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Matt Nov 2020
I remember winter
I long for her razor blade winds
Hands shoved in my pockets
Envious of the furred critters
A scarf and a thick coat
Snow like ghosts on a misty coast

Oh how my feet soak as I cross the frozen sky
To some, the cold air that strangulates
Is enough to make a hardy man want to die
Yet I embrace this dark, quiet state
Lost in her red lips flush against monochromatic nights
As she walks under the pale moonlight

My arm around her
With my coat draped over her
Winter is for her
Matt Nov 2020
From the mountains of Utah, you came to Virginia
The land of natures’ ****** beauty and America
You came not to fill your well, but met Pisces, pure as Kenya
And your heart was filled, but you couldn’t handle the weight

From the deserts I flew, and landed in Virginia
And searched not with intent, but found you in suburbia
And you filled my heart, oh, how you filled me with euphoria
Of myself, I did not need help carrying the weight

Your love, heavy as Shenandoah in Virginia
Was as wild as a Chinese firecracker in Spring
But could be as cold as a winter night in Iberia
And it grew heavy on my shoulders, your loving weight

Your heart spoke to me, damaged, with a strange charisma
You harbored a pain from love and brought it to Virginia
You tried to give me some, tried to decipher your enigma
Your love, heavy as piled snow, a burdensome weight

Summer carried a burning warmth that brought you to me
Delighted, I embraced you like our Father heavenly
But winter crept in and brought a chilling cold that painfully,
Had slowed our pace with a nightmarishly freezing breeze

I trekked through the barren wastes that used to be so green
I nearly died trying to find your embers now unseen
I came across them, fading, yet I’d pour on them gasoline
Anything to reignite you, bright and burning queen

Anything to reignite our wholesome emotion
I can’t put it to words, but I give you such devotion
How I long to return to our simple harmonic motion
And fend off the damning fears of your baseless notions

Yet still when night dawns upon me, restlessness befells
A demon whisks me out of bed and carries me to Hell
Even when in her light, I drown in insecurities’ well
And the black waters that consume me smother my yell

When I wake, I wake to a hungering confusion
My mind numbed by my paranoia and disillusions
I know they’re phantoms, even still I can’t find a solution
God, woman! Get out of my mind!

Yet I digress, for of this woman I am obsessed
But I don’t know what to do, so should my love be confessed?
God, the fear in my heart... Michael give me courage to resist
And cast out these doubts and strengthen my faith in the Lord

My troubles ferry me across the stormy, harsh, sea
As always, I’m drowned by a woman who don’t care for me
And I put on the chains myself, knowingly, as if proudly
Yet here I write, complaining, nay setting my soul free
STANZA: L1 = 13// L2 = 14// L3 = 15// L4 = 13
Matt Nov 2020
Demons build their nest in your throat


Led by a black eyed goat


You sin then renounce your sins


And lay down your arms to the battle within

Matt Nov 2020
Unbound, but constrained
  Loving, but unloved
Caring, but disregarded
  Doer, but unappreciated
Your personal activist, but inactive personally
  Action, but inaction
Passion, but apathy
  Whole, but broken
Filled, empty basin
Matt Oct 2020
Temptation unravels like a flower abdicating her bulb
For to fair maidens, my life I’ve sold
Hold me and dawn your lips upon mine
And let you and me sail through Paris, down the river of her Seine

Warmth I know not, yet nathless I seek Apollo’s chariot mare
And to hunt ‘til dusk at us she stares
Lay here under the veil of twilight
Under the twilight, ‘til the sun lays forth her light, nay any brightness

Follow me down the Rhine, right, follow not to the river of Styx
Rise with me amongst Alps, like Frederick
When I call, will you find us a niche?
Or tell me Atlas has fell, and your thoughts have shattered to pieces?

Endeavor to find my ailing pen and fly to me on winged shoes
I juggle your court, the fastest fool
Woman, I thought you my medicine
But the turmoil you pave, leaves me a reluctant libertine

Here am I, waging a war wherein I will dutifully fail
But for thee, Cupid’s arrow I’d impale
Then in my failure I find discord
Oh how my war ails her, bind me in brass under the lunar cold

How could you forgive me? Wearied, hands I forged flames and scarred your heart
And left you hideously distraught
Should you, I’d build you a throne d’or
And father for us four children, each as innocent as a fleur

Cast me out like the dawn, for in my heart, the wind blows full of sand
Deep in there, your Trojan horse still stands
Down in the earth you will find my soul
You brought your wars-men to lay waste what could have been wonderful

Proud, are you?, for waving the air under my wings upon which I
Climbed to the Sun, in euphoric high
Now to the maze where I still devise
To face your wrath and wrestle your beasts to ensure our love survives

Tis a hopeless cause, I walk like the air on a stale summer day
And I’m dreaming of your sharp green eyes
And I remember your skin like silk
Woven by the Fates; “us,” I thought we were to be bred of the same ilk

Resign to Versailles and sit beneath the Sun King, his brightly “or”
Run to the valley, you did before
And in there find your poisoned lily
Your fallen stars unveil your sympathies; marked by your fleur-de-lis

Stand like a pillar of salt, lick your wounds, and try to quench your thirst
You were born with two snakes in your fists
And you fend off all men; lonesome blues
You deny yourself passion and love, but dress as if he seeks you

I drowned myself beneath a circle of stars, searching for answers
And came upon a ballet dancer
I asked her, “don’t dance in paraphrase”
“Let me see you at réveille, and peer on your inward gaze.”

Show yourself to me, self proclaimed Queen of many-a-mans envy
Your masquerade ***** hide your beauty
You speak endless lies, but show not a man
When you stay behind your dramatic masks, you’ll never know friends again

Throw out your doctrines that bind your immeasurable concerns
Turn off the things you think you have learned
And decide with your mind and your heart
Seek Saturn to announce your mysteries, now then, think like Descartes
Matt Oct 2020
I hope whoever is reading this realizes that most poems here **** (more than likely including yours, reader)
Matt Oct 2020
My baby passed away
And now I'm feeling blue
My baby passed away
And now I'm feeling blue
I thought she'd be my baby, but she has
Other plans

She hopped aboard a train
And now she's riding West
She hopped aboard a train
And now she's riding West
She said don't do it
Don't buy a ticket

My love's gone forever
Buried six feet deep
My love's gone forever
Six feet underneath
Oh, how she's the death of me
Way she says never
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