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sunprincess Mar 2018
Just a word of advice
Please be extremely careful
and think twice
Before opening the door to strangers
and never, ever, ever
take any stranger at their word
Some strangers are very deceptive
and so are scammers
especially when they call your phone
and discover you're all alone
ZT Mar 2016
It's amazing when I see
Scammers pretending to be
Someone else just to feel some glory
Oh, for them, I feel so sorry

how can they settle to be an imitation
When all they need is a little bit of contemplation
a little push of motivation
more on self-improvisation
and a whole lot of determination
And They could become God's best creation
and someone else's inspiration

Why settle at second best
When you can be the best
The weather plots his journey
Town to town in dead of night
Fields dead and on a gurney
He comes in to make it right

A rainmaker, people call him
A psuedo-scammer others say
He sells himself as godlike
He comes quick and does not stay

He tells people what they wish for
He beats the storm in to their town
He seeds their minds with his tall stories
He promises more green than brown

Like an evangelistic angel
He beats the weather to the ground
He's a salesman like no other
He picks their pockets with no sound

A rainmaker, just a scammer
He works the towns where nothing lives
He is an alchemist non-gratta
He always takes and never gives

He sells snake oil and concoctions
He is a shaman in disguise
He promises rain where none has fallen
There is more moisture in the farmers eyes

He takes credit for a rainfall
He promises gold where once was straw
He's a rumplestiltskin with their feelings
He sells them only what they wish they saw

He may believe in what he tells them
He always puts his name out on a stake
But, can he truly make the skies open
That is a choice the desperate make
Justin Case Jan 2015
This is a message I received. too similar to the one from "stephanie" to be coincidence. just a heads up.

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( stay blessed.

— The End —