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livianna Feb 2
Please send me a letter.
I’ll open it up
And smile
As your handwriting graces my eyes,
And your words smile back at me.
My penpal's handwriting will forever be beautiful, no matter how messy.
Saudia R Oct 2019
You've got mail

Is it weird that I want to hear that again

you have a notification

but mail

Waking up and running to the mailbox
heart pounding with excitement and fear

is your letter here yet

That one thought
carrying my little legs
in the hopes that I would see your handwriting

and when that letter finally came

like a squirrel with a prized nut
I race away to the safety of my bed with
a flashlight
some poptarts

and pages of your letter

So happy

that I have a friend like you.
Communication is so important in our lives, and I feel like because we have the wonders of tech (not bad) we have lost some of the magic of words. The anticipation of reading someones thoughts, hopes, dreams, failures etc, with flecks of their character peppered in their letter. From their style of writing, their favourite ink, paper that they love and stamps and seals that add that last piece of love. We should bring back the beauty of writing. We have so many alternatives to write on, hemp is on the up and up. We will be able to respect the environment and bring back the magic of written language.
Kai Aug 2019
my faraway friend
in every note you send
I find your smile
Ted Mar 2018
We met through proximity,
but didn't use that to convene.
We learned so much about each other through a screen,
But we've let each other truly be seen.

With our many shared interests,
and our vastly different pasts,
help us clearly see our paths.

How enchanting this has all been,
to now call you a friend.
Charles Campbell Nov 2017
I have an international penpal.
I don't know where they're from
Our first letters were just us getting to know each other .
I learned that they like gum,
They learned about my brother.
I dont think they know English...
They most likely use Google Translate,
They use words like 'tingleish.'
I tell them what life is like, they think its great.
I don't know who they are or where they're from,
All I know is that I have an International Penpal.
Enzo Aug 2017
I wish I could do more, but here i am stuck on the other side of the screen
Feeding you words of comfort, trying to ease the pain
tapping keys on my keyboard, trying to keep you sane
And I know that when you receive it- it might seem plain

My sympathies written in text are sincere to me, but how about on your end?
Will my feelings be carried out when I tap send,
Or would it just be empty bland sentences plastered onto the chat box?

It ***** to know that we could exchange thousands of words, but never the compassion behind them,
We're connected yet at a discord when it comes to expressing onscreen emotion
1 out of 100 for D
SassyJ Jul 2016
The road was long and rough
It was a passageway of words
A parade of letters and prose
The touch of invisible pleasure
I moulted like a snake in season
I dreamt on a cruiser of reign as we
opened my pandora box in the cave

The road was smooth and right
It was a third eye paradise of seers
A mire of misery and blowing wind
The tears flew like fireflies on heat
I met the shrinks of souls in salt bed
I waved the rain as it washed my sins
On that sight of the pandora box

The road of wrongness and rightness
It was an unfolded augury of life
An awakened sleeper roared in dreams
The days when I touched the skies
I took the broken house and mended
I saw the clouds as bright as crimson
Inside the box when I met my twin

The road of love, lust, love, longness
It was when the ember coal was wild
A blaze of soul collision and resonance
The days when doubt taunted in mazes
I wrested my mind and the heart knew
I tested the precipice and intuition led
Inside the unconditional pandora box  

The road where I hid and felt alive
It was a paradise of shining trees
A place where our loneliness merged
The safest heaven on barren lands
I saw my warrior and he shielded
I sat as he ran away with fear and pride
On that very opened pandora box

The road of unforgotten forever
It was a triangulation of continents
An immersion of difference and indifference
The open table of a scarce connective mess
I shed my naive bed and hardened
I shut the wild untwisted world
On that very inevitable pandora
Illya Oz Jul 2016
Making friends is hard to do
But I think I've made one in you
As friends we are all set
Even though we've never meet

I knew you before I knew your face
Getting to know you feels like a race
You are so friendly, amazing and kind
Your good qualities aren't hard to find

I can't wait to hear more from you
Keeping in touch I will certainly do
This is a poem I made for my penpal who lives in Japan.
Gaye Sep 2015
When you’re off the shore there is an empty recap,
The mind who fell from the moon
And thoughts that struck the deepest of the depths
With memories and stories and a whole lot of emotions
Streams a new location for this resonating soul.
When the rooms get smaller and the boundaries –
Make no sense, there is the field you spoke about
We can go back, sip some tea and talk endless
Till the morning breeze kisses the red spot of your sky.
We were total strangers until the first lazy scribbles
But you spoke of bamboos and the music that flowed
With similarities and glee coupled with few lines of poetry
That you made me realize, life is worth living.
I know your son, your mom, your wife, your dad
I know your little girlfriend and your dear little diary
And I know the person who is ageless and nameless,
I know my friend, you are someone unusual.
When it rains, I know you’re coming to talk about-
Ganges, journeys and cravings and feel so excited
When you get the touch, that somebody is there
Destined to share the same feeling and the exact thrill
Of every moment and cherish memories.
Let us go back to the days- you the song and I the poet
And our days that we never shared
But we will someday meet at your ranch
Talk endless without the distress of judgement
And walk a little longer and paint red, red and white,
You can drive me home and I can drive you to endless letters.

— The End —