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Mane Omsy Dec 2016
The lines you roared
The people you urged
The crimes you saw
Crimson tridents on the road

So close to unleash the beast
Tempt me again, then regret
Or put complete blame on me
Ever felt wisdom with pride?

Difference between me and you
I reckon violence will boomerang
Naturally or artificially, you don't
Count the debts you'll face in hell
No matter how bad your society is been haunted by wise cruel leaders, they'll be payed back by God or Human. Even if they don't believe it would.
Maya Wa Apr 2016
Life is just full of paybacks.
When you do something you expect something in return.
Even when you don't, you still get something in return.
Whether good or bad.
So be careful what you do out there.
It might happen to you one day.
AmyKatrinaSmith Oct 2015
I see you sleeping
but I hear you weeping, do you think you can fool me?
cuz I no what lurks in your heart, your everlasting heart.
I see confusion you deceived my heart.
Don't you run away, don't you know what you do to me
you broke my heart in two, you put my heart in to a glass jar.
I feel the fear sweating out of you, the end is near

Heart in a jar, you've gone too far.
My new solitary home has not even a soul, you put me down, down in to the ground.
I am bound, I am bound, I can't hear a sound., I am bound, I'm in the ground,
Michael Ryan Sep 2015
Today I bought a square plate
it's not for me, but for an enemy
that I could do worse things to, if I was a less noble person
as the things they've done I will not speak.

The plate is porcelain and quite finely made
elegant and excellently finished for how not so pricey it was
hints of history seems to hide in it's shell--
as seams are weaved into
what has probably lived a long and unused existence
this handcrafted masterpiece.

Separately painted by some fancy artist
to whom I do not recognize the name of,
although it is said he may have done something wrought with his ear
or did this man's uncle make this plate, oh well, I am unsure.

It is these very details to why,
I am now in possession of this piece of the past
that will be priceless to those who know more craftsmanship,
at least more knowledgeable than the man who sold it to me.

From the gleaming in your eyes
I can tell this plate may even mean a great deal to you
is this true my good friend?
oh well, I guess I can give the plate to you
instead of the devil I spoke of before.

*As I handed my prize to them
it began to feel heavier than any ordinary plate should,
gravity granted the greatest reprise I've ever sought
as the demon's face whelmed with depression
and mine satisfaction--
for being such a convincing storyteller.
It's fun, I want to write a poem on other topics, but I feel like people think I write too many of those so I am just having some fun.  (Also I have not found the words for those poems either, hah.)
Kelvin Apr 2015
Hello there great friend, boo.
I didn't mean to leave you, to shoo.
But i just didn't know what to do.

One fine day i was scrolling through,
Then bo ding, you messaged me dude,
You mocked me laughed at me,you cut through,
Cut through my heart, i just had to subdue,

***** you replaced me,
I can replace you too,
you didn't mean it, but ***** I do.
You happy? What your drama caused you?

That's it you committed the taboo,
You just had to,
You messed with Kelvin, he messes with you too.
****** don't come crying back, go back to your idiotic crew,

**I got my friends now, *****, hope you got your's too.
Thanks for your drama. You deserve an oscar.
Akhil Bhadwal Sep 2014
Make me laugh, and I will laugh with you
Make me cry, and I will tear you
Do me a favor, and I will be a savior
Take rest of mine, and I will devastate your mind

Do your thing, and I will let you in peace
Don't let me do a thing, and I will strip you in piece
Be my batman, and I will be your robin
Poker my life, and I will be your joker

Sprinkle on me, and I will shower at you
Through dirt at me, and I will spit on thou
Be my friend, and I will watch your back
Hold a knife, and I will kick your ***

13th original poem by me.
Matthew Harlovic Feb 2015
It's acquiescent,
to grieve for what you don't have,
your losses will pay.

© Matthew Harlovic
Sidari Dec 2014
Since I was born I couldn't feel 
what others feel
I never had anything that was real
Actually it doesn't matter...
It was real enough to me

They told me it would be fine
but they locked me up, took what's mine
What they did turned my life into dirt
Actually it doesn't matter...
I don't feel and I can't be hurt
But one day I will myself on them avenge 
****** revenge
Frank Ruland Nov 2014
You can come back all you like,
but I'm n e v e r going back
to the cage you locked me in
so long ago
So long ago.

I r a g e d for so long,
deep, down below
my own rendered skin.
A hole in my soul
where I didn't belong,
and I had no control.

Infernal infernos in my heart
and assumed so soon that doom
and I were sealed in a tomb.
I was made to fight the blight,
and before long
I tore the cage apart.

I c l a w e d my way
up from sin scorched
d e p t h s.
A special hellish maze
where the walls were forged
from my flesh
you left fraught with flak.

In time I mended
my bad blood and brain--
siphoned out the strain that s t a i n e d
all my good graces,
and wiped the shame from my face.
I was so much stronger,
all thanks to a parasite
behind the guise of a monster.

But now I'm at the crossroads
and the skies turn black.
You're staring me
d o w n,
but I won't stand for attack
because this place of grace
is hallowed.

Put up all your walls
once more with such callousness.
Wickedness befalls your face,
but that's no surprise
because I see with purged eyes.
Not even a glance--
you don't stand a chance.

A prison of pretense,
and the walls s-s-s h a k e in the breeze.
Control is disillusioned
and you're under delusion.
With my will set free
I unleash scorn and spleen
upon this sad strive
to shackle my soul.

Watch as your Cardboard Hell
comes crumbling down
as it all goes up in flames
I'm not the man that I was,
and you've lost your crown.
Hell and Heartbreak--
the one and the same,
but now I'm the one watching
as you're locked in a **cell.
This poem is a departure from my usual, rigidly structured poetry. I owe it's creation to The Girl Who Loved Yous's urging to loosen up! Thank you :)
InTheWorldOf Cyn Nov 2014
I want to move on.
But how can I move on when I owe you so much?
Sleepless nights.
Wouldnt it be selfish of me to not give it back?
I owe you that, payback.

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