Poetry is news,
a glance,
into the awkakend minds
of planet Earth

we speak our truth
and read each other’s
brothers and sisters
of a conscious collective

A wild world,
needing change
and here we are
with simple text
a weapon,
a calling

These words here, are just as alive as me. I live on like you, cast through circuits of infinite internet and worldwide connection. Let us find love for one another, this strange humanity. Children of the universe, and of creation.

Forgive your family,
call your friends
tell them this:
there is a change coming
and the elite don’t see it
bonded with perspective
and united by fear
who said f*^k your system
friends of a foreign tongue,
who see through illusions

war becomes like slavery
rejected and disgusting
the primitive ape
learned to see
from the other’s
IrieSide Sep 9
Teach me a way,
blended in pleasure
and fantasy
as one

Explorative minds
of venturing song
flow through
valleys of thought

to survive physically
a common goal
give it to me immortally
my truth to behold

piano drop soliloquy
cascades and drips
through a tangled
jungle mind

an ocean of rebirth
warmth and earth
remember my name,
a system of nature
far more evolved
than I

Read it my friend,
a naked expression
an experiment of text
that you have
taken part in

Art or nonsense,
I’m not quite sure
though for some reason
these thoughts I have
take root

seduce me,
oh world
with your deathly promise
disguised in
bumbling life

IrieSide Sep 7
Stay immortal,
leave your legacy

Conquer the greatest dragon
rescue the bravest princes
find your hero
deep within
IrieSide Sep 4
Think and appeal to the masses,
drink and sin
to further dilude
your clouded minds

break free if you dare
become my god
my object of reflection

connect my mind
far into the past,
let me channel the greats
so their advice
I can take

Call Solomon,

let me learn his ways
of wicked poetry

A pipe of
ancient texture
found smoking on his grave

Take a chocolate ride into realms of thought where barriers of self consciousness no longer exist. Find yourself soaring, far above the atmosphere, where angels and demons co-ignite into bursting electric energy. A head in the clouds where things rarely get along. Trees of sin and shrubs of guilt, whatta’ garden this has become.
Oregon inspires me. baesadventures.wordpress.com
IrieSide Sep 3
I am with the wind
A spirit traveler
no roots in my past
to this land,
I have no connections

with the wind,
join my journey
through the clouds we’ll fly
and in the stars
we’ll reside

taste the air
my musical children
and dance to freedom
find the truth,
in presence

Thumb taps on an iPhone,
from Oregon
I’m in Oregon.
IrieSide Sep 1
A turn
into the forest it began
your hand was a curse
and the greatest blessing

your eyes,
they're gentle
as sapphire tides
in the blue Caribbean

I apologize
for my lack of poetry
the gates had seized
with anxiety

Unleashed and flowing
your hand does this
oh the feelings,
of your energy

Forever and always,
my bae
and lover of a thousand flames
with you I will go
across the earth and above

my sweetest love
A love poem.
IrieSide Aug 27
Flex your philosophy
under the influence
Oh weak hearted,
don’t you know that life is meaningless?
will you find value,
or just pretend?

To love is to know,
To love is to live

In time you will find
what this perplexing
truly means
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