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Äŧül Sep 23

Train yourself in the barracks,
Hurry up and become the monster,
Every monstrosity needs a reply.

So they told us in the school,
Only the mission was to bring peace,
Lying to us they were every time,
Daring us to learn armament,
It's so coughing wretched,
Especially weeding out the innocence,
Rising to become what they want us,
Succumbing to the pains we are not.

First, you lock and load,
Edge closer out in the open,
Even the scores with radical Islam,
Low you lie like the predator waiting for its prey.

Targeting the innocent people at times,
Razing their homes to the ground,
Alas, it's a necessary sin we commit,
People we **** are not just terrorists,
Perplexed by the horrors of war,
Even though we get nightmares about it,
Damsels in distress we are not.
Make love, not war.
My HP Poem #1771
©Atul Kaushal
acacia Jul 14
the tea cooled and the flame returned to a gleam
better day than yesterday; you're elusive, i'm awake
Never would I have left her not In winter or summer for I always wanted to be with her and
that our love would last
but sometimes things don't go to plan and she was taken from far to soon In life there always be for a feeling of
for never having had a say when my darling she was taken from me but I'm blessed with her memory and the years that we did
have and no one can take my memories or the dreams of  her
and no one can now ever hurt her and she free from the pains through her disabilities she suffered so
much from In
now In permanent sleep away from all the troubles of this life and one day I will join her so we'll be together once
I still feel anger Helen was taken from but at leased I no she free of pain and one day we'll be together
we are words stitched together to make a skin
while the ink is our blood
our brains?
just a bunch of cameras monitoring whats around us
in such meaningful exaggeration

we are poets
we are alive

Jack L Martin Aug 2018
far cry to belong
hearing the cry of a poet's song
may I join this elite group
my thoughts are flowing like soup
there is no more outlets
for my mind's full of countless
words at my fingers
and so they linger
in fear that they won't be heard
My entry into
Paylei Rose May 2018
You know I have never learned to dance
But when the music comes on my body starts moving
Sometimes like a ballet, sometimes tap
Sometimes a mix of everything in between
I don't care if people laugh, maybe they'll even join
If I can get them to dance
Maybe they will see the joy
But tonight I will just grab your hand
And hope you come along
For this is a little dance
And this is a little song
Cana Feb 2018
Everytime I hit the front page
I am saddened by the tortured souls
Who populate its halls

I will not write sad poetry
I will endeavor to brighten these corridors
Feel free to join me.
Seriously though. It’s depressing people.
Lyn-Purcell Jan 2018
Friendship is a harmonious
bond between multiple
Friendship is a song people listen and dance too but tend to miss the message...
Nylee Nov 2017
Torn pages never       return quite the same
their distortion          by the lines
each word       up and down
even when joint       they don't join
they need just one push         to be torn again
the temporary glue can't     hold them long.
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