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A Psalmist Nov 2022
The laughing sounds
they must abound
filling space all around
to make ripe the ground
for the anguish to be drowned.
A Psalmist Sep 2021
I whisper to my heart
When it is anxious.
It will then rush
to respond in a voice, hushed
A Psalmist Sep 2021
When I try to take my thoughts
And put Penne to Pappardelle
I can never find a proper rigaToni
Orzo I thought...
I'll just embrace being fuSilly
A Psalmist Sep 2021
Help me decide if
this pain is simply
burn out
or fleeting.
But don't tell me if it's depression.
I can't handle that right now.
A Psalmist Sep 2021
You picked me from the masses
Taken from the grasses
"I'll remember you forever"
So I'm stored between the covers
Pressed and crushed within the pages
Just like all the others
And over time, I am dried
No more tears left to cry.
I am just another leaflet
In your book of memories
A Psalmist Mar 2021
Phoenix in flight, watch him in the sky
Engulfed in flames, ready to die
Phoenix in flight, watch him crash and burn
All things pass, today is his turn

Phoenix in plight, see him struggle to survive
Headed to the ground in a fiery nose-dive
Phoenix in plight, see him succumb to his fate
Extinguished by his own destiny innate

Phoenix in fight, look at him glow as an ember
Dwelling on the life he used to remember
Phoenix in fight, look at him flicker a flare
Letting go of the old, grasping for air

Phoenix in light, behold his bursting blaze
Reborn from trial in a smoky haze
Phoenix in light, behold his glory
Scorching a new chapter to his story

Phoenix in might, witness as his radiance shines
Fueled by desire to become divine
Phoenix in might, witness as his brilliance flashes
Because no matter what, he will rise from the ashes
I'm not  the same as I was a year ago, and that doesn't have to be a bad thing.
A Psalmist Feb 2021
It's just a word
Noises heard
syllables aligned
Formed in the mind
Letters on a page
Lines taking center stage

Jumble some letters
give it a meaning
make these air waves
seem appealing

But we value some sound
more than others
Especially those
that come from lovers
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