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Rob-bigfoot Jun 6
Cryptic crossword clue
Find film in 'springtime blossom'
Gone with the Wind - groan!

© Robert Porteus
Rob-bigfoot May 31
Words - choices galore!
The right ones are like rare moths
Very elusive

© Robert Porteus
Rob-bigfoot May 26
Study in Scarlet
Beyond even Sherlock Holmes
Bloodied Ukraine soil

© Robert Porteus
Rob-bigfoot May 24
What I lack is a porpoise in life, or do I mean dolphin?
My head is full of This n’ That, brain all a’clutta,
Joan the Mad married Philip the Handsome, imagine!
Michelangelo designed the Swiss Guard uniform, clever fella!

Yes, landlocked Bohemia once had a navy!
A very dubious Shakespearean titbit,
‘The little dog barks but the caravan passes by’
Chekov, I think, but Star Trek chappie or Russian poet?

Sadly, Virgil hero of the Classics, is now barely known,
All hail the other Virgil! the Colossus of Liverpool!
‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’
No not that version! Carousel you fool!

Ambergris used in perfumes, is present in a whale’s whatsit,
Also, in the **** glands of dogs, but let’s not go there!
Think before buying an expensive bottle, best kept a secret!
Must be the vet’s worst nightmare, I swear!

There was a noble Italian Poet named Count Mario Stanza,
Did you know Nicholas Breakspear is the only English born Pope?
Mario cheekily claimed descent from Catherine of Braganza!
Nicky took the name Adrian IV, very lucky to escape the rope!

Catherine was the wife of Charles 11 of England,
Now this is getting silly! time for a nap I think,
End of history lesson, sorry getting pompous for a split-second!
In need of a large brandy, which tout de suite I will greedily sink!

© Robert Porteus
Bits and pieces of, well, This n' That
Rob-bigfoot May 24
A true enigma
Snugly wrapped in mystery
Hail the Universe!

© Robert Porteus
Rob-bigfoot May 24
Far too much sorrow
Tears, flowers, hymns and prayer
Soldier on we must

© Robert Porteus
Rob-bigfoot May 16
Exile on Main Street
Classic Rolling Stones album
Yes 50 years young!

© Robert Porteus

My favourite is still Aftermath. Ouch showing my age!
Hard to believe it is 50 years. Time flies.
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