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Rose Mar 29
you watched me fall
for you, love

you saw me
finding comfort with you
happiness, even

you noticed
but you never fell
the same way I did
maybe in thought
but never in feelings
Bryce Jul 2019
It is not my job to be a poet,

not my job to spew hopeless clauses

Not my job to weave callous causes

Not my job to print insipid logic

Not my job to parse sight through the darkness.

Not my job to tell souls to behave

Not my job to give credence to knaves

Not my job to sell this gold to the state

Not my job to give words away.

No, it's yours - -

Yours to obey, yours to disdain

Yours to compare, yours to reapir

Yours to create, yours left to fate

Years of the past are not of one date


Not my job, not to wish or to pray

Not to shine one's soul with spittle
And lacquer its grain

Not my job to place words, no, merely to give
Not my place to give words that do not serve fit

You all know better, you all say so
And for note, with a sad, careful bow will I go.
Wolf Dec 2018
A lost stranger
Waved at me today
My aching heart
Hurt a little less
The corners of my lips
Raised a little more
Face every trial
Knowing that you made my day
Brighten a little more
To Lost, be strong through anything that you face.
Danielle Apr 2018
I had never really liked you
Until that day,
When I noticed
You didn’t look at me
With shame.
Written back in 2012 and I'm not sure what prompted this, but I feel like it was something to do with an old schoolmate who I reconnected with. It's funny how people you use to hate you can grow to like when you see them outside of the rigidness of the school hierarchy.
Average hair
Average weight
Average height
Average eyes
Not special, no, not quite.
I am that kid who tries but isnt noticed
I work hard until I can't keep going
But faliure always finds me
Like a mindless machine I fall back
Back where I started
It's funny how I pray to be ill
to for once be different than them
Even though it could **** me.
I starve and I pray,
But is it really okay?
To live this way? Trapped in my mind
At me probably.
I am satisfied with the mirror
then temptation breaks me
And I'm back where I started
I dyed my hair pink
All I get is glares.
I want to be special but not like this
Even if it means I won't be happy
I'll do anything to no longer be
Too tall to be cute
Too short to model
I've gotten no where at all,
The more I try the more I fail.
I will always be
Average hair
Average height
Average weight
I want to not be able to remember the last time I ate.
They think I hate them
bit it's myself I despise
This smile is my disguise
I just want to be
I didn't know how to portray this but I tried I guess.
Arianna Skelcher Jan 2018
Pieces of my heart will always belong to you
Like the puzzle pieces i misplaced when i was seven
That still reside in each crevasse of my childhood home
Waiting for me to come bounding out of my bright pink room
With open hands
To retrieve them, and welcome them after all this time apart
Alike my love for you waits
In each crack and crevasse of my soul
To be noticed
A man was there; but nobody could see him,
He's hiding behind the door; searching for the key and slowly moving his limb.

His voice couldn't be heard; and his presence couldn't be felt,
He tried to get attention at woman; but his confidence did melt.

All he ever wanted; was to be and feel a part,
Of the people around him; to know how to heal his broken heart.

But nobody even noticed, nobody helped; and he always was there every single day,
Trying to be a better person, trying to summon up the courage; to say the words he'd like to say.

As his mouth opened; nothing would come out,
Trapped upon the tongue again; depart in a state of self doubt.

The man just vanished; like a ghost who's slipped away,
Without a single sound; depart to yearn for another day.

All he ever wanted was to be; noticed, part of the world and people,
But instead they just ignored him; and realize that he's not approachable.
Lily ale Aug 2017
It a great thing to be in the middle of fades between the lines of black and white
It's great to be gray to dissappear into the black like a shadow or like walking out in the middle of the night to not be noticed
Or never have any eyes on you
don't be seen
no mistake noticed.
the white does not always shine on you and when it does you can easily go back to gray
It's great to be gray beacuse i change my outfit 5 times before coming here and and today maybe I wanted to shine. But I'm gray so I stand out just enough to be noticed but not to much then all eyes on me and that is quite scary then I'm not gray.

It's horrible to be gray.
To always seem like you are in 2 places at one like everyone is watching you but like not a single person will even notice you
It ***** to be gray.
To say hello to someone and they won't respond beacuse they don't know your name from that day when you helped them when no one eles would,
you were always in the gray
To have every mistake noticed by everyone but then be told that it's okay just stop and go back to the gray.

It's okay to be gray beacuse inbtween of the black and white I may stay
but oddly enough gray is okay it's a ryhmes so it must be true
beacuse in all white I shine all eyes on me never a moment of peace
never any time for the little boring gray me
But in the black I'm never seen I'm forgotten,
Say hi to the girl in the hall and receive a weird look beacuse she doesn't even remember me now
Maybe it's okay to be gray beacuse shades are sometimes all the same in some weird way.
rey Jul 2017
i was sitting in the living room
with my cat, mindlessly watching tv

when a bird crashed into my window
at first i didn’t know what the sound was
until i walked over and saw a small bird
bleeding from its beak, struggling to breathe

i panicked, and started to cry
i didn’t want it to die
but i didn’t know if i could save it

in a minute, i searched online
through a few pages what to do
if it was possible
how to hold it
where to put it

i kept crying

i grabbed a few cloths from a drawer
a large stove ***

i went outside
the bird opening and closing his beak
struggling to breathe
or trying to call for help
without any sound

i grabbed him from his sides
and put him into the large ***
full of cloth
i made sure he was still upright
still responsive

i kept crying
but i told him he’d be alright

other birds in the trees cried out

i went inside
to grab another cloth
but when i returned he had rolled around
onto his back
and died

i pet the soft fur on his breast
felt it go cold

i started sobbing uncontrollably

my brother came home
found me kneeled overe, in tears
he yelled “it’s just a bird! throw it away!”
“what an idiot.”

i couldn’t stop crying

my mother came home
said “oh poor thing” to me
and to the bird

with an ice cream scoop
i dug at the dirt in the yard
wide enough, deep enough
for my little bird

i buried it amongst colorful leaves
encircled it with pebbles
and said a prayer

then i went upstairs
and cried myself to sleep
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