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Sethnicity Oct 25
One American right
One American wrong

One American fight
One American song

One American white
One Ameri  Con

If one Nation under God
Yahweh or the highway

If equality won
E pluribus sub human

What's good for the whole
What good for the union

What's freedom for each one
Without justice for Trayvon

Words with much thought
Wisely wrote but forgot

All men could be free together
But only together could man be free

Earth moon sun are three
But only all together do they become
Heavenly bodies

Sea to shining sea
En gulf to frozen mystery
What are we if we
Castrate parts of our history
While we curate the ugly past with watered down memory

The spiral mounds of the midWest the man-made lakes
And Delta dunes
Mud bugs tumbleweeds Allycats street rats
Rags and ruins
Like white and yellow lines we've all been through em

Don't lose your heart we're too close to the start
Of something beautiful
You see these potholes become waterfalls
World wars become
Redemption songs and until we
Truly see each other keep asking
Why can't we all just get along?

But let's keep asking it
The answer will be echoed
The truth will reverberate
Soon we will find that love rings louder than hate

Soon we'll find mute much better on most channels 1- 8
Any channels profiting to opine you only what denigrates
AM rifts while FM skates in 50 of our 55 states
We assume two makes 4 but we play with fire
And keeping score in a game that's no game
Death is the only thing that comes from war

What makes you great can make you weak
If you can't look back and reckon with what was trampled under feet
What makes you great can make you weak
When simplicity is chosen over detail reality ( tweek)
What makes you great can make you weak
When macho men can't be questioned while in seat
What makes you think is what should make you retweet

The statement they tried to make
No discrimination everyone has an equal stake
But not a single number does this statement equate
When 0 out of any American lobby more than a corporate

The right to bear with the right to speak
But they can no knock and release the heat
But not one bank in jail when you have no food to eat
No peace and Justice in the street
When the leadership can't apologize or reverse the rally speech
You want kids to participate
but you only talk to them about what you hate
No words to which they relate
Next thing they know you ban the apps they populate
Now who they gonna tolerate?
You disenfranchise before you meditate
vilify right before their eyes left
To roll a rainbow of how both sides are deaf
This is still in progress.. much like our country.
Sethnicity May 2018
Things Fall Apart
As All Things Do
This universe holds the thread
and we are spinning too
Through gravity ,  
                     magnetism is key
    mandalas      woven
  liquid                glass
       her        folded

  for Food to digest
    but still met with ill repute and Infinite Jest
8 is great!
            but 9 is lucky and 10’s the best
Work with
what I have
Wait, and watch my
will I have
tricks in my vest
Not to mention a footprint proof chest
                No ego
   for eyes times 2 kNOw rest
       Elastic limbs twined by my cleaver clasp
It will be fine this too shall pass
          But Mourning desires birth hungers
and how much longer this must last?

    Awoken in my web whilst the wind whispers late
be it a lost locust or flies in my plate?
be it a dream, or not what it seems?
should I snooze sleep to continue my dream?...  

  I cannot delay
Hustle and Flow
                                 Or destiny may get away
Eve in the hungry owl
rests none day
or night
but between
has become to Its diet

So man waits perched in the thick of it
may not thi s tillness be in vain
May not my Solitude leave me slain
I meditate on the overcoming Victory
in-spite of my plight
Aim my arrow high ahead
though my target out of sight
May my idioms take flight
May they reach destined site

I've laced Arrows of many colors
        for Hearts and Minds
Blood and Tears
Hit or Miss
my fingers still tremble under tension and Fears

But the only way to fly is to let it go
Things Fall Apart
but you've got to let it go.
Now Let IT Go!

My life is justice thread
                   posted in a Spider's web
               only God knows             Just us
                             Tray bombs    or    Buzz cuts
               I'm just      
     to bee   or    not too       Be-long  
                                     wrapped in cocoon  
a silky pill to feed

          A Spider's Will
On pace we all finish this race

Becoming the blood of a different Race
That spins in Its bit’s web
                       by a single Thread
Holding onto
                               As All Things Do

Like thoughts in my mind...

                          As The Universe Grew
Dedicated to: Spiderman and Charlotte and Ittsy Bittsy and those called four eyes and TOO weird or ugly, dumb, spacey, or too different. Who's love was reciprocated with hate. For Those who dared and those who don't dare for fear of failure.
This prayer was woven for you to Let go and let God (by any name)
You are what you worship and what you worship makes you more than mere womb/man.
Be the Jah you wish to see in the world!  
Suggested listening: Frou Frou - Let Go
Sethnicity May 2015
They say time heals all wounds and quite often I agree/ yet some can tanker ous uneven eternity/ The buffer of shock waves they ebb and rise unceasingly/ The sun rays wind rain earthquakes weather is me, uneasily.

Yay my legs have sea come custom to storm after storm/ I for one have grown weary of water tho running comes easily/
So I retracted an iron heart East seeking warm understanding.

Time is a healer but in a water world all wounds bleed into the ocean/ silence will keep salt off the tongue but will not spare the flesh/ Even with an iron heart held high and to the side we hobble and wobble none the less.

What is truly needed is a seamed shore line/ to rest towards the west, digest the sunsetty passing/ to release my cast iron heart into soft earth/ so that I remember from where I came and observe how much we have changed.

I have feared the setting sun long enough/I will build a bridge from sea solitude to land understanding. We have come a long way through a space time ether. All things are better together and time is a healer.
Sethnicity Mar 2018
Pitter patter patterns ******* water on 2 Window s ills
slither slather slip purr wee wind whistles thru two tree pick s ee's
nestled tween the teeth grips silhouetted skyline
sunlit tea cups
how sweet it is 2 whittle time 4 love and space
slow settled be twin hill splits
mind sits
my flesh is DITHER dimpled by the thrill of it.
Inspired by @artwiculate
Word of the day : Dither

May add to this some day...
Sethnicity Jun 2017
Consider a dandelion
Consider a mountain peak
Consider the ripples from a single drop or beat
Consider a star explosion
Consider space and blackhole son
Consider even suns and moons
are satellites of a greater U vision

To father is to reach a view  that stretches far beyond
What you ever thought you could ever do
The highest bell rung

To father is to find what's true
fill the gap and know what is out
of ones control too

To father is to make a splash and as you fade to the depths unknown grave
the waves you made
are all that's left to carry on infinitely

To father is to be okay burning up yourself as you light the way
holding glass minerals gas and stone
without knowing exactly how or where the spinning turned a house to a home

Just knowing that when you reach
the top or your mass collapse drops
it could break the very world you create and devistate
the very plans woven to levitate
Fathers Mediate the space between
The waves and dreams
Winds and streams
Pulling your seeds apart
Stack mass and cash
to pay attention to their heART
Spinning webs of redemption
Stitching wounds building arks

So as I grasp the view
of  the present bestowed and
I shiver in the vast unknown
but no matter beating rain
or interstellar hurricane
The futures big enough for my echo to be heard again and again.
The same sun that shines on me will shine on your future and your futures future....
Sethnicity Apr 2017
Where did you come from
I'm not ready for devastation
You sang a tune new
Though I've heard it before
You r hearts been Hurt    So
I'll just apply pressure to the sore

So let Us split ourselves in two pieces
As we fall like bombs on our oasis
All the masses dialed into the Fist
Watch the world smoldering in the Mist

Will the moon stay still in shadows

Will this heart ache survive the battles

Blades ohm b fore heads bow 2 gallows

Eyes shut sight white push from the gut hold the altos

Creme d la rouge fades to sage sea emotion shallow

Severed head from heart remembers the start
When love was too vast to paddle
when it feels like the hurting never ends
Sethnicity Feb 2017
I am black; As privileged claws scratch against this Blackboard
Sethnicity Dec 2016
You missed me
As if your words were bullets
and your lovely intentions
invisible suspension
I'm lit
and your words mean ****
Like Neo
no longer consider
myself a hero
because I absorb the hit
Your actions tha hatchet
everything you wanted
you came & snatched it
Steadily voices echo
You know
she ratchet
But I'm being Supreme
Scission from the dream
from Your, destruction
no physical eruption
just disjunction
Son of Atom
We split
I spit

Well, I didn't miss you.
Sethnicity Dec 2016
Safety becomes the best Policy
When fear overrides honest reality
Fear is the mind killer.
Trumptruth > or < Policies of truth
The is jury is still up for grabs people.
Sethnicity Nov 2016
As Whispered death falls from the tongue
Shielding ones eyes from the sun

The time wasted reflecting seems so.. a parent
To youth born from ground supreme inherent

As you feel that warmth turn to friction glow
From the gaze of those whom well you know

Remember that tis a guide from which to grow
And follow the lights from which they show

In the passing age of gleeful day
The wise of night do often pray

So that our future feet form a way
brighten tomorrow with the light of yesterday

So when looking for yourself alone
And you’re not feeling quite so grown

If you forgot the melody
Like a broken bitter symphony

Please look up and remember me
Despite this blissful tragedy

The sun only sits down to let you see
All the other stars watching over thee
With Age...
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