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EmVidar Mar 28
To you,

We've just met today
for the first time
but I have to tell you
A year from now
I'll realize my feelings
for you and I hope
that you will hear
them then

Lovingly yours,

-em vidar
Sara Brummer Jan 15
Chattering birds, not colourful
But friendly in their own grey way.
They make a lot of noise,
Not really saying much
But making a big effort
To be understood.
So willing to help
But not to commit,
Each proposal embraced
By a disclaimer; they mean well,
Of course, they do.
Their motivation can’t be faulted,
But there’s need for a psychic, a mind-reader,
For everything’s insinuated, nothing discussed.
So many points pronounced, declared,
Underlined, exclamated but not communicated,
Feeling no empathy, we all put on our coats
Against the cold draft of confusion.
Kevin May 2018
Frightening cold is the grim of night
Tightened soft shoulders I noticed, glanced upon hers
Her head shaken's loosely as she begins to sway side to side
Arm's raised, she begins to make the stance and the people move

Hopping from one gallant twirl to the other
The muse move's her like a puppet of song
Graceful is light of the night

"What's your name, where you from"
Bold green jaded eyes, she speaks
Insignificant details I reckon, how?

"2 hours a day, in my room" she replied
Hard work pays truly pays off, I thought
So many different bright lights strobed through this land

There was only one in my eyes,
That shined brightest through the dark
I had a great time at EDC this year, meeting lots of new people and bonding with a few of old.  
Breon Mar 2018
The bitter sting of winter's singing howl
Drives me to seek some deep and darkling place
Far from the blizzard's scorn, the wind's embrace,
Far from the beasts who bear its brunt to prowl
In search of prey. I'll clutch close to my cowl
And cloak, beneath which hides a younger face
Than most foresee. The forecast yields no trace
Of hope for safety 'pon the road. No foul,
My fellow traveler, don't fear from me.
I'll lay my knife down well before we meet,
Before we each choke down a share of ***
Or what would pass to warm camaraderie;
I know not where I've passed, to where I've come;
I simply beg a place to warm my feet.
Once, I was asked to introduce myself.
solfang Dec 2017
the school bell rings sharply
at nine-twenty in the morning,
echoes across the classroom,
are the usual 'Selamat Pagi, cikgu'.

fast forward to nine-forty,
boring lessons and classes
requires essay crafting
and dream jobs listing,
instead, we wrote fan letters
to be the filial wives of
members from boybands

fast forward to noon,
we were hooked on stories,
from breakups of social divas
to everyone's future college plans.
those were the days,
that should never end.

fast forward to today,
it's now nine-twenty,
greetings for teachers,
are now meetings with bosses,
essays are now reports,
compadres are now colleagues.

memories are the sweet
in the word 'bittersweet',
and I'm starting
to miss the taste,
every time the clock strikes
exactly at nine-twenty.
I really, really miss my high-school mates.
saranade Aug 2017
A complicated concept
For even a weak mind
To easily interpret
It's more than just
"understanding" they get
These weak minds,
Seemingly, flock to it.
It's anonymous
Lawrence Hall Apr 2017
Yes, Lady-in-the-Back-With-Your-Arms-Folded-in-Disapproval

“Excuse me.  Excuse me.  Could I ask a question?
Okay, I’ve got a question actually I’ve got
Two questions okay maybe it’s one question
I don’t mean to interrupt or anything

“Ha ha but sometimes us old folks don’t understand
So well ha ha but about what you said about
Just now what was it oh yes now I remember:
When I was young back in the stone ages

“Ha ha we were taught one way and right now
You’re telling us this way and that’s not right…”
Journey of Days Mar 2017
team meeting
they can’t see me
but I can hear and see them
bored as…

I know they will see the analytics and
will know I was bored
looking at other **** on the ‘net
bored as...

I know it is their first web meeting
but hell they are bad,
just talk people as if we were in the room with you
make it real please
bored as…

If they asked me what I thought?
will I tell them I wrote this?
bored as….

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