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Saudia R May 12
I don't know when I started to realize the hurt

The real reason why this feels like fingers pressed against glass


So fragile this barrier dividing us
with the answers so clear

And still

as if connection never existed
we live as strangers within ourselves

and with each other

Until there comes a day

where you finally realize
the glass is a mirror

And that
the anger
the resentment
the hurt

you thought you were seeing through

you were actually seeing reflected back

That's the day you wake up
Saudia R May 6
see what you must

then take the steps to go where you should
Saudia R May 6
I hate who I am

And I never want to get to the point
where I leave you

because I leave me.
Saudia R May 5
I've only lived so many years

Only lived in so many places

Have only met so many people
And have only experienced so many things

But I've lived more than one life through every connection

Lived in all of the places they have been

Felt every feeling one feels with their loved ones

And have seen time as they have seen


And though it may seem impossible

through their eyes I see me

the world

in their reflection
see yourself in this as you see it. and then ask why.
Saudia R Apr 29
Some days

I feel the wind

a little too well
The saying, you can feel it on the wind, takes on a deeper meaning when you know.
Saudia R Apr 28
And so I rest

as if every dream that has been

never was to begin with
Saudia R Dec 2019
sometimes silence is that friend you haven't seen in a long time, who you need to work past that awkward, "who are we together," stage again.
there is a comfort in silence that one must be willing to settle into. but first one must be comfortable with the fact that silence is not always silent.
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