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Harley Hucof Oct 2019
The Thing about Logic is that it can be used to prove anything.

Words Of Harfouchism.
Sethnicity Mar 2018
Pitter patter patterns ******* water on 2 Window s ills
slither slather slip purr wee wind whistles thru two tree pick s ee's
nestled tween the teeth grips silhouetted skyline
sunlit tea cups
how sweet it is 2 whittle time 4 love and space
slow settled be twin hill splits
mind sits
my flesh is DITHER dimpled by the thrill of it.
Inspired by @artwiculate
Word of the day : Dither

May add to this some day...
Words by T May 2017
It's time for our nation
to join this demonstration
to promote the call
for Zuma to step down once and for all
These protests Are not about the colour of your face
but coming together as the human race
For one united idea,
I don't know how to make it clear
That whether you're black or white,
that is not our fight,
our fight is for the right to come together as a country and unite
We unite as a country to call, you zuma, to step down once and for all
Today is your time
I shouldn't have to rhyme
For you to realize
That the only thing our president tells us are stories and lies
Our country has sunk, we are officially junk
This must be a curse , it can't possibly get any worse
But today is the day for South Africans to say
That Zuma must fall and sa must rise, that my friends, is the real prize
MU May 2017
We want food!
Human rights!
Equal pay!
Don’t ban faith!
Lets vote now!
Solve the crimes!
Tell the truth! Don’t **** trees!
We’re not safe! Privacy! Give us jobs!
We want peace! Don’t throw bombs!
Tax no more! Save our earth! Despots out!
Don’t hurt girls! Fix the law! Don’t **** boys!
Stop the war!  Disobey! Refugees, welcome here!
Racists: stop! Leak the docs! Heed the crowds! We are free!
We are here! We are strong! You are weak! You’ll be judged! Don’t forget!
D     E     M     O     C     R     A     C     Y     !
Decions makers need always to be reminded who really is in power...
Andra Apr 2016
well yes
i am afraid
i am afraid of the fact that
i am going to lose
this fight
you are like a
and i am like a
that has not got anymore
any legs
any voice
and yes
i am afraid
i am afraid of the fact that
actually this
is no fight
and you are just in a demonstration parade

but you told me to fight

— The End —