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Anastasia May 13
Hearts tend to break
when they're left all alone.
Although, you can prevent this
if your heart is made of stone.
Your heart won't hurt,
and it will never ache.
Your heart will be yours,
for no one else to take.
Pretty blue eyes,
won't make you cold.
Or make you shiver,
with a love so bold.
Hands won't run,
through soft brown hair.
Laughter won't echo,
through the watermelon air.
Your heart is yours,
and yours alone.
Your heart is yours,
for no one else to hold.
a boy i love
Blake Aug 2018
Long wavy brown hair
Freckles against otherwise creamy smooth skin
Long eyelashes and dark brown puppy eyes
Loud laughter and big smiles
Confidence boosting and adventure inducing
Long summer nights filled with new experiences
Long talks about things that hurt
Longer talk about things that don’t
Fun and mischief laced into every step
Every heartbeat being worth it
Absolutely breathtakingly perfection
Everything I’ve ever wanted
And for a while
I’ve finally got it
And you make everything so extraordinary
She’s everything I’ve ever loved in people put into one crazy chaotic beautiful mess. And I loved every bit of her
Dev Mar 2018

thump thump thump th-th-th-thump
Is my heart pounding,
or is that the waves of the beat
flooding from you across the room to me?

I have never really appreciated
the time keepers
until this very moment
when our eyes met.

You looked up at me,
swaying along to the beat
your hair flicking across your face
Obviously in the way.

Just a hint of a smile,
I don't even know you
and you made me feel
like my stomach was doing flips and hurdles.

After the beat was done,
you wordlessly sat a few seats away
And sheepishly grinned
Running your fingers through your hair

I don't even know you
but somehow
you make my heart feel like
it was dancing to your beat.
Oh that brown hair and brown eyes
Blonde, she is fair
Her thoughts flow like air
But no one loves a girl with brown hair
Copper, she rocks
Cannon balling off docks
But no one loves a girl with brown locks
******, she looks best
In fiery red dresses
But no one loves a girl with brown tresses
Ebony, she has fangs
The most mysterious of dames
But no one loves a girl with brown bangs
All tales been shared
Of beauties been spared
But no one loves a girl with brown hair
Evan Hayes Nov 2014
Let me neglect your voice
Let you out of my head
If I told you I tried
Well I didn't try enough

That's gonna change
Believe me now
I'll show you how
You can have me

I'll tell you everything
And every thought
Run across my barren wasteland
Of a mind

And if you're still there
By the end of my story
You can have
All the stolen glory

Nervously sliding my hand
To the soft spot tissue
That is your hand
And as our fingers interlock
I'm not at all shocked

But my heart is racing
My head is calm
My hand is shaky
And you're just there


Your sweater
and brown hair
are all I have
To make it through the day

Your embrace
and your laugh
Belong to you

Could I borrow them for class?
I'll give them back at lunch

Can I borrow you?
Be mine for a while
We can go a mile
or two

In my stupid car
with my bad music
And my shaky hands

I'll go slow
Not to worry you
I'll take the backroads
Cause where we're going
There isn't a main road
to get to where we're going

We're going away
Leaving this town
This state
We're going to travel
The whole wide world
And as long as you're in bed
By sundown
Then I'll be happy
As long as you're happy
Thoughts about this girl
r0b0t Jun 2014
I fear the dark
because it has been my escape
and not my salvation
and your brown hair could mop a ballroom
but right now
all I want
is to feel
your skin
is that so bad
is it so bad to hope
that someone understands?

— The End —