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Next time I want to break my fingers
Is when they are inside of you
Don't wanna try up something new
Spread your legs wide open
Leme eat you
My wandering hands
Miss doing you
Caress you down
Until your face turns red
And your body blue
Don't worry wait'in
You can have me in the afternoon
Kiss me like it's our last one boo
Nothing about it will be cruel
Won't mistreat you
It's just me and you
When our dreams come true
At Liverpool
On our bedroom love pool
Making love like fools
Just me and you honey
Under the moon...
Love is the lxw, love under will
XnwxrMxlik Jan 31
2k19 month of September
Alarmed an international terror
Climate change, change in weather
Drought across the nation
Turned into fire Strom centre
5 months from now
We can still witness the ember
Smoke, ashes from bushfire
Travelled thousands of acres

This inferno had us surrender
We lost a million of species endangered
And pushed many near extinction
Humans were no exception
32 were lost in this render
People lost their land of ancestors
Houses which were a place of
Laughter, revitalization and relaxation
Now are nothing but melted shelters

Firefighters to social writers
All jumped to help out the situation
From taking control over fire
To spread awareness
Seeking for helpers
Nature finally blessed us
It rained and things got under control
Before fire would swallow everything
And melt us...
People of Australia stay strong we all are with you...
XnwxrMxlik Jan 7
I'm not unhurt,
Falling apart.
Can't save my heart,
From sweet darts.

Can't continue with this bleeding heart.
Lately, just want to depart,
It's late for a fresh start.
Life is a game, so I'm seeking for a mission abort
I see death as a beauty of art,
Everyone's gonna meet this sweetheart.

It's too chaotic, shame it was.
Hypocrisy misfits,
Too late to for ask it.
But now, I just wanna close my eyes,
go to sleep, in a casket
and never come out of it...
My farewell poem...
XnwxrMxlik Nov 2019
Sometimes I feel like I'm trapped in the body I live in,
Everything's fine. But this ain't me, I'm living in a prison.

Depression, anxiety, I don't know what's the actual reason??
Slit wrist, cutthroat. Wanna move ahead for few days; my body left on the floor while bleeding

Death spoke to me...
Just calm down your mind; I will show the way to it.
Leme bring your stressed-out soul some peace
You don't have to overthink about a thing, please.

Everyone is afraid of me and fears me
But, when I'm with you;
You don't have to worry about anything.

And Xnwxr, the sun of your life is about to set; It won't rise again.
How long can you handle the dark alone and stay-in??

Come with me, I'll end it; leave your loved ones back.
You need to do it with your strong heart and never try to look back.

These words seemed so pleasing. My life had no meaning.
I agreed upon it and never tried to rethink

Don't know how long I can hold on to; it's suffocating,
I just wanna lay down and stop breathing...
My death keep's tongue kissing.
XnwxrMxlik Nov 2019
Met a stranger by chance
Fell for her on first glance
Soon I was her man
Young love, on advance
I was more into romance
But, she had her own plans
Saw her with another man
She was more of into his finance

Still, in my heart she dwells
I remember her smell
And all of her jewel
Happiness and pain are lines in parallel
Love got misspelt
A spell you can't repel

The urgency of alarm Bell
Illuminating pessimism, expelled.
Fell down and yelled
To die upon a hand I love so well
I'm on my death knell. Give me a farewell
Abandoned heaven, flourishing in hell...
A love story, not so lovely
XnwxrMxlik Nov 2019
I'm on a mission of self-destruction.
Happy with my addictions;
Need no salvation.

Cursed with imagination,
Used to think as a commendation.
Then realised it has no limitations,
Absorbing radiation from Satan.
No marks of mortification.
Won't tolerate invasions,
Or be ready for penalization.

Character assassination, impatient expressions;
Celebration on each month of taken
Showing off relation, less communication
Reason for segregation.

Needed behaviour modification, my soul in rehabilitation
Now, I prefer isolation, a good long vacation;
Far away from damnation,
Searching for a destination.
A place for inner peace, for purification...
The real fight is against your own self
XnwxrMxlik Nov 2019
Deforestation for industrialization,
Is more like self-annihilation.
Soon we'll be on artificial respiration.

Procrastination for solutions on pollution,
Gonna cost upcoming generation.
Life cycle will break as animals add up in the list of extinction.
Soon every living being on this planet will be graven;
Due to starvation...
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