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Elizabeth Brown Apr 2020
The distance was closed.
My heart was open.
After all those years, I had you.
I held you in my hand, speechless.
Powerless to stop it, I felt myself becoming comfortable
and it was bliss.
Elizabeth Brown Apr 2020
We were everything we thought we’d be
He was him and I was me
I had lost hope I’d live to see
But meeting him was ecstasy
Now we know the stark beauty
Of I as I and him as he.
Elizabeth Brown Apr 2020
Do not break me.
I am so fragile.
You’ve seen how one word rattles inside of me
Shaking me apart like cruel earthquakes.
I place my trust in you.
Be gentle, for I am broken, though
I am not beyond repair.
Elizabeth Brown Apr 2020
Free at last,
Overwhelmed by new hopes, I felt you
Reach in and take me back.

Vast, wonderful,
Incredible love.
Nothing compares to you.
Carve your name into the walls of my being.
Everything I have ever wanted, you are
Nearer to me
Than anyone else could have hoped to be.
Elizabeth Brown Apr 2020
It isn’t over.
Don’t you dare believe that voice.
We’ll make it happen.
Elizabeth Brown Apr 2020
Our eyes, like mirrors,
reflect what we have needed.
Desire, hope, comfort, happiness,
How is it that they are the same?
Elizabeth Brown Apr 2020
I felt your pain wash away.
My whole life I’ve been told,
      “You’re a healer.”
I never felt much like one.
Not until I saw, for the very first time,
True Happiness in your eyes.
I had seen you laugh,
but your laughter had never taken over you
until that moment.
The way your face lit up
In the morning
when we woke up, intertwined,
I’ll hold that in my heart forever.
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