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I have a fantasy
That you'll see me
And actually
One day maybe
Want to join me
In the biblical sense obviously

When crypto fans approach us
And say “We’re on the same team”
Invite them to grasp our vision
And see if they share our dream

Say, “Great, now you’re joining us to…

Adopt seizure resistant money?
Boost personal power and accountability?
Separate money from state control and abuse?
Restore proper capital allocation through hard money?
Forsake the fiat fraud and cancel the Cantillon privilege?
Allow people to simply save and store value through time?
Cultivate new freedom for billions of people under tyranny?
Abolish the theft of our time and wealth through debasement?
Increase long-term work and vision in all areas due to stable money?
Abandon foolish agendas and wars made possible only by printing money for free?”

Then they can humbly join us
Bitcoin’s purpose in their mind
Or see they are “not on our team”
And sadly - get left behind
You can see this poem on a background here -
We’re in a race to avoid a war
A race to open freedom’s door
A race to spread adoption wide
And bring ten million to our side

So spread the Bitcoin truth around
And share the benefits you’ve found
Every act, every tweet or share
Can help a friend to grow aware

You make a difference! Act today
Let’s win this race the peaceful way
We don’t need martyrs, we need you
Sharing Bitcoin - the way you do

Let’s not slacken, and let’s not slow
In sharing what we boldly know
And when we do, we’ll win this race
We’ll make this world a better place

We’re in a race to avoid a war
Let’s do what’s not been done before
An honest money for everyone
Come and join this race we run
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Jay M Mar 2019
Those cold dead eyes,
Tell me what they see,
Can you tell me why,
Tell me why I wish to...
Join you!
Join you!

Reach out, to me,
Tell me, what do you see?
Can you tell me what's,
Hiding within you?
It's inside, breaths burning,
Like the fire in your eyes,
Telling of all those lies,
Bringing forth your demise,
A prize for the vengeful.

- Jay M
October 24th, 2018
Michael Ryan Sep 2020
You can't do anything without the right thought.

Buddy, ole boy, or girl.

Doesn't that make too much sense,
you'll be unable to do a thing -
unless - unless you get hit by a train
a ******* void needs to land right inside of you.

A mystical being is coming for your mind,
and they are cracking skulls.
All in the prayer, that you'll figure out
that nothing from nothing is NOTHING.
Think something - think.

Beg, gravel, google
(The word is grovel, Google told me that.)

Drugs aren't words,
Netflix is inspiration,
Twitter can be a placebo,
and these can be your infinity.

Jokes pre 2000.
Memes post colonization.
Capture. Hold. Choke. Make a house pet.
Loved, but no companionship.
A corner, house plant, no sunshine necessary.

Agree with me.
or not,
I'd rather You struggle.

At least that way.
You'll fight to have your own thoughts.
No one can do anything unless the thought comes to them.  Even if they do, they'll have to use it, or one day it's going to be gone. The moment passed, and once again they are alone.
Bhill Aug 2020
who belonged to this heart
beating all alone
alone in the middle of a crowd
was it a he or she
how can you tell when striped of all protection
all coverings gone and naked among the masses
we can tell that this heart is alone
invite the heart to join in and welcome its independence
we all need
we all need to belong

Brian Hill - 2020 # 229
Blind Eye Dec 2019
Àŧùl Sep 2019

Train yourself in the barracks,
Hurry up and become the monster,
Every monstrosity needs a reply.

So they told us in the school,
Only the mission was to bring peace,
Lying to us they were every time,
Daring us to learn armament,
It's so coughing wretched,
Especially weeding out the innocence,
Rising to become what they want us,
Succumbing to the pains we are not.

First, you lock and load,
Edge closer out in the open,
Even the scores with radical Islam,
Low you lie like the predator waiting for its prey.

Targeting the innocent people at times,
Razing their homes to the ground,
Alas, it's a necessary sin we commit,
People we **** are not just terrorists,
Perplexed by the horrors of war,
Even though we get nightmares about it,
Damsels in distress we are not.
Make love, not war.
My HP Poem #1771
©Atul Kaushal
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