I feel that it is my responsibility
to seek a true path
so my actions only build
others up

It is my duty
to embrace truth
I can't relax
until it becomes mine

I seek even though
I know I am lost
I seek that I know
is where I find me

Come walk,
through twisting fields  
of forever dawn

orange lilacs and scents of freedom
I will defeat this prison,
it shall be sweet

Come with me,
on this battle through time
to conquer mortality
and rule our empire
with love and life
and beauty of the world
remind the youth
of our beautiful conscience
it's not all bad,
I'm still here to dream

with you,,,,,,

If you seek the truth and dare to see its beautiful face. if you care to build the consciousness of our modern zeitgeist. a loud engine of eternal rumble, a spark the size of Fort Henry. Take a trip down strawberry fields of musical hum, take a journey through the realms of the internal mind, see beauty reflected right back at you. flow to the groove of our ancient beauty, starlit skis and gentle touches of electricity

Emojis speak in many languages
IrieSide Sep 2

upon this journey of changing tides
rockets in the sky and bill boards fly by

As if art
were the last expression of truth

My thoughts race
without you by my side

Dreams come true
when a true mind is set on them






Sometimes the world feels hopeless. We fight our environment with intellect, as if one day it will be subdued. Let go and you'll see the natural flow of things, come true!

*Edit. When I say I don't want a title, I mean I don't want a title!. I don't want it to be titled "Untitled," I just want blank space...
IrieSide Aug 17

There can't be joy
without shame
nor happiness
without pain

low points in life
always find rise
simply surf the waves
to better days

I lost passion for poetry
then I remembered why I write
it's the only way to make sense
of strange worlds inside my mind

I am the universe
and everything in it
I can't shake this
revelation, you see it?

Delve into new realms
of ungrounded thought
where confusion reins
from a throne of sand

a balance of life
vibrational energy
in accordance with time
no more can be found
no more can be mine

IrieSide Aug 13

Our world's beauty is only an equivalent
to the lens through which it's viewed


IrieSide Jul 17

physical flesh
of minds electric
exhale purple images
upon galaxy screens  
silky neuron fabric
weaved with dreams
tie memories
to feeling

IrieSide May 27

angelic auras dance through heaven
as death's dark glance
awakens feeling
tender cold touch
of quickly fading reality
of what hope is there
in disintegration

captivated by poetry
hints of immortality
not in it for the money
or material satisfaction
for that too,

oh then where
is peace to hold
please don't pretend
you've found the gold
i've been to church
the temple too
and in them i've found
nothing true

None can live
with fading hope
oh the atheist lies
with life
she can't cope

transcend the planes
life's labels fly away  
lost in mara, or hade's aura
find me here
a head in the clouds
I lost my identity
of fading mist

I met a monk, of Vedic law
I met a Christian who knew it all
I met a man who lived for wealth
and a nun of repressed desire
now here I stand
in non-belonging
though in this place,
i've found...
my real belonging

IrieSide May 25

Have awareness
in life's pursuits
know the doors
that lead to fruit

A garden of lies
and wolves around
beware the desire
of material lusts

money, praise, holes and cars
millions, houses or vacation

Be wary of those who promise material gratification with their teachings.
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