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anonymousthinker May 2021
im crushed by the shame of my own failure
and im crushed by the failure of my own shame
and it creates an empty, disconnected feeling
anonymousthinker May 2021
I'm not good at the right things
and other people seem to have halos and wings
anonymousthinker Mar 2021
This was made for a certain purpose
can't say why
but I think you know why

anonymousthinker Mar 2021
and thats a fact
that we artist revel in
Thanks to whoever made the meme
anonymousthinker Mar 2021
I was bored so I wrote this for you
I don't know what I hope to accomplish
Maybe my adhd wanted to be satisfied
Maybe it's because I'm a perfectionist
But not with poetry
I was bored so I wrote this for you
And I don't know why
It's beyond my understanding
A mindless function being fulfilled
Or something more
Something deep down inside that even I don't know about
Something in the inner workings of the body
I was bored so I wrote this for you
And I hold that statement true
no seriously I had no idea what I would accomplish
anonymousthinker Mar 2021
I guess I have forgotten
the journeys I've had in the past
the procrastination that made me feel good
but the reality that had me harassed

I stare at a screen
that they say is "oh-so unhealthy"
just doing what I do
and tell me

How many times our art has been celebrated
and how many times  has it not
and some people forget
I made the mistake of falling in with that lot

So blame me, yes me, me!
I'll tell you I'm so sorry
but you can't blame me for saying
online school is quite boring
I'll try to post regularly but you can expect some delay and some windows lasting days or some weeks at a time when I need a break or can't write. Hope you understand.
anonymousthinker Feb 2021
I know it's one of them
one of them has the knife
3 have been lost 5 remain
a cold blooded killer is on the loose
with no outside help
we're all as good as dead

At least that's what I tell myself
I was woken in the night
she shook me awake
"we found something" she says
I see him with the knife
it's covered in blood

"I didn't do it I swear"
he begs saying he had nothing to do with it
then we take the knife
and give him what he gave us
we go back to sleep
to search for help in the morning

I wake up to see blood on my hands
I feel something cold under my pillow
I reach and see the knife
I clean it and put it where it used to be
was he even the murderer?

Someone's missing I think
he's missing
know there are only three
it's her or him
but who?

I hear a snap
he's dead
it was her!
it's just you and me
she says
an evil smile appears on her face
the last thing I see
I was bored. And I had recently played among us. My add brain randomly connected thoughts and formed an idea. In less than a second, I had something to do.
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