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Dear love,
we're on track
to paradise
Oh yeah,
I've still got poetry
IrieSide Oct 6
why try to dominate,
something so magical
IrieSide Oct 5
fallen for the world
externally seeking
peace forgotten
a dreary storm

your voice resurrected
through stormy seas
a pure angelic honesty

set me sailing upon
this mystical voyage
into the eye
of spirit's vastness

full moon tides
of deep blue death
and white wash waves

your voice,
the light-house
of a forgotten feeling
IrieSide Sep 25
Thank you for keeping
the music alive
IrieSide Sep 25
Is it their fault
for being unworthy of respect?

Or is it our own,
for not respecting them?

Adjust your world vision,
to the right view
see beauty in everything
and not chaos
echo consciousness
throughout eternity
we creatures of the earth
have found a key

run, run, run
dear truth seeker,
keep your mouth shut
and be vigilant


Unravel lavender rolls of
galactic neon rugs
and crisscross  
high lighter
unchained replicas
of nature's black universe
unwind the tight-knit mind
that society gave you

retired leopard
of spots that radiate sun
dark deacons
of demonic fate

warmth to red
and quickly fading
this is death,
fellow soldier

enlighten life,
fall time lanterns
of fleshly glow
breathing life
into heart beat

the time is now, now, now
program, control, re-wire
circuitry expanded
into electrocution's

I learned from the Redwoods
peace with life
and absolute confidence
contend me,
a ghost of no face  

wicked whip snaps of electric energy coursing violently along spinal cord rivers. Flowing, free-flow abdomen of birth and conscious resurrection. Nonsensical rhymes and rhythms unfold, the time is now, march on into this life, you know deep down, where it leads.
I'm not crazy, I sware. Peace -IrieSide
IrieSide Aug 28
The worst wicked sin
is to tell someone
they’re not worthy of Love
To live is to Love
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