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IrieSide Oct 6
Again again,
a younger feeling
thought to have outgrown

Again again,
the same beginning
I once had

Lost as ever,
with only lesser hope
IrieSide Apr 5
finely tuned
of vibrating
To the one.
IrieSide Apr 5
darkly tangles
of twisting emerald death  
into darkness and beyond
this endless maze

we found in fear,
there was no one to hold
our ability for connection
has faded away

I remember,
yes, I remember

I have survived
this babylon
Cancel my transgressions.
IrieSide Apr 5
of rasta colors
and a lonestar
samurai mentality
and chaotic
a seeker of wisdom
from trees and Christ
the practitioner of war
and meditation
IrieSide Apr 5
We’re trained at
manifesting realities
and that can be

learn to find the bright side,
and think of that

live it,
to the best of your imagination

Salvation is NOT in the world,
no conditions could
make it right

A magician can only go as far
as their imagination
IrieSide Feb 16
Trudging through
mud and mire
the conscious few
who carry light

warriors, protectors
of this sacred divinity
passed down from

a special freedom
so many have forgotten
the truth and goal
of awakening humanity

light bearers,
your duty is blessed
though the devils will come
and try to ***** out your light

To steal, **** and destroy
their intentions are dark
though you are wiser than a snake
and calmer than a dove

light bearers,
those of light
and violet vibration
your duty is clear

stay true to yourself,
and never let them
weigh you down

IrieSide Feb 7
Cast ingredients of
silent awakening
into a seed
of conscious energy

emerge from ocean depths
of deep blue
churning energy
into redwood stature

unite with light and the frequency  
that shatters,
any opposition

with light we stand

flow freely though life
cancel your subscription
to collective thoughts,
free yourself
from poisonous energy
and seek life
pure, energy, channeling, growth, warmth, freedom, power, limitless, rising, soaring.
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