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L Brown Jan 2019
Here we are again
Doing the same **** that we used to
My heart has been broken, my love has been stolen, really all the **** that I’m used to
Trying to fix what’s been long broken
You want me to believe that things on’t be how they used to
But I don’t feel how I used to
I don’t love you like I used to
I don’t believe in you like I used to
I don’t crave you like I used to
I don’t look forward to us like I used to
Cause I know after while it’ll just be what I’m used to
I don’t know how to get you to understand
That this isn’t the me you are used to
I have standards, more emotions and boundaries, more value than you are used to
I don’t want to get comfortable to what I’m used to
Being used to has gotten me no where
But dealing with **** that I’m used to.
Penelopejayde Oct 2018
A  B  C  D  E
F  G  H  I’m
J  K  L  M N
O  P  Q  R Still
learning T
U  V  W  X  Y
Leaning about life
elizabeth May 2018
please don’t lean on me
i’ll crumble beneath you
and no one is willing to
help pick me up again
so please don’t lean on me
because i can't afford
to fall down again
may 5, 2018
In the battle between good and evil
the winner will always be balance

— The End —