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Philip Lawrence Dec 2020
I knew when your hand brushed my collar,

removing a thread,

and removing all doubt
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2019
And may be
Honoring the spirit
It's hard to believe

From distance
There, always
The Moon

The Sun
The light in me
Is you

No wonder
They give us a sign
We are what
We think

I guess
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Language simplified
Author's Note: Seek it through the words
Chantell Wild Feb 2019
Those eyes that stare
Share stories
That no words could tell
It’s in a gesture
In a slant of the shoulder
In the weight of a sigh
Deidre Lockyer Jan 2019
Honey tastes slow, glowing like amber
Trapping touch in a heady crush of warm
Nestling between my ******* where sweat pools, delicate
Dipping fingers into pots, swirling, lingering
Licking the syrupy sweetness
Craving the rose scented dark and the musk

You, above me like summer
Creating me from the flesh of your hands
Describe me with your kisses, unwrap me with whispers
Suspend the rules of us between my lips
Breathe your will into words that glint with
Consequence, etching heat into flesh
Charge the oxygen around us with sweet almostpain
That draws out my ghosts, blood over flames
Leading the Moon out into the depths, into the crevasse
Wallowing in my softest curves as you
Follow me down to the forest bed and
Claim my world as your Fetish

And if I open to your insistence, slowly unlaced
Kiss me in obscenity until I speak in tongues
Silence me with your sternest hand of fire on flesh
Bring my bruises to boil beneath your gaze while l,
Shyly revealed by your voice,
Try to cover my eggshells and hush my moans

You, beneath me like summer
The seed will grow where l place my kisses
Divining water from your ancient well
Suckling the slick pomegranate flesh
Until the star on your forehead is burning
Shudderfall down into night, into my storm
Collide in me, where the clouds are heavy with rain and lust
Leading the Moon down into the depths, into the crevasse
Melding desire with Fate as you
Meet me down on the forest floor and
Claim my love as your Fetish

Wrap my body in silken cords that sing of you
Handfast beyond gesture
My flesh, your manifesto
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
In the silence of the night
In a serenity of mind
With gesture
Without any word

The Moon tends to change
The state of mind
Offering a secret message
“Never overdue happiness”

In the journey of thought
Most of us
Lose all the senses
Some recovers, SANE
Most remains, INSANE
Genre: Observational
Theme: Happiness is a state of mind. Can you handle happiness?
Nylee Mar 2018
Still movements
the dangerous games
all it takes
is the eye gesture
fueling the deeper silences.

Their quiet fight
without the usual bites
drinking the mugs of coffee
face to face away
slipping into
the created tension.

Waiting for someone
to bow down
be the first one
to admit
it is not worth it.

and wait
continuing building
the wall of brick
which will break
when the first one will blink.
low poetry Jan 2018
when the moment is tight
pause goes too long
feelings is awkward
do the gesture
show all the stupidity of being the human
inspired by Douglas Kenney
purpu May 2017
letting it go too far over
whispering lines none too sober
deep into superficial radical concerns
but the comfort theme overall well stirred
fulfilling holes by plain symbolic gestures
miming intentions in meaningless false truths–

eyes on the pistol, the cure as a symbol.
Mane Omsy May 2017
Where are your pieces?
A touch will fix it
Your stillness turns me
Violent with anticipation
Direct me towards you
I won't mind the way

A gesture to peal my skin
Spread my emotions
Draw in the atmosphere
Bring the art of love
Straight in to you
Sign the masterpiece
Inside you
Your movements make me stare and think
what a beauty!!
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