I travelled the world,
though not once
could I step outside
my own skull
Greetings from Lisbon.
IrieSide Oct 29
My tribe is not that of blood,
rather of water

marriage means nothing,
tradition means nothing
if you are worthy of a place
you will receive it
I am free
and won't let you bring me down
you imitators of peace
I care not of
your religion
nor your place of birth

if you deserve a place in my tribe,
you will receive one
this is for the select
the few leaders
of a different party
IrieSide Oct 29
I come from a family of emptiness,
deep rooted ties
with the ancient ways
of witchcraft and
anger, ******, blood
are no stranger
to my lines  

warm hearts drained and
replaced with  
cold vapor
they are my

my chains are anchored
in the deepest of pits
though girl,
I am your angel
of devilish horns

your body is my food
and beauty I devour
sweet juices
of life
are all I need
to survive

take care for now, dear goddess of temptation.

And much love from,

Your Vampire
IrieSide Oct 26
river side blues
of life's mysterious question
a mind renowned
for it found nothing
IrieSide Oct 12
Poetry is news,
a glance,
into the awkakend minds
of planet Earth

we speak our truth
and read each other’s
brothers and sisters
of a conscious collective

A wild world,
needing change
and here we are
with simple text
a weapon,
a calling

These words here, are just as alive as me. I live on like you, cast through circuits of infinite internet and worldwide connection. Let us find love for one another, this strange humanity. Children of the universe, and of creation.

Forgive your family,
call your friends
tell them this:
there is a change coming
and the elite don’t see it
bonded with perspective
and united by fear
who said f*^k your system
friends of a foreign tongue,
who see through illusions

war becomes like slavery
rejected and disgusting
the primitive ape
learned to see
from the other’s
IrieSide Sep 9
Teach me a way,
blended in pleasure
and fantasy
as one

Explorative minds
of venturing song
flow through
valleys of thought

to survive physically
a common goal
give it to me immortally
my truth to behold

piano drop soliloquy
cascades and drips
through a tangled
jungle mind

an ocean of rebirth
warmth and earth
remember my name,
a system of nature
far more evolved
than I

Read it my friend,
a ***** expression
an experiment of text
that you have
taken part in

Art or nonsense,
I’m not quite sure
though for some reason
these thoughts I have
take root

****** me,
oh world
with your deathly promise
disguised in
bumbling life

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