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my fingertips trace
the outline of your jaw.
they instinctively know
the curvatures of your ears.

my hands have explored
and mapped out
every contour of your
body and heart.

I am the cartographer
of your soul.

I hum sentimental songs
as you sleep,
hoping they enter
your dreams.

that you can feel my presence.

a smile as you part your lips.
a blush when your eyelids
flutter while you dream
(hopefully of me.)

for what seems like the first
time in an eternity of
tempestuous winter;

I feel the unconditional love
and happiness that
accompanies losing
myself in you.

words flow around me as I
search for the correct syntax
to name my desires,
but they remain ineffable.

I want to have your
aura tattooed onto mine,
binding us for life.

we are the red string,
and I am the seamstress.
I tied us together during
my tour of heaven.

the angels gave me
the task of word prophecy
and of sealing our fate.

it was always you.
june 1st, 2014
I am still the cartographer of your soul.
Hasan Aspahani Aug 2017
WHERE are they who want thousand bottles of wine?
Just a bunch of cowards and clowns went away...

Fake cartographer and some roadside circus guys

The restraurant's waitress asked them to get home,
Removing lip globs in the corners of their lips ...

Did not know there was a Dead reaching out to the neck,
Did not stop in the marching room of a bottle of wine,
Just a poet on the edge, hiding in the rhyme line!

Where are they who want thousand bottles of wine?
SJ Sullivan Jan 2016
I call you

Farm lines graph and chart
     Geometry class.
          11th grade.

Walls are made from
   Far more than
          Brick and mortar.

You planted rows.
      Of oak and willow.


Up and apart, your land
     And mine.

In time.
          Foreign boarders.
Written on a plane.
Amitav Radiance Jun 2014
This land, where we can roam free
Boundaries have been set up
Mapped by the pen of a cartographer
Continents drifted apart, tectonic shifts
Ripping across the land mass
The mightiest of mountains turned to rubble
Giving rise to new landmarks
The fury spewing fire, the molten lava
Created fissures along the ground
Rivers of fire flowing across the veins of Earth
Resentment of nature marched to new frontiers
Earth transformed itself, to a new avatar
New landscapes and greenery adorned it
In the coronation ceremony of the usurper
Commandeering life - forms to a new future
We are living that dream for centuries
Without an inkling of the next rebellion**

© Amitav (Radiance)

— The End —