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Torits Melody Sep 2019
The Morning in America is dark and cold,
But I’m no regular New York Soul,
Yet recently I’ve hit an All Time Low,
Things might get better, Maybe I Don’t Know,
But last night I Woke the F**K Up,
The Good in Me is stirring up,
The Weight of the World is Overwhelming,
I’ll just be a Robot, like the 80s Film,
I see the Guillotine dropping fast,
The Hand of God saved me at last,
He Is Still the Same, I finally found that out.
I begin to truly grasp the Human condition,
Why we all want, why we all need Fashion.
Coined From One The most prodigious Album Of all Time
Tommy Randell May 2019
Fire is thing of flame
And so we play the burning game
Though Love of course is most to blame

We dream that passion can be tamed
But such hunger has another aim
To be our ruin and our shame

Each kiss a link that makes a chain
To bind the body & the brain
Spill the blood to make a stain

The risk is we are entertained
By what brings Joy and what brings Pain
And selfies captured frame by frame

Writ large our future inhumane
Our bones entwined, our flesh disdained
The fate of Man, by any other name
Wellspring May 2017
The continual death
Makes me wonder:
Is life only a single breath?

A breath that is held
In the cruel clutches
Of something that brings hardship
To all it touches

Emotions always swirl
Anger, hatred, fury
Jealousy and judgment
Making the world your jury

This single breath
It never seems to leave
A weight on your shoulders
With a nature to deceive

Until that wrenched day
When all you know
Begins to mournfully grieve
When the breath does finally go
And take its blessed leave
Zack Gilbert Jan 2016
As a child
I wasn't really afraid of the dark,
There weren't really monsters in my closet and the feeling of checking under my bed was never something that I had to fear,
But as I grew older,
I learned that the monster was always in a far away place,
I learned in school that monsters didn't really exist and there was nothing I should have to fear,
I grew up in a Christian home
Learning that in some way I needed to be saved and I accepted that protection
Learning that living in hell for eternity was worth being saved from
But in my innocence I forgot about the monsters that live here
As planes are crashed into buildings
And snipers in cars
Inciting terror upon innocence
As a child in a free nation is oblivious to the fact that there is something to truly be afraid of
Something that's hidden
The cracks in the glass of this facade only seem to spider across the dark crevices of my brain wishing to...
Wishing to be free
Clawing their way up my throat
Asking for forgiveness instead of permission
Wishing to let go of their bonds because the only thing that's keeping them there is the thought that they could be kept at bay
Brittle chains with keys in the locks and the only thing that stops them from being set free is us
I've been told the eyes are the window to the soul
That if you look closely you can see their thoughts and desires
And demons
And as it turns out I'm blind to the fact that when I try to look in the mirror
That monsters won't chase me in my sleep and claw away at my soul

That no one is in control of the monsters
The monsters are in control of me.

Humanities greatest lie is that we can save our selves.
The monsters won't be free because we won't let them take control until they do
And this great deception has conceived this monstrosity that nobody has seen because everyone is afraid to look inside ourselves to see how awful the wound really is
We can't see our own glass houses caving in
The monstrosities of this world are our own creation
With homicidal tendencies
and a Picasso like disposition
Spraying our own blood upon this ripped apart canvas and calling it art

As a child I was told monsters didn't exist
That, the monsters were in a far away place
They couldn't attack me in my sleep and that there was nothing to fear in this world
I just didn't realize it was all in my head.

As children we are afraid of the monsters under our bed
Asking our parents to look under neath them for us so that they can prove that it's just our imagination,
"There's nothing to be afraid of" they tell me
Running to the parents room in the middle of the night to ask to stay with them because we don't grasp the reason why we are scared to begin with.
I wonder if nightmares are from the monsters trying to be free
Breaking out of their shackles of our parents lies telling us that monsters don't exist,
That there's nothing you have to fear because the monsters can't touch you.
And you as an innocent young child convince yourself that they only tell you facts because you can't comprehend that,
It's all in your head,
The greatest lie that the devil ever told was that he didn't exist,
The second is that there are no monsters,
Lying to ourselves cause we are the monsters
And they lie to us so we put them off as non existent
It was all... in my head.

I'm gonna ask you to look in my eyes,
I wonder,
I wonder if you can see mine
This was inspired by a few things. When I decided to write it the attacks on Friday November 13 occurred, I had just finished reading Frankenstien for school and I was trying to break out if writers block. This was the result. Hope you enjoy.
Copy right belongs to Zack Gilbert
Mark Lecuona Apr 2015
Upon the receding mass,
we float, imperceptible
gathered with pieces; clues,
hints of what we assume;
perception of truth; together,
we know; but we cannot,
we cannot because we are not,
we are not together, we are not
together, we are not together;
we are only apart, gathered,
but scattered, fragmented,
a song that cannot begin
or end; pausing, hesitating,
charging, hurting, confessing,
but not to each other and only
if it makes the pain go away;
we know when to cry; we know
when to open the box, spilling
the contents before us; pieces
pieces of our heart; and they
will pick one; the one that
our children walk with; to join
the leaves that blow; to join
the rivers that dry; to join
the money that bleeds; to join
the promises that lie; to join
the love that hates; to join
the assurance that confuses;
to join the winds that die;
for what helplessness cannot,
prayer will replace; if only
to believe that someone will remember;
remember we love them more than
we love the days when we were young

— The End —