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Saudia R Sep 2022
Depression is mine to control

Mine alone in me is mine
As another's in them is theirs

So no two depressions can ever be the same
And yet like gold melded jade, sisters they are

Why should sister and sister be forced apart?
What do they fear?

Is it them? Is it us?
To finally admit that sisters are twins?

Of the exact same blood < in essence, in pain

Noble to only whose vains they run
but deeper than a true Suns lineage

In knowing that what is reflected as a mirror is exactly what's seen

But the fear of being the same is what drives them to shame

So what of this power that let eyes be mirrors
waiting for hope to appear?

Depression is < mind =to= control
Late night thoughts ❤️
Saudia R Sep 2022
My soul is tired
It seeps into my bones

Not a numbness
Not a chill

A knowing
Saudia R Jun 2022
I'm enjoying every moment of my magic

Such is the magic of my moment
There is so much to you that when you finally lose your way to being found, there is nothing left but to be grateful for the magic that is you in a world born of weaponized sadness. Be magic. Be magic for you.
Saudia R Jun 2021
I feel like I have to steal myself from you

but it doesn't even matter
because you make me believe that
that's all I need

stolen pieces you've given 'permission' for me to steal

like I don't still have me

an impossibility
a dream

does it even matter
I will always have me
does it even matter
Saudia R Nov 2020
I decided to give you back

I know now

I thrive with those who see
where I begin
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