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Let the wounded bird take wing,
Though dismal may be his fate;
Should he overcome this cruel sting,
His triumph he'll celebrate

Let the willow bend and weep;
Though it appears to be weak,
It would tell you its roots run deep
If it were able to speak

Let the wolf howl to the moon --
He has the right to be heard;
Morning will be here all too soon,
Then enters the singing bird

Let the spider weave her snare,
For this task she was designed;
While her prey, feeling no despair,
Awaits its cruel fate, resigned

Let love and loneliness brawl,
Let die the things that must die;
Release the tears and let them fall,
And let the broken heart cry

Let me love without constraints --
The sinking boat needs no oar;
Do not preach of sinners and saints
With Death's feet so near my door

Let me taste love's sweetest wine,
And let this shattered heart mend;
Having seen my star of love shine,
Then let the curtain descend
Britney Garcia Mar 2018
I took your pastel veins
and interlaced them with my cordial fingertips
I knew you were hurting
I could feel how fragile your life was in that moment
Like paper
-Creases for the martyr
Your bones have grown brittle and cold from the tainted oxygen hovering amidst our sorrow
And heartache is your closest friend
Like a pastel painting on a smoke stained canvas
Edges worn, color bleeding
-A work of art for the martyr
I feel your agony through your skin
Your eyes are tired and dwindling
Time, I know has not been on your side
I know
-No time for the martyr
Britney Garcia Mar 2018
Something about the way the crack of dawn seeps life into your
With the blinds intricate lines displayed upon your ribs

Something about the awareness associated with a start of a new day

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The ensuing chaos

And all you really want to do is stay here and be consumed by the morning glory
Britney Garcia Mar 2018
For you
I’d just as soon sabotage this nest
Not really for you
Could never catch the strings falling now
That we’ve woven with every aching question left unanswered
The strings that have for so long entangled my heart and soul
[Trapping them]
My caged conscious craving flight
Like you and I
I’m not sure what to do with all of this room now
Or with the taste your name leaves on my lips
Or how your smell is imbedded in the walls
You, you you
Simply I will utter
I am not for
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