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Kelvin Jul 2015
You're my sunshine,
My only sunshine,
You radiate your love into my veins,
It hurts so good, I can't complain,
Your beauty, every so blinding.
But you yourself, you are binding,
Binding yourself, just rotating,
One day we'll get close, hallucinating,
But when we do, i'll be the one evaporating.
my sunshine
Kelvin Jul 2015
Every word you say is precious dear,
Unfortunately, we can't be together, we're not even peers,
Like a balloon, you bring my heart up high,
You bring it up, up, up into the sky,
Not a single imperfection could replace you,
N**ot a single angel could see you through.
The beginning is a hint to bring you to the end.
Kelvin May 2015
Im like a dog chasing cars,
I'll never know what to do with it when i caught up with one.
Kelvin May 2015
Faith the is the buoyancy of life**,
Faith in up above keeps me alive,
The faith keeps me afloat,
The faith gives me hope
Kelvin May 2015
Crimson were your lips,
Crimson were your hips,
As we slips,
Into an eclipse,

Crimson was your eye,
Crimson was the sky,
Crimson was your cry,
Crimson the goodbye.
Kelvin May 2015
midnight screams,
midnight songs,
midnight sins,
midnight gone.
Written at midnight
Kelvin May 2015
Letters keep me warm,
Help me through the storm,
You're in my dreams,
Lighted up by all theses beams,

My gun lock and loaded,
All fears aborted,
Fighting this war,
See my friends as I crawl,
Kelvin May 2015
the fire,
the blaze,
the choir,
Kelvin May 2015
I reach towards the sky,
Said my goodbyes,
Heart's always with you now.

Don't ask me why,
Don't need to cry,
The stars in the night,
I'm with the light.
Kelvin May 2015
You cannot ****,
What you didn't create,
You didn't create me,
The Devil did.
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