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Risa Njoroge Jul 21
I can not be loving you like this,
Forgetting to let my heart beat,
And constantly wondering what you need,

Or feel,
I’m losing me,
Alone fighting for us in this quicksand you told me was called love!

I can not be loving you like this,
Feeling like I am losing a little part of me,
With each skipped beat from a heart that no longer wants to feel,

I can not be loving you like this,
Dreaming dreams I will never live,
And grasping onto pieces of our sinking ship!

Or feeling;
Like I am alone roaming this earth
Living in the memories of our last kiss

I can not be loving you like this,
Wishing you were here kissing my lips,
And living in a castle that we will never build!

Or losing,
Me, while I seek thee,
In your world where you see all but me,

I simply can not go on;
Loving you,
No, not like this!

I can not feel,
When you standing there smiling at me,
I can not be loving you, no not like this!
In this quicksand he called love!
Pyrrha Oct 2018
I wonder what it feels like
To hold the world in your hands
And let it slip from your grasp

Suppose I'll never know
Payton Apr 2018
I sit in my room crying at night
because you no longer care what's right
Me having faith in you, made me a fool
You putting me through that was cruel
I used to think that things would be fine
but this time you crossed the line
I no longer have faith in you
You went back to him but what's new
After everything he has put you through
you still go back to something that isn't good for you
I hope you're happy with the choice you picked
You made me see that you'll always be an addict
You have no idea how you make me feel
Half the time I don't even know how to deal
I don't know how to deal with this aching pain
I just wish it would all go down the drain
This is a poem about my mother who chose drugs and a boyfriend that has beat on her over me more than once.
My love, you need to grow up
It's time for you to become an adult
I won't take the blame anymore
To shield you from the pain

It's time to own up to your own faults
To become the lady you want to be
Though I can't take all the blame
I will own up to my part

I tried to keep your innocence
Tried to save you the pain
I can't handle playing this game
It hurts to bad to lie

Saturday was my last day
I care for you so much my darling
You're pushing me away for good
I'm breaking inside and screaming
My wounds you can not see

It's time to grow up sweetheart
It's time to stop the games

— The End —