Sethnicity Jun 2017

Consider a dandelion
Consider a mountain peak
Consider the ripples from a single drop or beat
Consider a star explosion
Consider space and blackhole son
Consider even suns and moons
are satellites of a greater U vision

To father is to reach a view  that stretches far beyond
What you ever thought you could ever do
The highest bell rung

To father is to find what's true
fill the gap and know what is out
of ones control too

To father is to make a splash and as you fade to the depths unknown grave
the waves you made
are all that's left to carry on infinitely

To father is to be okay burning up yourself as you light the way
holding glass minerals gas and stone
without knowing exactly how or where the spinning turned a house to a home

Just knowing that when you reach
the top or your mass collapse drops
it could break the very world you create and devistate
the very plans woven to levitate
Fathers Mediate the space between
The waves and dreams
Winds and streams
Pulling your seeds apart
Stack mass and cash
to pay attention to their heART
Spinning webs of redemption
Stitching wounds building arks

So as I grasp the view
of  the present bestowed and
I shiver in the vast unknown
but no matter beating rain
or interstellar hurricane
The futures big enough for my echo to be heard again and again.

The same sun that shines on me will shine on your future and your futures future....
Sethnicity Apr 2017

Where did you come from
I'm not ready for devastation
You sang a tune new
Though I've heard it before
You r hearts been Hurt    So
I'll just apply pressure to the sore

So let Us split ourselves in two pieces
As we fall like bombs on our oasis
All the masses dialed into the Fist
Watch the world smoldering in the Mist

Will the moon stay still in shadows

Will this heart ache survive the battles

Blades ohm b fore heads bow 2 gallows

Eyes shut sight white push from the gut hold the altos

Creme d la rouge fades to sage sea emotion shallow

Severed head from heart remembers the start
When love was too vast to paddle

when it feels the hurting never ends
Sethnicity Feb 2017

I am black; As privileged claws scratch against this Blackboard

Sethnicity Dec 2016

You missed me
As if your words were bullets
and your lovely intentions
invisible suspension
I'm lit
and your words mean shit
Like Neo
no longer consider
myself a hero
because I absorb the hit
Your actions tha hatchet
everything you wanted
you came & snatched it
Steadily voices echo
You know
she ratchet
But I'm being Supreme
Scission from the dream
from Your, destruction
no physical eruption
just disjunction
Son of Atom
We split
I spit


Well, I didn't miss you.
Sethnicity Dec 2016

Safety becomes the best Policy
When fear overrides honest reality

Fear is the mind killer.
Trumptruth > or < Policies of truth
The is jury is still up for grabs people.
Sethnicity Nov 2016

As Whispered death falls from the tongue
Shielding ones eyes from the sun

The time wasted reflecting seems so.. a parent
To youth born from ground supreme inherent

As you feel that warmth turn to friction glow
From the gaze of those whom well you know

Remember that tis a guide from which to grow
And follow the lights from which they show

In the passing age of gleeful day
The wise of night do often pray

So that our future feet form a way
brighten tomorrow with the light of yesterday

So when looking for yourself alone
And you’re not feeling quite so grown

If you forgot the melody
Like a broken bitter symphony

Please look up and remember me
Despite this blissful tragedy

The sun only sits down to let you see
All the other stars watching over thee

With Age...
Sethnicity Dec 2016

Whytealye glowing hisway Me, back strains Pull in spite bluewind towing chains
Saw rows woven tongue tied brains, starRed his leisure beet win fab whip pin chains
Lies tat lie hoursman hangs high, whytit sheets dragon rawfruit sprawled unwakeing
Breath taken widthgall diss clarity lightyears a slave my now disdain artistically forsaken
Death shaken
While the whytit washed world beams me down complacent.

This poem unfolds when you loosen your tongue and mind and allow the words to slur together in a slave language known as gullah. (I'm bending the meaning of other words to suit the narrator) Read it at a whisper as if you were there trying not to be seen, like a slave on the wall confined to just watch... Himself outside of himself.
Sethnicity Nov 2016

White light blowing away my Black shames Pure in sight through head window panes

Sorrows woven foam pie brain she games Share his leisure bee twin fab wick dames

Lies that line our veins white sheets draping, Like wind wonder walls breaking

Breath taking, width all dis clarity my cries remain Unshaken, Dis dam S Forsaken,

While the sight sauced swirled beams me down and

Visually stimulated, Beat sequence motivated
Metaphor: Unaware bachelor @ Bachelorette Threesome
Sethnicity Dec 2016

Why tit lie tit mowing a way Black Reigns, Pull in spite blue wind Blow win Chains

Saw row dove in foam pie strains stare his pleasure bee twin faux brick dames

Lies tat lie wow stains high streets raking like father calls, waking

Sleep shaking width gall dis charity may sky is carry me disdain forsaken

Smile the sight sauced swirled dreams key drown complacent

Visually stimulated, Beat sequence motivated.
Sethnicity Dec 2016

Why tit lie bowling A sway Black reigns Pull in spite blue wind bowing chains

Saw row dove in from dry stains stare his leisure bee twin faux brick games

Lies tat lie wow stains high streets raking like father calls, waking

Death shaking width gall diss clarity may skys carry mi disdain forsaken

Bile the sight sauced swirled dreams key drown complacent

Visually stimulated, Beat sequence motivated.
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