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Choose Love over Fear.
Choose Love over Fear.

How do I know which one is which?
Can I choose fear and love actively together?

My daunting question is,
Can I lose myself due to love?

Well, my dear.
Do not listen to your fear.

The Universe notices bravery
when you take a leap
in love,
and trust yourself.

That is, what she awaits for you.
For what ever decision you make,
to trust yourself.

The Universe hears you,
but she is waiting for you to listen.

To stop asking everyone around,
for the answers you seek within.

Listen to your inner knowing.

To trust.
To choose love.
To Be brave,
and you will not be disappointed
in what awaits.

When you trust yourself,
and act in love,
Love only expands from here,
my darling.
daphne Dec 2020
and when you said
someone like ashley
was your cup of tea
with a glistening look
like you longed for her embrace
with the brightest grin
etched broadly on your face
i wondered what it would've been like
to be brewed to your taste
karly codr Nov 2020
i want to be noticed
but not the way everyone else does
i don't want to be famous
or liked by everyone
i want to be noticed
i want to love someone
who loves me back
i want to be able to
not to have to hide myself
to make people think i'm okay
basil Aug 2020
his smile:
as tight as his belt
her lips:
as red as her throat

and it makes them more noticed,
but no less alone
eat something, please. <3

lilith grace Aug 2020
I didn't know what to think of us
so I read and while
I wondered day and night
where I stood with you
I attempted to formulate
any idea of what we could be.

when it came to me- I wrote it down
tears and time
kisses and contemplation
i filled a notebook
with my feelings for you
that I could now admit to having.

and maybe soon I'll tell you about them,
I will have the courage to answer you honestly
when you ask me what I'm thinking about
karly codr Jun 2020
i've noticed more my good and bad days
bad days caused by anger and crying
good days caused by forgetting the world and laughing
i've noticed my self-esteem rising
makeup erased from my daily routine
finding who i really am
i've noticed how much i care
about me
about others
about animals
about friendships
about music
about LIFE

things that I have started to notice
that have never existed in my mind before
i think i am finally
getting better
A List of Things I've Noticed in Quarantine
rose Mar 2020
you watched me fall
for you, love

you saw me
finding comfort with you
happiness, even

you noticed
but you never fell
the same way I did
maybe in thought
but never in feelings
Bryce Jul 2019
It is not my job to be a poet,

not my job to spew hopeless clauses

Not my job to weave callous causes

Not my job to print insipid logic

Not my job to parse sight through the darkness.

Not my job to tell souls to behave

Not my job to give credence to knaves

Not my job to sell this gold to the state

Not my job to give words away.

No, it's yours - -

Yours to obey, yours to disdain

Yours to compare, yours to reapir

Yours to create, yours left to fate

Years of the past are not of one date


Not my job, not to wish or to pray

Not to shine one's soul with spittle
And lacquer its grain

Not my job to place words, no, merely to give
Not my place to give words that do not serve fit

You all know better, you all say so
And for note, with a sad, careful bow will I go.
Wolf Dec 2018
A lost stranger
Waved at me today
My aching heart
Hurt a little less
The corners of my lips
Raised a little more
Face every trial
Knowing that you made my day
Brighten a little more
To Lost, be strong through anything that you face.
Danielle Apr 2018
I had never really liked you
Until that day,
When I noticed
You didn’t look at me
With shame.
Written back in 2012 and I'm not sure what prompted this, but I feel like it was something to do with an old schoolmate who I reconnected with. It's funny how people you use to hate you can grow to like when you see them outside of the rigidness of the school hierarchy.
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