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girl diffused Feb 2020
You treat me like Aphrodite
Venusian goddess rising
Pearled milky foam
Like clotted cream speckling my dark skin

We tumble 'cross the bedsheets
Hair pooling around me
Tasting each other
Briny saltwater and Earth
Mingling sweat and it-has-been-far-too-long kisses

And I shall never claim another lover
As I have claimed you
And I shall never mount another man
With as much reckless, unbridled
Abandoning as I have you

You treat me like Aphrodite
Shield me from rain
With your oversized coat
Smelling of clean leather and lingering petrichor

You drink from me as if
You were Bacchus
Drunk off my honeyed lips
Like it was fragrant wine

Drink, my love
Drink and be merry
Lay your head on my lap
Let me run my fingers through your
Sunflower-streaked curls
Let me kiss love and loyalty
Into your mouth
Let it be a contract

Love me like Aphrodite
A/n: it's been a while. I've been rusty and out of touch. A lot has happened. I was heartbroken. Now I'm in love. Have been so for a year and a half. This post is about him, my current lover. I don't think words could adequately express our chemistry and mutual devotion. He's saved me.
girl diffused Feb 2019
when you sing,
you want it to bloom out of the garden
in your bones and out of your heart,
and you want it to be like
you were thirteen again and you had blooming
sunshine in your face

you scaled trees, climbed rocks
skinned your knees
wild and as brazen as the first kiss you
stole from some girl
spattered freckles on her face
you counted with your lips
(you got to 14)

erected a monument
out of your garden but it was bare
your bones,
dried husks

who can pull you out of that water?
i can't...
neither can she...
a/n: an older piece that i performed some minor surgery on. i originally composed it two years ago on this day. it's not about me. this is about anyone struggling to love who doesn't adequately know how to. this is a plea. a question. a silent wondering. it's been a while. <3

girl diffused Aug 2018
(my darling)
You fed me
Shards of glass
(said "open wide")
And apologized for cutting my mouth open.
A/N: a new format after a fresh 12-hour heartbreak all over again.
girl diffused Jun 2018
         start my machine-heart,
Fingers plucking at dust_coated wiring, slick with dark oil

Ear pressed to my bloodless mouth, my digital murmur a mechanical purring

         start my machine-heart, fingers coaxing a little warmth
into the epicenter, a tiny nugget of coal from your heart to mine

I burst aglow and I'm a hearth and I belch out warm delicate red-flames.

Make me live, dear
Make me live and roar
This is an experimental piece. It's been a while. Just something quickly whipped up during an hours-long car ride. Enjoy. Xoxo.
  Mar 2018 girl diffused
Ugo Victor
I can't sleep
Everytime I remember your words
They snap and recoil
And hurt me awake
Next time when someone
Promises me forever
I'll just smile
Look them in the eyes and ask
How long is forever to you.
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