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Saudia R Jun 29
And with Silence
we learn

the true meaning of Death
Saudia R Jun 11
They always say home is where the heart is

but we always assume the heart is with someone else

Do you see
why that home will always be broken

home has always been with you
and will always be with you

Home is where the heart is


is you
Saudia R May 26
You ever just look at an old photograph

One where you were bright eyed

Toothy grin from ear to ear

And you just stare at it

Really stare at it

and can't help but think


How the hell

Were you ever that young
Couldn't believe the way I used to think. The things I would say to myself. I really wish I could go back in time, not even to change anything, but to give younger me a glimpse of why she has to go through all her hardships and why it was the best thing to ever happen. #strongerforit #thankfulformysupport
Saudia R Mar 19
I hope my words haunt you

Because when they do

You'll know I'm right
Saudia R Dec 2018
Let my silence teach you

what my words

did not
This year, do not explain yourself (especially repeatedly) to someone who does not listen. Let your silence be your response.
Saudia R Dec 2018
A moment

That's all it takes

A single moment

The touch of a loved one
The laugh of a stranger
The shy smile from the little boy
hiding behind his mother's leg

There and then not

Did you savour it
Lean into it
Let it sink deep

Or did it pass you
Did you let it slip away
Unaware of its purpose

One moment

That's all it takes
For Paolo ❤. Missing you alot today. September 18th 1995 - March 18th 2018
Saudia R Nov 2018
All waves

turn to smooth waters

Time can and will heal everything
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