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Jan 14
Am I a plain being
that blends in with all
just another shade of grey
an empty call
for I feel unappreciated
unnoticed trying hard
for I am undifferentiated
feeling lost
just another broken shard
apart of something bigger
but sadly just as plain
like a dark rushing river
feeling all the same
empty, broken, boring
these things apply
lost, lifeless, mourning
the words just fly by
I try hard and what do I get
a colorless empty palette
a raindrop same as all others
uncared for tossed aside
just like all the others
a bleak being of wrong existence
a mistake made
erased indifferent
a failure a group of many
why there's too much there's plenty
then there are those good
who cast us shame
so perfect we are entertained
wishing we could just start over
life has no second chances
move over
it's a new generations turn
your done
look at your life you had no fun
your goals were never met
you see
there's too many of you and me
in truth were the same
but I'm just feeling plain
plain. plain. plain.
Written by
anonymousthinker  unkown
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