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MK Garne Nov 2020
Light shines off the lines of old paint brush strokes on smudged oil paint,
Vintage bubbles, worn from countless fingers, notebooks, pencils,
the accruements of learning, teaching, and thinking.
I can imagine the hands that painted these surfaces,
These old desks, missing drawers, staggered six feet from each other,
Social distanced under the gaze of outdated television screens,
Confined within these walls, peeling paint, under stained ceiling tiles.
Those hands were tired, they held the brush with a practiced hand that wasn't dried out from hand sanitizer,
They spilt paint on the floor, left stains, let paint run down the sides of the desks -
Those trails still stay in certain light, they gleam from the shadows,
Not visible to the Zoom attendants.
I met a girl once,
With eyes like pools of light,
And as I fell right into them,
Swallowed by the whites,
I saw the reflection
Of the world and sky,
Fragments of beauty,
That shimmered with life,
And when her tears fell,
They sparkled and curled
Etching on her face,
The story of the world,
Speaking softly of all
The places she’d been,
Painting with wonder
The things she’d seen,
She tracked the earth’s trails
And sailed its seven seas,
Swaying from place to place,
Like leaves in the breeze,
And though her feet were sore,
Her footsteps never failed,
Creasing in the earth,
A path that never paled,
And everywhere she went,
She left a piece behind,
Watering the landscape,
With the rain she had inside,
But all she gave,
Nature repaid fast ,
Inking on her body,
A story that would last,
And though she was alone,
Had no place to call her own,
She knew the world around her
well enough to call it home.
Bish Sinha Jul 2020
I am not an angry woman
Though you try to make me so
I’m scrupulous. And sentient
And more than you’ll ever know.

I realise now, I don’t know you either
Not your song, only what you show
I don’t know your passions or your vices
Or what thoughts, through you, flow.

Thus, in that living equinox,
On that line in the sand,
Between all of me and all of you
We make our momentary stand.
You can have me as I choose
I won’t be carved by your hand.

So, look not, oh stranger, for my rage
For such a thing is but infernal
Instead, find in me an endless love
For I am Olga and I am, Eternal.
I wrote this for a friend. :)
Sharon Talbot Jul 2020
Imagine the bombed-out fields of Japan,
Wandering families with no food.
A little girl soothes her brother,
Who is so hungry, he must cry.
“Let’s imagine a menu,” she tells him
And the tears stop for a while.
Many years later, her son will say,
Of a balloon without a skin,
“There’s no point if you don’t imagine it.”
Imagine Britain after the Blitz,
Young man roaming the streets
Mind craving, surviving on 45 records
From the USA. How could he help
But become an artist and rebel?
Picture the canyons of New York City,
Where galleries peek like jewels in the dust.
The girl from Japan and the British boy,
Both imagining something more.
She sets up a ladder to the sky,
He wanders in and climbs it
And to all his questions, especially “Why?”
She has imagined a small and simple “Yes.”
You can probably guess which girl and boy this is about...
Floater Apr 2020
I was there when the sun met the moon.
A smile in the bar,
from the other side of the world.
Fragile moments with delicate frames,
One late night eclipse.

I was there when the sun lifted his head.
When the moon's eyes snared,
And traced an awestruck face.
I watched the pull of two titans unprepared,
Erase the earth between them, history's tally scrubbed bare.  

I was there when the sun calmed and cooled.
When the moon became the centre of the universe.
Radiant strings of stars only too eager to align.
Old passages and signatures, smiled on their scarred words as they fell into new books.

I was there when the sun couldn't hide.
I caught the moon dancing in her own light.
A source and reflection of beauty held safe floating on the night.

I was there when the moon woke the sun.
Dragged into dawn by realities bite.
The moon's time was done whilst the sun just begun.

I was there for the full week eclipse.
When the moon shone.
When the sun felt.
I heard the moon sing forecasts to the skies.
I felt the sun when he drew plans for a new home.

I was there when the sun held the moon.
An embrace felt residual.
I watched as they slept,
From the other side of the world
Big Virge Apr 2020
Do You Ever Have … " Those Meetings " …

That Somehow Leave You Feeling …
That Something of … DEEP MEANING …
Was REVEALED Within That Meeting … ?!?

Did You Meet By … " Chance " … ?
Or Was It In Your Cards … ?
For THIS MEETING To Leave A MARK … !?!

As If You'd Met Back In The Past …
That's Kind of DEEP But Now I See …
That It's Just The Start of This Poems' Heart …

A Heart That BEATS … !!!
Like When You Meet Someone So Sweet … !!!

That They Make You Feel ...
As Though Something REAL ...
Is About To Direct ...
Your Body And Head ...
BEYOND Thoughts of *** ...
To A Place That Lends ...
Itself To Prospects of Finding Depth …
That Bonds With STRENGTH … !!!!!

So That You Can Share Views …
That Make Your … " Two " …
Now Seem To Be … " ONE " … !!!

A Meeting Can Do This Kind of Stuff … !!!

Because The Two of You Move With A UNIFIED Groove … !!!

Like A Meeting of Minds … !!!
Where Intellect FINDS A Way To UNITE ... !!!

REJECTING … Fights … !!!!!!!!!

A Place Where Insights …
Happiness And Smiles … !!!

A Vibe That's … RARE … !!!
When You Meet Folks Now … !!!
Who'd Rather MEET GLARES …
As If You're On … " TRIAL " … ?!?

NOW Meeting With Mouths Can Cause You FROWNS …
Because MOST Aren't Down Like The Man James Brown … !!!

He's Met With His Maker …
But Left Sounds To … SAVOUR … !!!!!

You See A Meeting of Views And Verse From … " Jeru " …  
Inspired My Mind To Write These Cool Rhymes … !!!

The Tune Was …. " Not The Average " ….

A Tune Where Jeru' Managed …
To Prove He Causes Damage … !!!!!

When Thoughts And Meets From His Past In The Streets …
Touched Preemos' Beat And Painted Scenes …
of Meeting Themes With Chicks And Fiends …

Well Kinda Like him …
My Words Are CLASSIC … !!!!!
Cos' I'm …. NOT Your Average ... !!!!!

I Meet With Levels Above The Devil … !!!
ABOVE Dishevelled … Souls Who Revel …
In ... Retreating From Meeting …
Because Their Being's ...
Lacking Feeling Supportive of Healing … ?!?

It Seems That Competing And Constantly Beating …
Nobody But THEMSELVES Is Where They Dwell …

So I … " Wish Them Well " … !!!

My Meetings' NOW Don't Deal In Crowds … !!!

I Deal With ME And Who I Be … !!!
Which Is Why I Prefer … My Own Company … !!!

Rather Than With The Herds of … " Human Sheep " … !!!!!
The Tone of This Piece Has Now CHANGED It's Theme ...

Company I Keep I Now Choose WISELY … !!!
Because Energies Can Affect Mans' Chi … !!!!!

And Mine Prefers … BALANCE ….. !!!!!!!

So Before These Things Happen … !!!


Is How I Be Which Now Protects Me …
From The Kind of Meetings Breeding BLEEDING … !!!

I Try To Meet With Peeps Who Want To See ...
MORE Love And Peace And … UNITY …
And Families … In HARMONY … !!!!!

I Believe Like Them …
That Truthful Blends And Heads With SENSE … !!!
NEED TO Meet With Heads Who Could CARE LESS … !?!
Instead of Talk That Creates … WARS … ?!?!?

LESS Crossing Swords MORE MEETS With Warmth … !!!
Would SURELY Ensure That Friendships … SOAR … !!!!!!!!!

So That Those Who Meet …
On What They Call … " Wall Street " ...

Would See That Their Teams And Monetary Schemes …
Cannot Compete With COMMUNITIES That Live In PEACE …
And Choose NOT TO FEED Off Monetary GREED ... !!!!!

A …. " Utopian Dream " …. ??!??

I Agree …. Probably …… ?

But Won't EVER Stop Believing … !!!
That We Can Be ACHIEVING … !!!

Such Utopian Dreams …
Through … FRUITFUL ….

…….. " Meetings " ……..
We all have em', but some are much more influential than others, which is what this piece attempts to cover ......
TS Ray Nov 2019
I meet you daily at a train station around St. Cook’s,
today you wore that weary traveler look,
struggling to carry a backpack by its slender hook,
looking through a corner of my eye that you may have mistook.

Finding a seat by the window,
standing in front as I could see only your shadow,
offering to give you my place as though I did owe,
smiling almost to yourself,
yet choosing to forego.

Your name must have been the sky,
as your eyes were as blue,
just as the ocean reflecting the sky,
meeting you by chance and I don’t know why,
sadness in your eyes is not something I could allay,
load off your shoulder is all I could take away,
can’t do nothing more than wonder and pray.

Someday I will know you more on your journey faraway,
on this non-stop ride we choose to be on everyday.
TS. 2019.
EmVidar Mar 2019
To you,

We've just met today
for the first time
but I have to tell you
A year from now
I'll realize my feelings
for you and I hope
that you will hear
them then

Lovingly yours,

-em vidar
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