milo Clover Aug 2015
Getting ready for bed
can be an arduous task.
There are things to turn off,
some to turn on.
flips and clicks
beep beep boop

A roommate of mine
used to say,
keep noisy things
out of the sleeping chamber:
radio, loud brain, tv

Only the necessary:
bed, clock, book, loved one
a poem on the merits of simplicity

— The End —