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Will May 2018
The wooden doors swing open, creaking as they do.
Books litter the walls, tables, and chairs.
Bestsellers filled with politics, celebrities, and dieting.
The "Classics" eisle is all but abandoned.
Shakespeare, Steinbeck, The Bronte Sisters, and more.
Books filled with elegant phrases, heartbreaking last words, and timeless prose.
I run my fingers along their spines, walking past the gravestones.
Reaching the music section, I smile and wander forward.
So many memories to be found.
Mozart, Beck, Chopin, Hendrix, the list goes on.
So many artists here, preserved through a dead medium.
CD's no longer hold a special place in the world, along with the books housed nearby.
As I walk to the entrance, now an exit, I see rows of newspapers.
Yet another reminder of times gone by.
Staring at the building, about to enter my car, I realize something.
This place is a graveyard for old things.
While the world has moved on to Kindles, iPads, and mp3s, this place has not.
That's why I'll come here until the day it to, is buried.
For the record, I love all the mentioned mediums. Physical books are something I hope never go away.
Benji James Feb 2018
I tried to tell you
how I feel
you said,
"That can't be real,
You're my friend
That's the way it is
Besides I really love him."
He played you
and you broke down
Girl, I told you
he would ******* around.
You don't believe a word I say
but it ***** how he left you this way.

You got in deep
You got hurt
You keep going back
girl, you don't learn
I told you "I love you."
But it doesn't work.

Just another day, another boy
He played you, like a toy.
Broke your heart, then ran away
look how you are the very next day
played you like a fool
Girl, I bet you feel used
I come around to cheer you up
You thank me with a hug.

You got in deep
You got hurt
You keep going back
girl, you don't learn
I told you "I love you."
But it doesn't work.

Another boy again?
I've tried to be there
Yeah be your friend
You're on your own
My heart was out on the line
this whole time
Can't chase you around
Don't need to see you
keep getting hurt
You told me, "you think he is the one."
He gave you some great times
Now you've been left on your own again.

You got in deep
You got hurt
You keep going back
girl, you don't learn
I told you "I love you."
But it doesn't work.

You came to me the very next day
You asked
"Why does everyone keep leaving me?"
I looked deep into your eyes
looked at the ground and just sighed
I had no answers, cuz you're on my mind
I think to myself, how can they do things like this
to a girl like you.
It's so hard to push you away
because you come back with that beautiful face
And I can't help but capture a glimpse of your grace
You know when you're with me I'll keep you safe.

You got in deep
You got hurt
You keep going back
girl, you don't learn
I told you "I love you."
But it doesn't work.

You found another boy
You think his the one
I'm on my own again
But I know the truth
you'll come running back one day
But the thing that hurts the most
I miss you every day that you're gone
There is nothing I can say
To stop you getting hurt
But I'll be their girl when you call.
I won't let you go alone through the fall
When you need a friend
I'll pick you up again
I just hope you know
You've got a real friend
that is never letting you go...oh

You got in deep
You got hurt
You keep going back
girl, you don't learn
I told you "I love you."
But it doesn't work.

I am your best friend
Best friends stay until the end
I'll dry your eyes when you cry
Kiss, caress and hold you tight
Maybe we can be together someday
But for now your best friend I shall remain.

©2018 Written By Benji James
jace Jan 2018
On the cold ground here I lay,
Swallowing the feelings I can't convey,
And I cry a silent cry,
For forever I say goodbye

My dress soaked with red,
My eyes only perceive dread,
My blood filling my throat,
My life ceased to devote

Then a sudden gift from fate,
The black that began to dominate,
Fear is not a word to describe,
My dead heart began to feel alive

From his ankles to his shoulders,
Dressed in aristocratic attire,
As dark as the sky at night,
As noble as the Duke's delight

I felt my admiration,
When he approached without hesitation,
My cheeks stained with blood,
But never a trace of disgust

Then, my eyes began to close,
Such precious moment for me to lose,
There is so much to say...
In my next life, on my dying day
This was actually the first poem I've ever finished. Actually just last year because most of the time I didn't finish my poems prior to this
Jordan LC Murphy May 2017
Untamed in impossible conditions,
Famed for such rarity,
Harder than old prohibitions,
A fit for the largest of ambitions,
Flawless in clarity,
You're a colourless parody,
Of pure rainbows and prisms,
And in the art of perfection,
You glistened through anarchy.
Inspired by diamonds
IrieSide Jan 2017
Suit and tie
or gold stacked high
dreams cast out
take root
for a few

agreed upon reality
of desired traits
inhibit the minds
of never divine
mental states

stay true to yourself,
I'll stand with you

challenge your planet
with constructs of mind
shape it, form it
and for you,
the earth shall rise
In a world where poetry has a voice.
thehiddenwriter Oct 2016
How beautiful it is when someone prays for you without you knowing,
It's such a noble act and
I can't possibly imagine
anything purer and deeper .
MindsPalace Jun 2016
When once in heav'ns of swelter'd glimmer'd heat,
The shock of all reflection in the sun
Oft charged all veins through body to the feet,
And Godly blessing's kingdom I had won.

'Twas all in first what men could want to dream,
All meat and grain with dozing nectar sweet,
My fingertips with lightning wrath may seem
All pow'rful, yet my inner part doth cheat.

Where is my heart? My noble heart then dies,
And leave the Gods where Godly power lies.

I ne'er thought I could boldly leave the clouds
And long lost father's thoughts then to destroy,
But 'neath those wand'ring feet can pass the shroud
To live in silent abstinence of joy.
Sameer Denzi Jun 2016
I have a guru who comes to me from time to time
To teach me things I tend to forget.
Once he appeared as a wrinkled old coolie
Who carried my bag into a crowded train.
I gave him a generous fee which he did not count
And left, as I sat there feeling quite self-righteous.
Moments later, he returned jostling through the crowd
Teary eyed and hands joined to inquire in silence -
If I had made a mistake
Or if there was something else he could do?
For I had paid him far more than what was due.
In an instant I shrunk to the size of an ant
In front of this giant of a nobleman.
Dr Strange Mar 2016
Good Afternoon,

The following should not be televised but is sadly the truth

Please support the official release

Bang Bang
Well look at what we have here
Another black boy laying on the ground dead
Bang Bang
Two more white boys on the ground gasping for air
Screaming in pain and agony as the blood gushes from their open wounds
**** it!
When will it end
When will the endless of cycle of violence come to an end
Just last week a four year old was shot in the face in a shootout between the white man and a ******
Call the police someone screamed
No, please don't
They don't understand how to handle situations like this 
They'll only make it worse I promise you that
Run, run like the wind or this really will be the end
No that's my son the ******'s momma screams
Her son is on the ground praying for his life
I don't wanna die,i don't wanna die,he cries at the top of his lungs
I'm sorry Joseph, I'm sorry I couldn't protect you, I'm sorry I couldn't avenge you
You see Joseph was his little brother who was shot and killed by a white cop two weeks before
He was a straight A student who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time
Now we are here big bro seeking revenge for his little brother's death
How noble but now death seeks to reap another life lost in the shadows
**** it the 5.0 is here, disperse
Dang it big bro is dead, and momma just froze appalled by what she just witnessed
The sky really is a painted mural made of blood
Sad tale both ended by the hands of a cop

Now the white man's story was a bit different
Long ago he was a proud member of society
He helped a lot of people rise up when they fell to their knees
Then one day he and his family was sitting at the dinning room table eating the dinner his wife just prepared
It all happened so suddenly he proclaimed
Seven black males burst through the front door and gunned them down in matter of seconds
He was the only survivor, in a single night he lost his entire livihood
Now he is just this hollowed out corps floating in a black ocean
He began to hear voices in his head telling him to **** them all
Thus Joseph life was stolen and left in a dark ally behind the middle of nowhere
Bang Bang
Now this story begins once again
Will the violence ever come to an end
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