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Life in a mess
Mind reflects
Bring call to order
No rest small steps
Routine reigns supreme
Breathe that little bit more
Look a little bit further
Sterner fall through the pane of pain
Prioritise, it'll be worth it
Organised chaos is lived short term
Energy hiltered keep clear use a filter
House of cards can only grow so far
and won't last just wilter
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Rizna M Rameez Jun 2019
I've discovered.
My poetries are an indicator
They tell me what I'm feeling deep down inside
Letting me think that what I'm inspired to write has nothing to do with me
And I realize
Hours later
When the feelings hit.
pa3que May 2019
this is a darling,
to a note for self.

this marching against reflections,
might echo through the windows.
Indigo Morrison May 2019
your name is a trigger
for being wanted,
but not loved all the way through.
for being mirror that only reflects the good in you when you feel bad, sad or lonely.
your face triggers seeing myself walking on eggshells
and keeping one foot out the door in love.
your hands are a trigger for being held not tight enough and not nearly long enough.
your existence is a trigger of unrequited love that won’t stop
or fall apart like it should.

— The End —