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Jenny Jun 2020
the taste of disappointments
i never thought i'll have.
Life is bitter-sweet. Just endure everyday because you do not know what's coming your way.
Jenny Jun 2020
could something end
even if
it doesn't have the chance to start?
one sided love is a heartbreak without a chance of blooming.
Jenny Jun 2020
I am a poet's poem
but was never a choice to be taken.
Never be an option. Let them choose you because it is you.
Jenny Jun 2020
And the doors were shut,
Leaving me in dunggeons
of love's secrets, pain, and such.
ironic. imagine how love can make u happy but sad at the same time.
Jenny Jun 2020
I've been through raindrops and rainbows
Happiness and sorrows
Keeping you and letting you go
Yet, what remains is that I love you.
Loving you was a choice I'll gladly take.
Jenny Jun 2020
I wished upon a shooting star
Yet, I never thought we'd come this far
Letting the past go,
Allowing the present to flow.
Just let your feet be taken by the waves of the sea.
Jenny Jun 2020
After those heartaches that has been done,
I never asked and rushed a sense of love to come.

After those painful stories and poems I wrote,
I never imagined how could this happiness be my thought.

After those series of "I" that I had.
You've came that I hope for it to last so bad.
A poem series for my pisces ♓❤
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