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Matt Oct 2020
My baby passed away
And now I'm feeling blue
My baby passed away
And now I'm feeling blue
I thought she'd be my baby, but she has
Other plans

She hopped aboard a train
And now she's riding West
She hopped aboard a train
And now she's riding West
She said don't do it
Don't buy a ticket

My love's gone forever
Buried six feet deep
My love's gone forever
Six feet underneath
Oh, how she's the death of me
Way she says never
Amanda Kay Burke Sep 2019
Working hard is what we do
Each day this place we show up to
Selling pie and pastries too
Wiping tables when we're through
That's just life for me and you
Day two of my 30 day poetry challenge: write a five-line poem to the last person you texted (or fb messaged in my case since i lack a cell phone)
Leslie Ledezma Dec 2017
Divinity of the day, how true and overwhelming
But that’s alright, you’ve given me sight

God, that enthralled
Lush, sunset boulevard torch
A west Hollywood Rimbaud
Scammed and scorched,
running, but still breathing
New age wild west muse

Like midnight’s request for sweetness as music and dreams
A rageling songstress on the longest roadway, sacrificing my best

If I give you all my songs will you feel alright, lush
Take me for all that I am? That much, run with the immense
Learning everything, even how to bless

With my roadhouse sheetmusic
illustrating my life’s inspiration adorned walls, sad ending
I was lost but playing it off, until my racing heart reached
Time future and said, soul, believe what’s in store,
Outrageous dose

Beaming with strange and frightening beauty
From chasing the lights that ascent into the heavens
Dreamy, daring, absurdly hoping, all the real claiming

Lord knows, I’m enamored with the purely copper arrows
Aimed at heights, long and lonely paths for the
Songs of death, of life, wilderness and good times

With my diamond focus
On the garden path of the wise, open, aware
Just walking thru, even confused, you mean
My images of paradise were drawn in diamond too?
Permanent as the myths, legends, poetry?
Brent Kincaid Nov 2016
You’re a bumper riding
Traffic sliding
Maniac on wheels.
You make me want to
Back up into you
So you know how it feels.
You’re a narcissistic
Self-important brat.
Somebody needs to
Bend you over a knee
To show you where it’s at.

You may be a good daddy at home
And your family is glad to see you.
But when you get behind the wheel
Other drivers are sad to see you.

You zip around us fast
Breaking traffic laws.
And flipping us the finger
If you get a blow out
Or maybe hit a tree
Perhaps nobody will linger.
We’ll shake our heads
We might call the cops
And sadly report the wreck,
But to tell the honest truth
It’s hard to feel sorry if your
Rudeness breaks your neck.

You may be a loving hubby at home
But not out on the street,
The way you treat your neighbors
Is anything but sweet.

If there is anything to karma
And of course, to dharma
You will get yours soon.
The payback should eventually
Teach you not to be so much like
The Creature from the Black Lagoon.
What’s the hurry anyway?
Where are you rushing to
In your hiked-up truck?
You’re not dead yet
Thus so far you haven’t run
Through your streak of luck.

— The End —