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Zywa Jul 2022
I don't stay on the side
I like to go together, get to know
people, have confidence, share
share my life, I look
for contact and butter up
anyone who can help me

It's you who I lure closer, who I lead
to chinks which I smooth
with butter honey, slowly
I pull you through
your shirt against me
to feel that you are there

You want to, but also you don't
so you get hot and take
the shirt off from the top
(I always take the bottom)
Half naked you run away
from your expectations
For Maria Godschalk

Collection "DearI"
neth jones Jun 2022
the clown of all creation
      mentors the room
anything goes
      in this 'pie in the face' meeting
      more productive than usual guff
Zywa May 2022
Under the cedar

next to my house is a bench --

for new encounters.
Collection "Without reserve"
nick armbrister Oct 2021
We meet again 6 years on
You see me I see you
Am I the same and are you?
What’s your opinion on that?
Mine is we are all the same
But I want you to tell me
from LIZARD SNAIL 124K Nick Armbrister and other writers OUT LATE 2021/EARLY 22
Rama Krsna Sep 2021
close your kohl-rimmed eyes
hold me tightly,
let’s dance, cheek to cheek.

c’mon, beggars have dreams too!

leaning to kiss your imaginary lips,
i taste
laced in your occidental tongue,
chocolate truffles and grapes of Montrachet,
which bring an angelic smile to a moonlit face.

scribbling a needed epilogue
for a sultry tune
within the confines of my jello heart,
i curate a dream,
a simple dream for no one to know or see,
but you and me.

© 2021
inspired by the fabulous and sultry rendition of the French song c’est un beau roman, c’est un belle histoire by In-grid.
Aidan Jul 2021
Always on my mind
Always lingering in the shadows
Always appearing in the quietest of moments
Always on my mind
You're always on my mind

I don't know when this has started
I don't know when this will end
I met you once after 5 years of separation
Full acknowledgement of it being one time thing
And yet
You're always on my mind

No contact in months
Yet always on my mind
Always to where I need to look at previous words or profile
Just to get you back into a dark confined corner

What had changed that one time we met?
What switch was flipped?
Afraid I cannot say
For I do not even know myself

I saw some lyrics in a video
"Always on my mind 24/7  365"
The relation to you seems uncanny at this point

Always on my mind
Always haunting me
Always planting seeds
The end?
Who knows...
Simply getting words off of my chest that have been weighing on me
bri Jul 2021
in our universe, it was always lonely
so full of hate and anger it bore me
our stars were scattered,
but I can see your universe from afar
somehow it aligned, yours and mine

two different universes, we cross
our paths and meet our past
it was you, who was I,
and who you were opened my eye

past meets the present
mot bound to happen but did,
and now we're staring at the
same moon crescent.

you and I are not the same
it was you who was I,
but I am never you, am I?
????? idk too tbh
Andrew Rueter May 2021
It was another day at work
filled with pain and hurt
looking for ways to shirk
my responsibilities
because of the loneliness filling me
I wasn't that way willingly
and I saw constant reminders
so I started browsing Grindr
looking for comfort
or at least attraction
to get out of the dumpster
of my own inaction
then I saw you on there
like a solar flare
in which I was ensnared
your beauty had me impaired
so I wanted to take you to my imp lair
sending a message "Hey how's it going?"
and you actually responded
now the onus was on me to be showing
that I wasn't too despondent
so I tried to focus on the conversation
which was actually pretty nice
but then you maximized temptation
by mentioning my favorite vice
asking me if I smoke trees
I responded with ** please
you should come to Kentucky
we'll smoke until there's nothing
then turn into men *******
to which you agreed
and I was relieved
leaving work early
with different thoughts swirling
between love and ***
or a ****** hex
I hope you're not the latter
although I'm just flattered
you'd pitch to this batter
who wanted you so badly
I was willing to gladly
drive to Cincinnati
to take you back to my place
after taking a blunt to the face
this isn't a hunt or a chase
just a request for grace
which I definitely needed
after a cop pulled us over
the speed limit wasn't heeded
and oh yeah we weren't sober
made clear by the ***'s odor
so I was hoping I'd just get a ticket
and then be sent on my merry way
but then you added thorns to the thicket
by mentioning you have a warrant in play
I didn't know what to say
about the likely arrest to be made
and our total time that would wane
the cop approached and asked your name
and that's when I first heard it
I didn't think I'd get served it
a cop who would pull you out of my car
and put you away like an old guitar
I had enjoyed our time thus far
but now it seemed like a scar
so I couldn't let it end like that
in the lonely car I sat
waiting for bond to be posted
so I could be hosted
and we could get toasted
I called around for advice
but was only told to slice
that out of my life
which I couldn't accept
so I went down to the jam up jail
I hoped you hadn't left
because that would mean I failed
and could've just slept
never meeting anyone I like
because of the threat of adversity
never trying to figuratively fight
because of the depression hurting me
so I wanted to see you certainly
posting a meager bond
to give the pigs their slop
hoping I'd see the dawn
and the night would stop
they let you out
while I was in
we won our bout
and now could sin
kissing and smoking
after all the hissing and coping
you going missing had woke me
making me feel alive
for a much smoother drive
back to the Ohio side
where we got into bed
exchanging head
you rocked me to sleep
your secrets you can keep
we don't need to talk too deep
I'm just glad you got me to leap
back into my brain
I eagerly await our refrain
but don't want to be a strain
on where this is going
I have no clue
all that's worth knowing
is you erased my blues.
Yeah for anybody wondering it didn’t end well ****. Back to the blues I guess haha.
Celestial May 2021
So much magic and mystery in,
only your tiny spark.
what is there to pin?
But that devious shot in the dark.

Already lit it's growing.
So fast and hot,
I wonder what's not showing.
For that's not everything you got.

You may think this a goad,
It's just nothing else fits on this road.
Would it be a fantasy?
To think of a courtesy?

On your way,
I hope your light never fades.
Only to grow by day,
Showing all the shades.
Seeing through to the good. Moving past all the darkness to find it.
"Don't think about the future
love me and kiss me now"
Our time together
has a countdown
I want to stay
but I don't know how

Don't mistake my reasoning
for doubt
Romantic words from my mouth
Ours is not a break(up)
but just
a timeout
His4Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people
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