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XnwxrMxlik Mar 27
So much hate on the plate
I would rather die myself
Than **** a comrade and label myself great

What's the point to investigate
When rapers don't get eliminate
Annihilate the citizens
While opening up the gates
To migrate in the state
Can't provide slate to educate

Fraud scams of digit eight
They have media on cheapskate
All they do is ******* scream nonsense on debates

Built a wall for President
Ashamed of the city that is contaminated
Isolate the bait
Death threat to judges and advocates
How can you expect justice from such dominants

Multiple locations were/are on communication break
Retaliate before it's too late
They don't even hesitate
To fabricate the history

Don't underestimate them
They have holy medicines based on **** cakes
Economy rate is falling down straight
Don't get frustrated of unemployment
Why are you upset??
"Mitroon" chill and meditate...
I'm not trying to hate on anyone. Just trying to make a valid point through my poem. Please have an open mind, try to relate and understand...
Seanathon Dec 2018
More ups and downs
Highs and lows
Ins and outs
All around
With thoughts abound which fall like snow to melting grounds
Citizens Cope play me out
Because knocking me sideways is what this life is all about
utpal Ghosh Nov 2018
Once one crosses the forbidden line on the wrong side of sixty.
Not to venture further into the next arithmetical digit.
There begins the journey to another world, even where the angels fear to tread.
All on a sudden one comes under uncountable whammies.

A jinxed land you stray into, full of a craggy jagged reef.
Razor sharp rocks you feel at every step and bleed.
Another shell shock  I devalued you are as a condemned jalopy.
Looks of all you love, speak a strange lingo: you get a creep.

It is anything but the old warm vibes of those years golden.,
Rather an overdose of pity and compassion over-laid with mushy emotion.
A good enough gesture to an infirm or a ******* or one in dotage.
A man past his prime and relevance like a mast broken of a boat sunken.

Written off the priority roster, stowed in a corner,
Dusted, sprayed and showcased as a piece of curio rare.
mothballed with care in medicine on rationed air.
Lest unseen germs of umpteen infections catch them unaware.

An appendage fit to be dumped in old age home.
A social cure-all, as they say, concerned so unwillingly,
A haven as safe as God’s Elysium for progenitors.
To be lionized as the epitome of pride and wisdom.

So adored they are but shunned cannily by every social connection.
A persona-non-grata in all spheres save for gratuitous complimentary doles.
Being in the jinxed circle of seventy is the sin only committed.
A few blessed ones manage to wiggle into the favoured positions.

A few ministerial ballasts, a lottery coup, or a few sine cure slots, a safety net of power & pelf.
The rest for a wallow in the morass of delusive expectations.
Oodles of stale dry sympathy, deceptive tears and bogus bonhomie.
Old raw sores get abraised-the world turns deaf.
It’s a poetry by late Mr S M Ghosh, my late father
An educationist, history teacher and retired principal of  Central Schools,  in India.
It’s a poetry by late Mr S M Ghosh, my late father
An educationist, history teacher and retired principal of Kendriya Vidyalaya, India.
He passed away a few years back. Being his elder son, I am just transferring the written manuscript online so that his thoughts and message could reach to all the readers and poetry enthusiast.
CC Jun 2018
Taking the bus to work
Beside the most tense man
Telling myself to look out the rainy window
And focus on my future
Ordering my mind to become what it should become

Independence Day happened a day before
The rain affects nothing in my country
Always a smile or a laughing worker
In a bright tie dyed tshirt
Underneath the gray colored sky
He brightens the world around him
That is the way the day is made
By your mere existence
Selecting your emotions
Carefully dancing your smiles
My tea in my hands
Warms me
My countrymen
Warms my heart
Lowering my head into a nodding rest
I smile as I wake
Love is a colourful City
Where Citizens are colour blind,
I have visited it too many times in one second,
Last time I went Seeking refuge the City was evacuated.
Nihit Bhatia Mar 2018
what a shameful world we live in,
where we cannot even protect,
the dreams of innocent children,
where we cannot give shelter,
to another religion in our home,
where we cannot provide schooling,
to our students without being shot,
where colored faces are shot,
without standing a chance of justification,
where citizens are classified,
as second class citizens based on their race,
where occupied citizens are treated,
as prisoners in their own country,
what a pathetic world we live in.
Eric Fraley Feb 2018
We are who we are  

But we are still all human

No matter how vast the world we live in

No matter how near or how far

We are where we are

We are all human

No matter the hue of our skin

We are all human

We are not all men

But we are all human

No matter the nationality or origin

We are all human

No matter how thick or how thin

We are all human

No matter how great our sins

We are all human

No matter faith

Or what we believe in

We are all human

We do not love or hate the same things

But we are all human

No matter how strong the convictions

Nation against nation or between simple citizens

We are all human

No matter the civil

Or social unrest that has risen

We are all human

No matter the wars we wage

No matter the battles we win

No matter the violence that's made

In the end it's humans both sides are burying

Human life lost that both sides are mourning

The weight of human life in the caskets they're carrying

But both sides are still human

One thing we all have in common

Times not our friend

It is and should be our only end


In the news

I only hear about humans ending humans

Why is it that I see violence  

Why is it that when I look around

I see humans


Little humanity
"I see humans but no humanity."

-Jason Donohue
Julie Grenness Jan 2017
Does anyone belong in this age?
The 21st Century hi-tech stage,
Teaching old dogs new tricks,
All technology's deep magic,
Hey, juniors, cut us some slack,
How did we pass high school's flack?
We had no internet to hack,
Not one calculator in our backpacks!
We had to use our brains for Maths.....
Now it's the 21st Century age,
We're all hi-tech citizens on this stage..........
Feedback welcome.
Julie Grenness Sep 2015
Are we good global citizens?
Didn't we sell the world Uranium?
The future is an open book--
Here's a concept worth a look,
Each of us in a calm place,
One peaceful, equitable human race,
One vast people, maybe café au lait,
One global language, perhaps,
One informal faith, for chicks and chaps,
Billions of human ants, billions,
Pigeons ready for Peace Religion,
A future for the young,
Or has capitalism really won?
Who comes second in any war?
Haven't we heard it all before?
Are we good global citizens?
Who did sell the world Uranium?
A chance thought about Peace on Earth.
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