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Jun 2018
Twas accursed destiny
     since birth alack
nascent emasculation abominable barrack
emergent deus ex machina,

     viz zit ting older sibling counterattack
thirteen plus chronological gap
    eldest sister struck like diamondback
surrogate "mother" role

     assumed tubby exact
protectorate pseudo fullback
against cruel beastie boys
     bullying barbs

     comeuppance giveback
pummeling spongiform
     gray matter (yours truly)
     fisticuffs she didst highjack

proxy mothering
     kept corporeal essence intact
jilting nefarious nemesis aligned
     (maligning) and stalking,

     this fee-fi-fo-fum
     ordinary bean sized Jack
are runt (arrant) cowardly
     (non lion) nerdy lad owning a knack
courage lack this glum

     older married chap doth adumbrate
     satisfactory accomplishments lack
king, where crazy quilt aimless wandering
     described purposeless multitrack

thus, sympathetic
     to hue men/women nonblack
or decimated aborigines
     once populating Australian outback

existential nihilism would,
     undergirding hypothetical
     unwritten paperback
with little need to prevaricate,
     nor appear as quack

***, one measly **** sapiens,
     who accrued millennial palimpsest zeitgeist
     where, punctured
     disequilibreated psyche dust rack

asper protean (in utero)
     multitudinous setback
soundlessly resonating
     with concussive thwack

as this rickety ship of state
     (a haunted junk ket)
     unwanted emotional ballast to unpack
asseveration, asper assiduously

     preferably welcoming
     dry suction no vac
jar this pawn (knight wannabe
     in his bishop rick) torrid

     me psychological wrack
king within (castle keep)
     complex edifice shackled
     in dungeon with repast constituting.
Written by
matthew scott harris  58/M/schwenksville, penna
(58/M/schwenksville, penna)   
   Shadow Dragon
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