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basswaite Jan 16
I've been fantasizing death like a child fantasizes Disneyland
It seems that death is the only thing right now that could bring that kind of joy
A renewal of innocence that will bring me back to Main Street
but the only street I see now is the one at my feet as I walk with my head down
staring at the ground while trying to hide the frown that's forever buried in my skull.
I want to reach out or float out into an empty void but one much more empty than the abyss,
the precipice that has become my waking thoughts.
I sleep because my dreams are my only safe place
but even now my dreams have become a dark space
so I hide my face in my pillow at night
lie awake and hope that when the morning breaks
that life will be a little more kind
maybe life will be a little more aligned with whatever it is that keeps me behind that steady pace that I used to find
as a child
Aniq Ahmad Aug 2018
What comes to mind when they say "Disney"?
All the mysteries and Mickey in my epiphany

Aladdin got stuck in the cave and found the lamp
Huey, Dewey and Louie all are out in a camp

When daffy is about to lose control for daisy
Goofy woke up and walked like if its all hazy

Pluto never knows it has a planet on his name
Still it doesn't leave Mickey even being all lame

When Cinderella lost her shoe and ran away
Rapunzel meanwhile got her hair taken away

Timon said "Hakuna Matata it means no worries"
When Simba found Nala, Timon got insecurities

Peter Pan came from Neverland and saw Wendy
Seeing them fly together in childhood was trendy

Hercules got Meg and showed off his muscles with a wink
Hades made her pawn and Hercules found it was a fling

Canine Superstar Bolt thought he was the real deal
When camera stopped rolling,he began to squeal

Pooh with honey and Christopher on journey
Tigger bounces and Owl pretends to be an attorney

A witch with Poisoned apple got her sleeping
On seeing, the dwarfs couldn't stop weeping

Alice got over her fears
Dumbo got used to his ears

All the Kids got mesmerized by the fun
Its Disney, from which you dont wanna run
Aniq Ahmad Aug 2018
You are Minnie, I'll be your mickey
We'll give each other hickies

I'll be and act like a Pooh bear
Who loves honey, that's you dear

When you ll feel low like Bolt has lost his speed
I'll cheer you up even if it makes me bleed

Dumbo in the end loved his ears
I'll love you even with flaws and keep you here

I'll be like Aladdin and make you like My chief
I'll take you away like jasmine even if I be a theif

Like Nemo I'll not stop swimming for you
When I lost my breath then I'll stop loving you
Madam X Jan 2018
I have not yet pricked my finger upon the needle of a yarn spinning wheel
Nor have I bitten from a poisonous fruit
Midnight has passed and I am still in my clothes from last nights meal
And a sea witch has not made me mute.

I still have yet to kiss the lips
of a prince whose come to save me.
The last girl who did that, turned into
a frog  
But fell in love severely.  

I haven't had the chance to prove my bravery
with a sword or bow and arrow
For I am no princess, just patiently waiting,
For my one true kneeling pharaoh.
I tried to mention a majority of the Disney princess stories, though I realize I excluded quite a few. Please comment a fitting title. I'm having a bit of trouble.
Aaron LaLux Dec 2017
Melting under this Plastic World,
Mickey Mouse is a rat that ate the poison,
I feel this wave coming over me,
riding the tide like I'm Poseidon,

totally sick of this circus like Icarus,
flying dangerously close to The Sun,
I'm high in a high rise on syd in Sydney,
like Midas my God what have we done,

it's as if,
everything we touches turns to gold,
invested in,
IOTA last week this week it's up 10 fold,

BitCoin hit 15k,
here we go we're on our way,
bought in out of fear of getting left out,
like a cat in the rain,

feeling like a cannibal animal,
every dog has it's day,
working to the bone like a bog,
& we all want our $ at the end of the day,

when the work’s done,
everyone's gonna wanna get paid,
feeling mixed up in the middle,
half way between a master & a slave,

what a mess we’ve made,
& I’m not blaming any particular one,
I’m just saying collectively,
this feels like the eulogy of,

a civilization that's time has come,
& is almost done,
& yeah we might lose it all,
but at least we had some fun,

& oh what fun we’ve had,
but who'll be left to clean up this mess,
because all the cool kids have gone,
& you're the only one left,

like the morning after the party,
sunrises are never the same as sunsets,
had some fun times last night,
but this morning you're such a wreck,

sometimes only at crunch time do you find,
our failures disguised as accomplishments,

now who’s left behind to pay enough mind,
to clean up our post bliss mess,
not snotty nosed spoiled rotten rich kids,
who got gassed up on daddy’s cash,
they're crashed out at their pad now,
but we both knew they wouldn't last,

passed out on dad's couch,
can always tell the future from the past,

acting like an ***,
jockeying in position,
for some corporate kick backs,

but if or when you get them,
they come along with a guilty conscience,
then tell me what good is that,
seems all these facts are just nonsense,

I mean really what good is this,
what good are all these words,
I guess these words are only worth,
whatever a words worth is really worth,

which at this point,
feels worth about as much as dirt,
but at least it's that good dirt,
that Mount Agung before it bursts,
that fertile volcanic soil,
that Mother Love from Mother Earth,


you might think you’ve got it figured out,
or at least you thought you did,
& now you see what’s coming now,
& the mess we’ve made of all this ****t,

the drama we did with no apologies,
no apologies nor compliments,
no honor for the Honor Rollers,
nor for our awkward accomplishments,

and all I want to know,
is where the Hell honest went,
'cause all these dollars & all this power,
at the end of the day amounts to zip,

no heroes,
& as it turns out,
all of our idols are weirdos,

how's we go,
from Einsteins to Weinsteins,
from talking out our feelings,
to just replying with “I'm fine.”,

from Greek Gods to Mickey Mouse,
from Orwell's Animal Farm to Animal House,
from Mozart's 'Requiem Lacrimosa',
to Baha Men's 'Who Let The Dogs Out',

how'd we get from then,
to where we are now,

& you only want to talk about the weather,
or anything else that doesn't matter,
instead of what's really on your mind,
& how it's all almost over,

talking about what's for lunch,
while the world floods & burns,
not trying to be too negative,
just trying to help you learn,

because I know you think I'm cool,
but really I feel hot as Hell,
is it just me or is it hot in here,
is it just me or does nothing feel real,

like a Barbie girl in a Barbie world,
all dolled up & wrapped in plastic,
like I'm at at Disneyland on acid,
only about an hour & a half in,
& already I'm having a bad trip,
stuck on a boat on a fake mountain,
it's a joke that they call it magic,
trying to slow as everything goes faster,

but I'm not at Disneyland,
I'm just in a high-rise on syd in Sydney,
looking at the man in the mirror like MJ,
thinking I don't know that man who is he?

MMelting under this Plastic World,
Mickey Mouse is a rat that ate the poison,
I feel this wave coming over me,
riding the tide like I'm Poseidon,
totally sick of this circus like Icarus,
flying dangerously close to The Sun,
I'm high in a high rise on syd in Sydney,
like Midas my God what have we done.

∆ LaLux ∆

from The Sydney Sessions
available for FREE worldwide 12/12/17
KayLenn Nov 2017
My love is what holds me back
Blind my sight from the truth
But all the pain you cause me eats me up like a snack
My words throb in my mouth like a sore tooth
I just need you to see me eye to eye
So if they ask who loves you I can yell out "I"

Take me by my hand
As we walk on the cool sand
And if you were to ever trip
I'll always catch you before you land
But in reality, this isn't Disneyland

Because it's not what you lack
But it's the way you act
You Leave me in the dirt
Yet expect me to come back
Love me or hate me
I'll never look back
I'm a Disney princess
A pretty, pretty actress
Sought by handsome princes
and by **** wicked witches

My hair is blonde
and shiny and smooth
or soft and long
and fragrant and strong

I'm just like my hair
Shining bright like a flare
In a world of unfair
I'd get even and square

(Grr, grr!)

'Cause I'm a Disney princess
My skin is white and lovely
So are  my eyes and my teeth
And everything about me

Because I am perfect
I'm created to win
I'm the hero of your dreams
Armed with my tears and high-pitched screams

Sometimes I'd only sleep
Then there comes his charming kiss
It's hot, it's sweet, it's salty
Thanks for waking me up!

Sometimes I'd sneak on a ball
Dancing 'til I hear my midnight call
And leave one of my silver slippers
For my curious prince to ponder
Then he'd seek and find me
And we'll live happily ever after!

Wait, why am I here
In this sad forgotten tower?
With my evergrowing golden hair
Can't even find a single stair

I wanna go down
I wanna go down so badly
I wanna go down so deeply
Somebody please help me
Please help me go down

And my wish is granted:
A prince had just appeared
He pulled down my slender hair
Saved me from my lonely despair
But “ouch! That hurts!”
No it didn't! I'm just trying to flirt!

(Wink, wink!)

'Cause I'm a Disney princess
I can have all that I want
I can make all those mistakes
And fix them with a magical wand!

My life is a dazzling fairy tale
Packed with curses and magic spells
Who really cares about moral lessons
If everyone's happy like a bunch of morons?

Because I'm a Disney princess!
Everybody loves me
Whatever I do
You still wanna be me!

Curtain closes,
bells go chimes
My story ain't over,
it's just begun
Countdown starts,
five times the fun
Four times the thrill,
the Evil Queen awakes
Thrice made the chill,
the dragon is unleashed
Twice turn the pages,
here come the mages
Once upon a time,
I'm a Disney princess!
31 July 2016

© Khayri R.R. Woulfe. All rights reserved.
Reanna Apr 2015
The pain lingers like
blisters on the bottom of your foot
after walking around Disneyland all day

Where all the memories are beautiful,
but that hurt stays with you
everywhere you go

You know that everything is going to be okay
and the next ride will make you forget
how badly it hurts

But until that next ride you walk the park,
so happy you get to be there,
yet holding in the tears

And as much as the pain has your attention
it was still your most memorable time,
and you would do it all over again
How come we never went to Disneyland?

— The End —