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Mark kenny Sep 2020
Tapping my feet each day never minding the restrictions that shields my direction
Dancing to the melody in my head shaking my body in full joy hoping to find a new direction.

Unboxing each puzzle that stay stuck in my head trying to level the mystery in my head
A little bit of fresh air as I take deep breath trying to clear all the problems in my head.

Reminiscing on my past mistakes ticking out the lessons I learnt in regret
Finding my rhythm doesn't mean I won't stop grinding as I stare back at my old possibilities with no ounce of regret.
How well do we actually know ourselves? Pulling each strings in our favor trying to understand how the outcome pays out. Do we smile when things stop going the way it was streamlined in our subconscious. Or just imagine a new possibility that never seems to fade out. The rest is our choice. Keep tapping your feet. You need enough joy to survive🥗
Mark kenny Jul 2020
Learn to grow out of situations that life has a way of throwing right in front of you
A blurred line already shooting through nothing seems to be in place either way.

The temporary feel of pain having it's way would just show you towards a better you
As soon as the fate we learnt to have upon ourselves come out and begin to play.

Fighting and overcoming life predicaments is a mind game and we all have the key
So once pre planned moments start going sideways learn to check the good side.

A little bit of happiness is what we would shed through us to just make us free
A lot is going on when you look from a brighter perspective and look the other side.
Hold on to the process of change. That phenomenon is very constant. But imagine another world with nothing to worry about...a place where worries trip and fall asleep. Your mind is a bank so feed it with the right deposits🔑
Mark kenny Jul 2020
How do you spice things up when your mind is fully awake ready to sail any way
Do you live your life daily for the glits and glamour until it cease or fades away.

Understanding the reason for your existence is Paramount to how you live your life
Step by step illusion is a new lens to reflect back on yourself and change your view about life.

Each day is an opportunity to shape a new existence that we slowly created in our mind
But with all the pain and suffering who would think the pictures would appear clearly even in our mind.

Kicking off all the distractions finding its way trying to envelope the new me
Still holding to my deathbed mentality I wouldn't become sane until I was face to face with the new me.
A lot of memories will hit when the end time is near. Why questions and the actual reality will set in place. Eventually those gift you have and you don't cherish or work on will be nothing but a faded reality 🌫️
Mark kenny Jul 2020
How do you describe that feeling, when your device keeps blowing up.
Deep down you have one eye glued to your goals, but society won't let you stay up.

The illusion that we need to satisfy all the energy, that comes our way is never enough.
Times are changing so get your priorities right, people tend to channel their pain, though you until you've  had enough.

The only thing shielding you from achieving a whole lot more, is how you spend time with yourself.
But a whole lot of people that don't understand this principle, creep up on you, when you have time for yourself.

Decision making time how would you achieve the impossible, when you are shielding your own growth
"A stitch in time saves nine" is very crucial so learn to stay foused on your growth.
The value of time is basically on how we utilize it as individuals.
Our 24hours can truly be purposeful if used right. Learn not to overwhelm yourself with too much. Instead keep your focus on your main priorities for the day, in relation to your level of growth👣
Mark kenny May 2020
Steady pushing the bad wagons in my life out making sure they stay out this time
Why will I endure all this disasters and still conquer and you think you can waste my time.

The only reason I choose myself everytime out of a million people isn't strange to me
Just imagine the stare I give out to people that claim they are closest to me.

I am bound to make mistakes don't hate on what I admit myself and claim you are perfect
Still on a lone road as I administer my success pill just to make me perfect.

A lot of stages in my life that I wouldn't change not even for a minute of regret
The isolated accident that I found myself in again I wouldn't change the life I regret.
Life wasn't meant to be spent in total isolation but still focus on what your energy brings to the table.
Mark kenny May 2020
Unsatisfied by the recent decisions made by those above them
So scared to talk or even voice out against those above them.

Sitting hungry in silence letting the dictator dictate their fate
Not minding how their life is on a pause so they could seal their fate.

Too much silence enveloping our mind even our fears is starting to stand out
Why do we keep grumbling when our voice could actually make us stand out.

The face of society isn't who we are but how we fight against what we want
The fate of the grumbling crowd I wouldn't have a chance to see if they get what they want.
Still trying to figure out if we are meant to be voiceless or we should our voice for a true cause.
Mark kenny May 2020
Steady on the grind I would let the success make the loud noise
As soon as you see me running clear the path so I wouldn't make a loud noise.

On my road to success but the quiet mode activated I don't need an audience
Jotting down the ideas then making sure I pick the one to show the audience.

This late nights is taking a toll on me I really need to get my mind right
Heavy silence enveloping my mind as soon as I start to get it right.

Dosing off during the daytime even the long walks isn't possible anymore
But I am still working in silence I don't want my story to make the news anymore.
My isolation game still on check so my hustle needs to change most definitely
Mark kenny May 2020
Steadily on a conscious pace aiming for the best view in the world
All I see is moving vehicles and people only when you place yourself in the middle of the world.

I am lost in the middle of the scenario i created In my head
On the look out for new adventures that I can put into writing from my head.

Moving the bricks and I slowly realize I am in the midst of my greatest treasure
My window view is the story of how I feel when I choose to embrace my best treasure.
A lot has been going on and I am slowly finding comfort in the simplest places.
Mark kenny May 2020
Another life lost in the slum is nothing new to those who can relate
But the hidden mystery behind this new corpse left people more than they could relate.

Two slugs were pulled out while he was lieing behind his back has he lay  lifeless
Cold hands of death snatching another innocent life turning him lifeless.

Tired of saying this same stories I wouldn't be the one behind the camera next
Life in the slums isn't what you picture you never know who appears on the camera next.

Two slugs is a new slogan as soon as another body is seen on the floor fighting for his last breathe
As we secure what was left behind the little memories was just wondering about how he lost his breathe.
I wasn't thinking straight while I drafed the demise of a soul so dear to me but the streets snatched another brother
Mark kenny May 2020
Regardless to say we all need hope to live a life we truly deserve
But taking a sneak peak outside I realise the smell of fear as I observe.

Not minding the unnecessary noise or the panicking crowd I try and focus
But in reality I am just like everyone else I really need to learn than I focus.

A new phase coming up regardless of whether we facing it or not
Our life is about to change after this long pause are you betting on it or not.

The mornings are becoming longer than expected I really need a new hobby
As soon as I check to see the light I realise it
Is still dark outside from the lobby.
Look around and really imagine how life would be when it all go back to the way to was before.
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