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Rakib Feb 2019
Surrendering in her alluring ways
I sing the tuneful serenades
Seemingly melting our souls fused
In her desire I got absorbed, amused

I lost myself in a bewitched gaze
Attending to her ******* on my bed
Like the flowers that bloom in spring
Setting our bodies afire in a fling

In pursuit to fill my perpetual void
Can't help but ponder what's flawed
Spontaneous in deceit to solidity
Yearning to earn sentient solidarity
Rakib Jan 2019
Swaying from light to tight
My mind frames friendships might
Swept down then by a swift tide
Stability to chaos arise

The uncanny stress of being devoid
Falling in love, Freudian sing
Hallowed in the morn
****** in the night
Disproportion of both choroid

My heart clutched in rhythm of taste
Wrinkling softly, eight fold distrait
Show me love, watch it break
Such is the tale of my trouble's trait
Rakib Jan 2019
Keeping in condition of the mind

What's real and what's kind?

Thoughts jumbled, feelings wide

I need to break free from this abide
Rakib Jan 2019
The shallow laughter of devil's trance
Creeping calls of a malicious dance
There's other voices speaking in my crown
In self-slaughter sounds do I drown

Demons dwelling upon my slumber
My days are but numbered
I struggle to keep the lamp kindled
In time my efforts are to be swindled
Rakib Dec 2018
She's burning the cigarettes
Smoking one too many tabs
Clasping her lips lightly
As if taking care of the flab

She has her spirit visibly loud
Walking down on the street
Flaunting her grey jacket and orange nikes
Crafting a steady smile sweet

There's a strangeness in her love
Passion that blooms through contagious
My mind in awe of her art
Worshiping the physique tenacious

Portuguese like Diamond
Her composition rhetorical
Mysterious in nature, living as she wills
To know her is to own a coracle
Rakib Dec 2018
What good is a masculinity so fragile,
That it harbors misery and shatters souls?

What good is an alliance so toxic,
That it tweaks tears as opposed to laughter?

So speak up and break free,
Live life merry as long as your body does plea.
Rakib Dec 2018
And darling I don't want those clothes off

I'd rather watch you undress your soul

Life can push you to loathe yourself

But love can surely mend you whole
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